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|country=     Ghana
|site=       Kpando
|region=Volta Region
|assignment01=Health Extension
|assignment01=Secondary-Ed Sci.
READ ME: I taught Chemistry at both the Ordinary ("O") and Advanced ("A") Levels according to the West African Examinations Council, (WAEC) syllabus, which I understand to be based on a similar British syllabus. The A level of chemisry is more advanced that typical high school chemistry classes in the United States, it is more at the level of "college-preparatory."
|dos=Jennifer King completed her training and was enrolled in the Peace Corps on March 30, 2001. She was responsible to the Ministry of Health during her service. Jennifer King served as a Health Extension Volunteer assigned to Khiva, Uzbekistan at the Red Crescent Center. Here, she had two primary functions. The first was working with the doctor to visit shut-ins, learn about medical practices in Uzbekistan and provide medical consultations as needed. The second was working with the youth volunteers to promote health education in the community. Teaching  concentrated on AIDS and hygiene education. Jennifer had begun a project that focused on training volunteers in health information and informal teaching methods to enable them to prepare school nurses in the community how to teach basic health topics in the schools. She was also helping a youth volunteer research information in the community in efforts to write a grant for an English/Health Resource Center in Khiva. <br><br>  Additional Activities:<br>  May 2001- Attended a three-day seminar with her Uzbek counterpart on using a pregnancy handbook translated into Uzbek. The conference focused on informal methods of teaching, and effective ways of handling harmful cultural myths about pregnancy.<br><br>    June 2001-Participated in a week-long  English language immersion camp for elementary school children in Urgench and taught English primarily through songs and games to about 100 children.<br><br> June 2001-Attended the Peer Support Network training workshop which focused on active listening skills, confidentiality, and crisis management, was selected by the medical staff to be an official peer supporter. <br><br> August 2001-Participated in a week-long disabled children’s camp at the Red Crescent Center in Khiva. Activities focused on building fine motor skills, self-esteem, and promoting exercise. Approximately 20 children attended the camp. <br><br>  May-August 2001-Made preparations for the Khorezm region G.L.O.W. (Girls Leading Our World) camp. These preparations included grant-writing for equipment, decision-making for the requirements for participants, interviewing applicants and junior counselors, co-teaching leadership training sessions for the junior counselors and schedule-making for the camp. It also included meeting with community leaders to gain financial and governmental support for the camp. <br><br> August 2001- Co-directed the Khorezm G.L.O.W. camp. This camp was a 10-day overnight camp for 65 girls around the region. Its primary purposes were to build self-esteem, improve teamwork skills, and teach leadership skills. Jennifer taught health classes covering topics such as anemia, sex education, first aid, goiter and hygiene. She also taught kickball, bracelet-making, and camp songs. <br><br> May-September 2001- Was a member of a small committee to prepare a training seminar for host country nationals and volunteers in utilizing the Where There is No Doctor manual. In addition, Jennifer prepared a two-hour problem solving session as part of the seminar. <br><br> This is to certify in accordance with Executive Order No. 11103 of 10 April 1963, that Jennifer King served satisfactorily as a Peace Corps Volunteer. For safety reasons, Peace Corps Uzbekistan evacuated September 2001 and her service ended on October 3, 2001. Because she didn’t serve for at least one year,  she is not eligible to be appointed as a career-conditional employee in the competitive civil service on a non-competitive basisPursuant to Section 5 (f) of  the Peace Corps Act, 22 U.S.C. No. 2504 (f) as amended, any former Volunteer employed by the United States Government following his/her Peace Corps service is entitled to have any period of satisfactory Peace Corps Volunteer service credited for purposes of retirement, seniority, reduction-in force, leave or other privileges based on length of government service. Peace Corps service shall not be credited toward completion of a probationary or trial period or completion of any service requirement for career appointment.
Bishop Herman Secondary School, also known as Bishop Herman College (BiHeCo), is an all boys catholic school located on a hill overlooking both the town of Kpando (also spelled Kpandu) and one of the largest man-made lakes in the world, Lake Volta.  During my 2 year tenure at BiHeCo, I also served as a Form Master, which is equivalent to a "home room teacher" and was asked to provide briefings on various subjects such as ediquette to the studentsAlso, as Form Master, I took my turn during the 7-9PM study times to monitor student studying rooms. I also participated in lengthy teacher staff meetings.
[[Category:Description of Service]]
While I was at BiHeCo, we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the School and held a durbar. BiHeCo at that time was home to many volunteer and other expatriate service teachers including teachers from Britain, India, Japan, Canada, Netherlands, and France.
Sometime into the first year, I began a daily ritual of eating fufu for lunch at the "Always Always Chop Bar," near the lorry park in Kpando. Wanda, the owner of Always, Always, presided over a large bowl of soup.  The price included the fufu and soup and additional charges were made for the meat. The meat was usually grasscutter, a large rodent similar to a nutria.  A typical hunk of meat was a large cube tied with plant fiber and it often included the skin with some fat. Eating meat was a real treat.
The Ghanian economy was not doing so well at the time, and I remember that it was so difficult that about 50% of the volunteers quit in the first year. Our volunteer stipend when converted back to its real value was approximately $50.  A houseboy, a vital need for shopping, cooking, and cleaning costs about $5-10. The remainder was barely enough to feed anyone with a healthy appetite.
While I was there, three other Peace Corps Volunteers came to teach for a short time and lived with me in the 3 bedroom home provided by the school on the campus.  These homes and attached cooking a houseboy quarters were very nice living conditions for GhanaThe Head Master, Father J. B. Eleeza, was very supportive and helpful to expatriates working and living at the school.

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