What About Safety?

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The safety and security of Peace Corps Volunteers is our highest priority. The Peace Corps devotes significant resources to providing Volunteers with the training, support, and information they need to stay healthy and safe.

Yet because Volunteers serve worldwide, sometimes in very remote areas, health and safety risks are an inherent part of Volunteer service. Volunteers can reduce these risks by following recommendations for locally appropriate behavior, exercising sound judgment, and abiding by Peace Corps policies and procedures. In the effort to ensure a productive, healthy, and safe experience for Volunteers, the Peace Corps reviews work and housing sites in advance, collaborates on project development with local communities, and develops and tests plans for responding to emergencies.

In addition, the Peace Corps continually updates materials for Volunteers with specific information about safety and security risks in the areas where they serve. This enables Peace Corps Volunteers to make informed decisions and have a safe, healthy Volunteer experience.


Before establishing a program, the Peace Corps makes a thorough assessment of the health and safety conditions of the country. And in choosing sites at which to place Volunteers, we carefully consider factors such as access to medical, banking, postal, and other essential services; availability of communications and transportation, particularly in cases of emergency; existence of suitable housing arrangements; and proximity to other Peace Corps Volunteers.


In every country in which Volunteers serve, the Peace Corps maintains a medical unit staffed by one or more medical providers. They inform Volunteers about local health issues and provide them with the basic medical supplies and vaccinations they need to stay healthy. If a Volunteer becomes ill and cannot be treated properly in the country of service, the Peace Corps will transport the Volunteer to an appropriate facility in a nearby country or to the U.S.

Safety and Security in Depth
Detailed information about safety and security.

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