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The anonymous comment above about the statement we submitted to the House Foreign Affairs Committee comes from the Peace Corps Headquarters. Just google “” and you can confirm that this is a Peace Corps IP address. (See Indeed, the comment appears to be the official position of the Peace Corps regarding the statement my wife and I submitted. Of course, you learn a great deal about the Peace Corps when you see how its responds to its critics. And in this case, you see that its typical response is to attack the messenger instead of responding to the message. This sounds like how the Peace Corps deals with rape victims. Perhaps the Peace Corps would explain the causal link between the Peace Corps’ killing of whistle blower protections for Volunteers (included in the 2007 Dodd bill) and the murder by Peace Corps staff of Kate Puzey in 2009. It’s clear to us that she was murdered as much for Headquarter’s actions and policies as for what happened in Benin. Perhaps it would explain why the Peace Corps issued its first whistle blower rules the same day of the 20/20 expose – 33 years after the rest of the government adopted whistle blower rules. Perhaps it would explain why the Peace Corps has taken 50 years to adopt sensitive and professional policies regarding sexual assault. Perhaps it would explain why there have been 35 countries with a 40% early quit rate – Volunteers talking with their feet. And perhaps it would comment on why it refuses to divulge the country-by-country responses of the Volunteers – information that is vital to applicants deciding whether or not to accept an invitation to serve. Comments on our analysis and the merits of our policy recommendations are welcome. Chuck Ludlam RPCV Nepal – 68-70 RPCV Senegal – 05-07 Founder Friends of Nepal

ChuckLudlam21:42, 11 May 2011
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