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I am one of many former Peace Corps volunteers who absolutely thank John F. Kennedy for giving me the opportunity to serve my Country from 1962 to 1964. What I experienced and learned while working with the poor in the barrios of Venezuela changed the course of my life as it has so many others who served in the Peace Corps.

Also, whether a person served in Venezuela, Korea, Ethiopia or Nigeria we all have an understanding of the culture and the goodness of their people. This was our reward in life.

Today I am blessed to run a non-profit foundation in Venezuela and have the opportunity to return often to set up baseball clinics and start other projects for the kids of the barrios.

Joe Jaycox Venezuela 62-64

Sector Assignment Beg. Yr End. Yr
Agriculture Crop Extension 1962 1974
Business Business Advising 1970 1970
Cooperatives 1965 1965
Crisis Corps Crisis Corps 2000 2000
Education Industrial Arts 1968 1972
Phys. Ed/Youth Wk 1962 1963
Health Envir. and Water Resource 1969 1969
Other Flexible App 1973 1974
Unique Skill 1973 1973
Youth and Community Development Commun. Serv/Deg. 1966 1966

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Peace Corp Physical Education Program in Venezuela high schools ran until at least 1967. I was a volunteer in the PE Education IV program. We were deployed to Venezuela in June 1965 to 1967. Please correct the dates for that program to extend through June 1967.

Don Welch PCV Venezuela 1965-67