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  • ...o's married, has kids, is dead etc. I've never gone back, though I went to Chile a couple of years ago. I keep up my Spanish. In fact, I probably speak even
    2 KB (448 words) - 13:40, 21 May 2014
  • ...n Montevideo, Uruguay as a delegate of IFARHU. He visited the countries of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. ...isiana as an Applicant Services Representative. At the DRC he worked with volunteers from various agencies, FEMA employees, and personnel from other support gro
    8 KB (1,193 words) - 13:40, 21 May 2014
  • borders with Ecuador,america el salvi, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile, Peru is a large and diverse country. Its unique environmental variations i ...ucation and business development. The program in Peru supported over 2,600 Volunteers from 1962 until Peace Corps' departure in 1975.
    11 KB (1,810 words) - 10:46, 22 May 2014
  • ...Association] -- site of a non-profit organization of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, former staff, and friends committed to fostering peace through service, ed ...tive Forum website to learn: how to join the Peace Corps, what Peace Corps volunteers may expect; and a repository for their experiences, ideas, projects, and fo
    10 KB (1,650 words) - 13:36, 29 November 2014
  • ... living and working in developing countries, more than 182,000 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in 138 countries all over the globe. [[History of the Peace Corps in Chile]]<br>
    5 KB (876 words) - 13:03, 8 December 2015
  • Volunteers have the opportunity to experience the rich cultural and geographic diversi |[[Chile]] ||[[Venezuela]]
    1 KB (175 words) - 06:52, 26 February 2015
  • ...ffice to retrieve any packages but sometimes postal employees waive it for Volunteers, at their discretion. During pre-service training, mail will be delivered t ...respondence at your site and avoid the cost of coming to the capital city. Volunteers in rural sites may have to travel to their provincial capital or other majo
    23 KB (3,710 words) - 12:30, 8 December 2015

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