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Peace Corps Calculator
(Note: Uses Javascript)

On the Peace Corps' Open Government Initiative website there are links at the bottom to .csv files, including one for "2011 Peace Corps Volunteer on board strength - by post and sector". A Freedom of Information Act request was then made for more specific information. This page uses that data in its computations of volunteer placements.

(FOIA request supplied: November 14, 2011)

  • Select a geographical region and job assignment to see the number of volunteers within that region with that job, along with percentages.
  • Example: In FY2011 there were 535 'Education' volunteers in 'Asia', of which 159 of them (30%) were in China
  • Example: In FY2011 there were 56 'Secondary Education Science Teaching' volunteers in 'West Africa', of which 23 of them (41%) were in Ghana
  • This can also be used as a GUIDE to where future Applicants may be placed, some notes:
    • Applicants can use the Timeline page to compare countries listed with dates of departure
    • Countries can be deleted from the list if they do not belong to some personal criteria under study. This can be done by clicking the button to the left of the country. All percentages and totals automatically change.
    • Pro: Data is based an actual distribution of volunteers in 2011
    • Con: Some countries listed may have been suspended or evacuated; while other countries may be new to Peace Corps and are not yet reflected in the data

World Region:

Job Sector:

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