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|assignment02=Environmental Ed.
[[Natural Resource Management]] Extension Agent / [[Environmental Education]] / Forestry in [[Komboko]], [[Fatoma]], [[Mopti]]
I was a [[forestry]] / [[environmental education]] volunteer in a little (150-200 people)Fulani village called [[Komboko]]. I lived in a small house made of [[mud bricks]]. No electricity, running water, TV. The villagers were mostly herders and spoke only their local language, Fulfulde (no French).
I was trained to do a variety of forestry and conservation related activities such as:
* build [[mud stoves]] (to conserve fuel wood)
* graft fruit trees
* grow [[tree nurseries]] and plant the trees
* combat [[soil erosion]]
* grow live fencing
In the end my most satisfying job was illustrating training manuals for other volunteers to use as visual aids when working on their own projects. I also enjoyed visiting [[Tubani So]], the Peace Corps training village and talking with the new trainees and preparing them for life in their villages.

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Source: FOIA request #10076 (June 2010)

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