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Located high in the Middle Atlas mountains, this project takes place in a community that was isolated for centuries. Reliable transportation has only been available in [http://www.thesiswritingservice.com/ thesis writers] the last decade. As a result of being closed off for so long with little opportunities, the majority of the adult women are illiterate. The computer literacy classes aim to change this startling reality.
Through this project, 15 women will attend computer literacy classes. Over the course of 4 months, the women will learn the ins and outs of the entire Microsoft Office package, receive Internet tutorials, attend several value-added sessions related to the new Moroccan family code, STIs, and health and wellness, and participate in basic business skills workshops. After receiving instruction for 8 hours a week over 4 months, the women will graduate better prepared to contribute to their family's well-being and the community as a whole. Using the classes as a base, the women will be more empowered to expand their horizons whether it be through new business opportunities, networking skills, or more education.
With the help of a non-governmental organization in Rabat and the Peace Corps volunteer, the Youth Center hired trainers, recruited women, donated the use of a facility, and has paid the internet fees. The money generated through the Peace Corps Partnership Program will be used to pay the trainers' salaries, transportation costs, and computer fees. With your help, the first computer literacy classes in this Moroccan community will be a success.

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