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I added a bit of the background and details to PC's return to Guinea in the mid-1980s. The re-entry was pulled together in '85, but as a volunteer the first I saw of it was a cable that my APCD in Mali, Felipe Tajeda, showed me when I was considering extending. Eventually there were actually two PCVs in Pita in Oct/Nov 1985 (I was one of them), but not sure what the legal status was in Guinea and with PC/Washington. There was no PC staff in Guinea during this time, and everything was arranged by PC/Senegal, with cooperation from the US Embassy & USAID in Conakry, along with the Guinean forestry service. PCV/TDYs? In any event, the formal memorandum /agreement between Guinea and the US (it may have been simply renewing the lapsed one from 1971?) was signed by one of the higher-ups in the military government in January 1986, at which time there was a PC/Guinea CD - Jerry Pasela. So technically I think one should say that PC/Guinea reatarted in 1986, though for personal purposes I always put that I was a volunteer there from 1985.

Donosborn17:38, 14 October 2013
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