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  • |country=Mexico ...comprehensive, up-to-date resources on the flora of this area for Reserve staff to employ in day to day activities and even less information accessible to
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  • |country=Benin ...nd teachers and Peace Corps Volunteers providing support and guidance. The staff who will implement the project are members of "Maman Modeles" and EASPED. W
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  • ...can be controlled by taking prophylactic medicine (which will be provided by the Peace Corps, if necessary). ...your condition cannot be treated in Azerbaijan, you may be sent out of the country for further evaluation and care.
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  • ...war of independence in 1971, East Pakistan declared itself an independent country called Bangladesh. ...g with community health programs and other worthwhile programs established by the many aid organizations that operate in Bangladesh. In 2004, Peace Corps
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  • ...ormally known as Bechuanaland, in December 1966, only two months after the country gained independence from the United Kingdom. Botswana’s emergence as an i to one of the few developing nations to reach middle-income status. The country’s per capita income has grown rapidly. Life expectancy at birth increased
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  • ...ollowing year. Environmental Volunteers started assignments throughout the country in September 1995, and in 2003, the youth development program (YD) was init ...t 800 Volunteers have served in Bulgaria. Currently, 165 Volunteers are in-country; approximately half of them teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) in p
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  • ...Fiji. Prior to suspending operations in early l998, Volunteers served the country for 30 years without interruption. More than 2,200 Peace Corps Volunteers h ...regarded Management Planning Advisors project by training local government staff in organizational and project planning. Their contribution of management sk
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  • are essential in bridging gaps between, and dispelling myths about, our country and this region. Volunteers can foster peace through trusting relationships ...ial Development and several nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) supported by the royal family. In 1998, Volunteers began working with the Ministry of Ed
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  • ...urn. As well as seeing Peace Corps as part of his development plan for the country, President Toledo had a personal relationship with the Peace Corps. When he ...other Latin American countries, arrived in August 2002. They were followed by the first new group of Volunteers, who arrived for training in November and
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  • ...l invitation from the Government of Suriname to establish a program in the country. It asked for the Peace Corps’ assistance in rural community development ...e first two Volunteers—with two years of Volunteer experience in another country—arrived in August. In September 1995, the first training group, consistin
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  • ...owerment of girls, and HIV/AIDS prevention and care, serves our overall “country theme” as it empowers young people to take greater control of their lives resources and training opportunities for youth leadership and activism by employing peer education models. In January 2003, Peace Corps/Tanzania and
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  • [[Category:Hungary]][[Category:Staff by Country]]
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  • |country= Ghana monitor student studying rooms. I also participated in lengthy teacher staff meetings.
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  • |country=Uzbekistan ...orps Act, 22 U.S.C. No. 2504 (f) as amended, any former Volunteer employed by the United States Government following his/her Peace Corps service is entit
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  • |country=Armenia Mr. Richart furthered the sustainability aspect of Hope ’98 by designing and facilitating the renovation of the Children’s Creativity Ce
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  • |country= Ghana the Tamale Sub-Office (TSO), extxending her two-year service commitment by five months. She completed her service on February 7, 2007.
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  • ...n and nuclear safety. Forty percent of Ukraine’s electricity is provided by nuclear power. The U.S. Department of Energy and the Ukrainian State Nuclea ...dent at that plant on areas surrounding Chernobyl continue to be monitored by the international community.
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  • ...make the transition. It invited the Peace Corps to assist Latvian farmers by offering basic business, accounting and management skills necessary to part ...t group of Volunteer English teachers and Agribusiness advisors arrived in country.
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  • ...s an additional project. There are currently 100 Volunteers working in the country. ...language classes, technical fieldwork, and cross-cultural learning. Other staff (technical, health, and cross-cultural coordinators) will visit your commun
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  • ...ty, cross-cultural, and technical). You will have periodic interviews with staff during training to discuss your progress in gaining these competencies and, The members of the training staff are Moldovan, and most of them have worked with the Peace Corps for several
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