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Picture yourself as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

The men and women who join the Peace Corps reflect the rich diversity of America in race, ethnic background, age, and religion. They possess varying physical capabilities. They come from all geographical regions, all personal backgrounds, all walks of life. Each brings a unique perspective.

What do they all have in common? A sense of adventure and a desire to help others.

Use the links below to explore just a few of the many types of people who have served as Peace Corps Volunteers.

College Graduates
Recent college grads, liberal arts majors, community college students--if you're in college now or have a college degree, a Peace Corps recruiter wants to talk to you.

People of Color
Find out about people of different ethnic backgrounds lending their experiences and skills to the Peace Corps.

Older Americans
Always wanted to travel when you retire? See the world, and give something back while you're at it.

Married Couples
The Peace Corps offers married couples the chance of a lifetime—to experience a foreign country while making a difference, and to do it together.

Between careers? Unsatisfied with your job? Ready for something truly different? Here's your next step.

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