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  • Armenia Some sites have multiple names in different languages or the name has changed over the
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  •, 43 percent of assaults took place when Volunteers were away from their sites. ...hbors. Tourist attractions in large towns, for instance, are favorite work sites for pickpockets. The following are safety concerns in Azerbaijan of which y
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  • |Countryname= Armenia ===How much luggage am I allowed to bring to Armenia?===
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  • |country= Armenia Jermuk Ջերմուկ is an in one of the most beautiful places in Armenia. Volcanic ridges rise from the desert into rolling high plateaus and meadow
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  • |Countryname= Armenia ...the preventive, rather than the curative, approach to disease. Peace Corps/Armenia maintains a clinic with two full-time medical officers, who take care of Vo
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  • The Republic of Armenia has an executive branch that includes a president and a prime minister and Peace Corps/Armenia is currently collaborating with the Ministries of Higher Education and Scie
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  • |country=Armenia ...o steer my NGO towards an "American NGO model" that is not appropriate for Armenia at this time . Unfortunately, I have not been able to offer a viable altern
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