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This program is currently suspended.

The Government of Gabon has stated its intention to address a broad range of development needs: increase farmer productivity and environmental awareness as well as tackle health problems associated with HIV/AIDS transmission, diarrheal diseases, and malnutrition. Peace Corps Volunteers are helping Gabon address these issues through a variety of projects. In the health sector, Volunteers help educate communities about their resources and needs by focusing on maternal and child nutrition and reproductive health.

Sector Assignment Beg. Yr End. Yr
Agriculture Ag Education 1990 1990
Ag Extension 1981 2002
Animal Husband 1999 2001
Crop Extension 1981 2001
Fisheries Marine 1987 1987
Soil Science 1984 1984
Business Archictecture 1986 1986
Business Advising 1988 1999
Cooperatives 1983 1985
Education English Teacher 1981 2003
English Teacher Trainer 1992 1994
Fisheries Fresh 1980 2000
Gen. Construction 1962 1999
Industrial Arts 1975 1993
Math Teacher Trainer 1992 1994
Prim-Ed/Teach Trn 2003 2003
Science Ed/Gen. 1986 1986
Secondary-Ed Math 1985 1996
Secondary-Ed Sci. 1986 1996
Special Ed/Blind 1976 1976
Univ. English Teaching 1986 1993
Voc. Trainer 1982 1995
Environment Comm Forestry Ext 1997 1998
Environmental Ed. 2000 2003
Forestry 1980 1998
Health Disease Control 1991 1996
Envir. and Water Resource 1973 1981
Health Degreed 1990 1997
Health Extension 1993 2003
Hygiene Ed/Sanitation 1962 1999
Med. Technician 1980 1980
Nursing 1990 1992
Other Flexible App 1977 1977
Unique Skill 1978 1996
Youth and Community Development Commun. Serv/Deg. 1981 2003
Mechanics 1984 1984

Natural Resource Conservation and Agricultural Production

In 2001, the Environmental Education (EE) project was brought back under the umbrella of the Forest and Agricultural Resources Management project (FARM). The result, a new Natural Resource Conservation and Agricultural Production project that focuses on two areas: training farmers to use conservation techniques that increase yields by managing forest resources; and, working with youth and adults, through awareness activities, to enhance their capacity to sustain the environment.


The Community Health project focuses on maternal and child health and nutrition, reproductive health, and AIDS prevention. As health educators, Volunteers work with Gabonese health officials to conduct home visits, assess community health needs, and facilitate local action for health improvement. They also organize vaccination campaigns, HIV/AIDS awareness programs, village health worker seminars and workshops that promote gardening and nutrition.

Volunteers and their counterparts visit patients in their homes to provide counseling on various health issues as well as to encourage members of the community to use health facilities for treatment and care. During 2000, over 7,000 community members have attended educational programs on the prevention of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

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