Invitation and Preparation for Departure

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The application process is done, but the adventure is just beginning.

You've finished your application and interview and sent in all of your medical and legal forms. You're officially cleared and ready to go.

At this stage, you'll receive a formal invitation packet in the mail. You'll have 10 days to review it and decide whether you want to accept your invitation to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Contact your placement officer within this 10-day window to let him or her know your decision.

The invitation packet will include your Volunteer job description, the date when you'll depart, passport and visa applications, a pre-training questionnaire, and a Volunteer Handbook to guide you in preparing for departure.

After you've accepted your invitation, Peace Corps will send you another packet. This one will have information specific to your destination—resources about the country where you'll be going, what to bring, and a description of the training you'll receive when you arrive. You'll also receive information about your pre-departure orientation in the U.S. Soon you and the other Volunteers in your training group will be on your way to your country of service.

The entire process, from Step 1 to Step 5, takes anywhere from six months to a year. Start now, and you could be overseas this time next year!

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