5 Anal Chain for Pleasure: How To Use Small Bead

Anal chains as well as anal balls are synonyms for the same type of sex toy, where several balls are lined up on a chain, so that these are basically the”chain links”Now the task is to insert the balls, which are getting thicker and thicker, into the anus in order to experience an anal stimulation. Preparing for anal intercourse.

However, the anal chain can also be during sex in order to experience additional stimulation.
Everyone can find the chain that suits them bestIf the sex toy is long enough, it can be used simultaneously by both sex partners Anal stimulation can be used after sexual intercourse or directly during sexual intercourse

Which is the best?

As can already be seen in the comparison table, the anal chain “inflexi Felix”from the manufacturer Fun Factory The high-quality shape of the balls allows easy insertion and is therefore also suitable for beginners.

100 percent made of silicone In this way the Sex Toy not only offers a nice smooth surface, but also has a long durability. extremely flexible and can therefore be introduced in any position.

How does the anal chain application work?

The use of anal chains is very easy to implement., lube Which kind of lubricant is used in this case is up to the user, after which the beads should be applied on the anal chain. tardily When inserting, it makes sense to relax the pelvic muscles in order to simplify the application. be, be or be is best possible.

Every user must pay attention to how far he or she can insert the chain without it hurting. all the time afresh lube can be used to keep the anal toy or anus moist, then simply remove the anal chain after sex by holding the toy at the back end and slowly pulling it out of the anus.

How to use the toy best?

There are some tips on how to use or improve the application of the Anal Toys.

The chain is pulled out just before the orgasm. orgasm reinforce Whether the anal chains are removed slowly or quickly, each user should find out for himself:

  • Use of lubricant
  • Uniform extraction
  • Relaxation from the anus

Which models are available?

An extensive selection of anal chains can be expected, with products differentiating in various aspects such as:

  • appearance
  • material choice
  • length/size
  • functionalities
  • purchasing price

These differences make it possible for every customer to choose the anal chain that suits him best, but the decision to buy is also complicated if you don’t know exactly which toy is right for you. Length/Size and the function.

The length of the anal chain should be chosen in such a way that this can be easily inserted into the anus.

The same applies to the size of the pleasure pearls that hang from the chain.

It should also be noted that the shape of the “chain links” can vary, ranging from round beads to oval beads to triangular beads with rounded edges. nipples or notches.

This function, on the other hand, has properties such as built-in vibrators  In this way, users not only experience stimulation through the insertion of the anal chain, but also through vibration.

The vibrators usually offer several stages, Another function of some models is the training from the pelvic floor, in which case the balls of the anal toys are shaped in such a way that they can be used to stimulate the pelvic floor. Musculature in the area of the pelvic floor These exercises in turn ensure that anal sex can be more intense.

How do most men and women experience the test?

To get an idea of a product, there is nothing better than test reports from private buyers as well as subject matter experts.

Nowadays there are test reports, especially via the internet, which offer a very good insight into the function and the experiences with products such as anal chains, especially it is noteworthy that customers and experts are convinced of the use of these sex toys.
Many positive experience reports can be found on the net.

It is always mentioned that there is such a large selection of these products, so that the purchase of these is made easy.

All these positively evaluated aspects make it quite meaningful for the prospective customers to make themselves such a Toy for more Fun in bed or to use the anal chain to prepare for anal intercourse accordingly.

Are anal balls suitable for men and women?

There is basically no difference between the anus of a woman and that of a man, so it is no problem to use the anal chain on a man or a woman. long syllable or the greatness For all persons who have little or no experience with anal intercourse, it is recommended to buy a small anal chain.chain links”be bigger.

Where to buy an anal chain?

For the purchase of an anal chain, a visit to the corresponding online stores The main reason for this is that customers can purchase all sex toys as anonymously and comfortably as possible from home.

This makes it easier to choose the anal chain that suits you best at any time. ample time in order to be able to compare all offers.

High-quality offers for the purchase can be found on the websites of Amazon, Eis.de or cupid Among other things, customers can enjoy the following advantages in the selection of anal chains:

  • Good product descriptions
  • Helpful support
  • Tips for use
  • Fair prices in €
  • Fast shipping

In addition to the prompt dispatch, it should also be stated that all three providers ensure that the shipment neutrally.

This means that the package does not indicate that it is a sex toy that has been ordered. private sphere In addition, depending on the provider, the dispatch can also be carried out by free Finally, it must be stated that it is also possible to re-order the goods at any time if this is desired.

Conclusion – Speaks the experience of men and women for buying an anal chain?

Everybody Interested parties must of course decide for themselves, If this is the case, it can be assumed that the anal chain is more than just a suitable sex toy.

Men and women who have tested the product before are very enthusiastic about it. wide variety so that everyone can find the chain that suits them best. But also the good grade of anal chains as well as their simple purchase, are decisive.

As a conclusion it can be stated that the purchase of such a sex toy is worthwhile in any case for all men or women who would like to have anal sex or want to prepare for it.


What kind of care is suitable for anal chains?

In any case, the toy should be thoroughly cleaned after use, taking care to remove any residues that may be on the chain links. soap and a antiseptics.

Furthermore, users can also decide to use a Care product for silicone This guarantees that the material of the anal chain remains beautifully supple for years to come.

All products such as soap, disinfectants and care products can be ordered directly together with the anal chain via Amazon, Amorelie or Eis.de. The best is, Branded products of high quality to order.

The use of the anal chain is suitable for couples?

If the sex toy is long enough, it can be used simultaneously by both sex partners, but it is also possible that one person uses the toy to use its partner or his partner to spoil.

This is particularly useful in the course of the foreplay This procedure can also be used to prepare for anal sex, but anal stimulation can also be used after sexual intercourse or directly during sexual intercourse.

Can the use of the anal chain be dangerous?

It is always important to note that it is not directly natural to insert something into the anus, so it is very important that the body accustomed to this process.

This includes stretching the anus to absorb the chain and it is very important to remove the sex toy immediately if it causes pain. Damage to the anus be prevented.

How often and for how long can the anal chains be used?

Basically, there are no restriction, Persons having long sex can therefore wear the chains for several hours, even in everyday life. Anal Toys all day long It is important that the permanent application is especially suitable for people who know and practice anal intercourse. Limit from 2 to 3 hours to avoid pain later on.

Are the anal chains with vibration better to evaluate?

Of course, it depends above all on one’s own taste which anal chain is more appealing to one, but it has to be evaluated that the vibration of the chains can provide better stimulation again. sustained for a long time.

Thus the toy falls after a certain duration The vibration now ensures that the body does not get used to the feeling of the anal chain so that a longer stimulation can be expected.

User reviews

The mere use of this morally flexible rear crawler Fun Factory Flexi Felix has not yet created a special infatuation, but a certain tingling sensation can be felt! Also because the anal chain accepts pretty much everything without hesitation that is put before it for (sex) consumption and, in contrast to my dear husband, still doesn’t seem to have enough of me, I like to give the full score here.


Fifty Shades of Grey Carnal Bliss is a great product, easy handling, fun guaranteed, fast shipping, easy to rinse with water, nice packaging (so you can’t see what’s inside). Recommended for beginners and advanced!


Use a rubber to make cleaning easier Fun Factory B-Balls, insertion works without any problems with a little rest. Crazy feeling when it “rattles”, whether it is suitable for the whole day? I usually come quite quickly :)


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