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You've sent in your application, submitted any additional requests from your regional recruitment office, and now it's time for your Peace Corps interview.

The Peace Corps interview generally takes place after you have returned all application materials to your regional recruitment office. The interview will last about an hour, and may be conducted in person or over the phone. Here are some topics you and the recruiter will most likely discuss:

  • Your reasons for considering Peace Corps Volunteer service.
  • Your expectations and concerns about working overseas for two years.
  • Your past work experiences, including volunteer service, paid employment, and campus or community involvement.
  • Your experiences living and working with people who are different from you.
  • Your preferences and flexibility about Peace Corps Volunteer assignments and geographic placement.
  • Personal life issues such as vegetarianism, current romantic relationships, and current financial or legal obligations.

You may be surprised that Peace Corps asks personal questions during your Peace Corps interview. Peace Corps want to be sure that all prospective Volunteers consider the impact the Peace Corps will have on their personal and professional lives.

Finally, remember that just like any interview, this conversation between you and your recruiter runs both ways. So bring your questions and all your concerns, both small and large—remember that nearly all of our recruiters are former Volunteers, so the interview is a great opportunity to ask about what it's like to serve in the Peace Corps.

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