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This page is a listing of all the volunteers who have served in Albania. If you served in Albania, please '''[[Form:Volunteer | create a page]]''' on yourself
{{who served in|Albania}}
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[[Kevin McLaughlin]]<br>
[[Kevin McLaughlin]]<br>
[[Liam O'Connor]]<br>
[[Liam O'Connor]]<br>
[[Norman Brown]]<br>
[[Gertrude T. Almy ("Nini")]]<br>
[[Gertrude T. Almy ("Nini")]]<br>
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[[Jon Kroll]]<br>
[[Jon Kroll]]<br>
[[Daniel Adams]]<br>
[[Nathan Borgford-Parnell]]<br>
[[Peter Gambill]]<br>
[[Judith Diane Green]]<br>
[[Judith Diane Green]]<br>
[[Rebekah Lambert]]<br>
[[Teri MacBride]]<br>
[[Teri MacBride]]<br>
[[Jennifer Piorkowski]]
[[Jennifer Piorkowski]]<br>
[[Joseph Vadala]]<br>
[[J. Eva Kovacs]]
[http://peacecorpsonline.org/messages/messages/467/4419.html Peace Corps Online] Volunteers who served in Albania<br>
[http://peacecorpsonline.org/messages/messages/467/4419.html Peace Corps Online] Volunteers who served in Albania<br>

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Volunteers in the following chart have information in the PCwiki:

Started service in Ended service in Name of community was Name of region was Served in sector Primary assignment was
Cristina Prado 2449718.51995 2450449.51997
Kelly Alan O'Keeffe 2449718.51995 2450449.51997 Saranda Vlorë Education
Michael Miller 2449718.51995 Babdud Karbonara Berat Education
Ken cantrell 2449718.51995 2450449.51997 Kreshpanj Korçë Agriculture
Ben Neimark 2449718.51995 Voskop Korçë Agriculture
Steve Fields 2449718.51995 2450083.51996 Maliq Agriculture
Justin Parmenter 2449718.51995 2450449.51997 Permet Gjirokastër Education
Hajenso 2454101.52007 2454832.52009 Peshkopi


[edit] 1993

Jane Marlow Willis
Elaine Reed

[edit] 1994

Lloyd Bacchus
Judy Biletnikoff
Kerry Byron
Cheryl Cox
Dean Dagman
Melanie Dorado
John Hunter
Yung Lee
Kevin McLaughlin
Liam O'Connor
Norman Brown

[edit] 1995

Gertrude T. Almy ("Nini")
Phil Beavers
Navdeep Bisla
Ken Cantrell
Nancy Curry
Marc Davis
Christopher Dwan
Mary Jane Enright
Melissa Ferrell
Steve Fields
Alan Fountain
Shelley Gardner
Kristin Griffith
Chrys Hoduffer
Ben Hruska
Kathy Hunnicutt
Melanie James
Andy Jensen
Anika Juhn
Randy Kaufman
Stephen Lennon
Stuart MacNeil
Staci Magill
Julie Marantette
Paul McCarthy
Andrew McDevitt ("McD")
Michael Miller
Robert Nagle
Ben Neimark
Kelly Alan O'Keeffe
Justin Parmenter
Elaine Sabourin
Ian Schneider
Kathleen Stolle
Donna Sulpy
David Wardlow
James Weatherill
Portia Williams
Douglass Woo
Joan Yasenchak
John Yoctoric

[edit] 1996

Cristina Prado
Jon Kroll

[edit] 2003

Daniel Adams
Nathan Borgford-Parnell
Peter Gambill
Judith Diane Green
Rebekah Lambert
Teri MacBride
Jennifer Piorkowski
Joseph Vadala
J. Eva Kovacs

[edit] Source

Peace Corps Online Volunteers who served in Albania
Peace Corps/Albania Pre-Service Training for Group 4 - BIOGRAPHIES Teri MacBride

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