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== Chad Wolver ==
<p>I'm actually not sure where or even if I am going. I haven't received an invitation yet. I only put Swaziland in the box because it wouldn't let me omit the country name. I have, however, been nominated and been medically/legally cleared. I'll update my page periodically.</p>
=== My Timeline ===
<br>Started Application: <i>05/10/2008</i>
<br>Submitted Application: <i>05/06/2009</i>
<br>Interview Date: <i>06/11/2009</i>
<br>Nomination: <i>08/23/2009</i>
<br>Medical Clearance: <i>10/19/2009</i>
<br>Legal Clearance: <i>10/21/2009</i>
<br>Program Invitation: <i>Currently Awaiting</i>

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