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  • The Republic of Armenia has an executive branch that includes a president and a prime minister and Peace Corps/Armenia is currently collaborating with the Ministries of Higher Education and Scie
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  • Armenia Some sites have multiple names in different languages or the name has changed over the
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  •, 43 percent of assaults took place when Volunteers were away from their sites. ...hbors. Tourist attractions in large towns, for instance, are favorite work sites for pickpockets. The following are safety concerns in Azerbaijan of which y
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  • |country=Armenia ...o steer my NGO towards an "American NGO model" that is not appropriate for Armenia at this time . Unfortunately, I have not been able to offer a viable altern
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  • ...rages Volunteers to hang out with one another and spend less time at their sites. This means they spend less time learning the language, establishing relati | [[Armenia]] ||26.8%||95.1%
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  • ...he United States may be quite uncommon, unacceptable, or even repressed in Armenia. all Americans are rich and have blond hair and blue eyes. The people of Armenia are justly known for their generous hospitality to foreigners; however, mem
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  • ...ntries in the world offer mail service comparable to the United States and Armenia is no exception. Fortunately, there have been improvements over the past fe your letters regularly. If a serious problem were to occur, Peace Corps/Armenia would notify the Office of Special Services at Peace Corps headquarters in
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  • ...ts of contact for a small number of other Volunteers when they leave their sites or in the event of family or other emergencies). Peace Corps will issue cel other larger cities. Most Volunteers do not have e-mail access at their sites, but can send and receive e-mail at Internet cafes in the larger towns. (Cu
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  • ...y for monthly data plans. Most Volunteers will have e-mail access at their sites. You can also gain access to the Internet in Tbilisi or in other larger tow ...mi and Batumi on the Black Sea, Baku on the Caspian, as well as Yerevan in Armenia. Most people travel by bus or vans between cities, and fares are relatively
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  • ...the preventive, rather than the curative, approach to disease. Peace Corps/Armenia maintains a clinic with two full-time medical officers, who take care of Vo ===Health Issues in Armenia===
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  • ===How much luggage am I allowed to bring to Armenia?=== ===What is the electric current in Armenia?===
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