Unofficial Volunteer Handbook

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Unofficial Volunteer Handbook
Country Ecuador
Years: 1966-1967
Group Code 4
Site(s) Ambato
Started service in [[Started service in::1966|1966]
James Agett, Karen Allison, Lewis R Applegate, Barbara (Bean) Browne, Hugh Graham, Kay Harshbarger Wetherwax, James Hoffman, Susan Hughes, Daryl E. Noll, Thomas E. Roberts
Other Volunteers who served in Ecuador
Carol Tumaylle, Todd Mitchell, John C. Abramowicz, James Agett, Caryl Alarcon, John Alexander, Karen Allison, Jack R. Amon, Bryndis Andrade, David J. Andrews, Lewis R Applegate, Ralph Archung, Heather Askey, Philipp Auer, Patty Hubbuch Bailey … further results
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Unofficial Volunteer Handbook
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Description of Service [[Has DOS::Karen Allison worked with the Salasaca Indian Tribe weaving cooperative developing handicrafts for export. Unfortunately]], she had to leave early for medical reasons.
About Unofficial Volunteer Handbook [[Has about::As of 2007]], Karen Allison had been married, had children, divorced, held interesting jobs, married again and was waiting for her first grandson to be born.
References/External Links [[Has references::Peace Corps Online RPCV Directory entry]]

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