5 Best Sex Swings: How To Use Harness, Bondage Adult

A love swing, also called a sling, is a swing, which in most cases is made of leather or plastic and is fastened to the ceiling or a supporting structure with chains. different sexual positions, It is particularly important to note in this case that the passive partner lying on the love swing can assume a very relaxed position, which makes it easier to access the anus, rectum or vagina. Love Play Simplified.

As to be expected, the love swings are offered in numerous different variations, with aspects such as:

  • measurements
  • accoutrement
  • material choice
  • purchasing price
  • superstructure

It should be noted here that the sling used to be used mainly in the homosexual context Today we also use the heterosexual couples love swings for sex for more fun and variety in the bedroom.

Swings is made of leather or plastic and is fastened to the ceilingCouples love swings for sex for more fun and variety in the bedroom Passive partner lying on the love swing can assume a very relaxed position

Which positions are possible with a love swing?

With the right product, couples can use 15 different sex positions. The following five love swing positions are to be named as an example:

  • Sitting on top of each other
  • Backward leaning missionary position
  • Sitting rider position
  • Lying on top of each other on your back
  • Lying and sitting on top of each other

These are typical positions, which are used on the love swing, but there are always pictures on the Internet for possible positions with the love swing, but also those who decide to buy such a sex toy usually receive a instruction for the initial sex positions. Developing and trying out positions, if and how these work best.

Is there a video that shows the correct use and structure?

A good place to go in this case is YouTube, where you will find numerous videos that describe the function and application of such a Explain the swing of love. The videos are very informative and helpful for most people who have not yet dealt with the function of the love swing, but you can also visit online shops, which are often visited by the public. explanatory videos offer to their products.

What are good possibilities to mount the device?

Basically two types of assembly can be used for the Love Swing, first of all the use of a supporting structure. In this case it can be, among other things, a Metal rod frames Depending on the size of the swing, it must also be taken into account that the supporting structure will have a large dimension.

The second typical mounting style In this case it is very important that the ceiling is sufficiently stable in order to allow the swing to be suspended.

A good hold on the swing Before the installation is carried out in this way, it is therefore important to get an exact picture of the stability of the ceiling.

How can you hang a love swing?

In order to hang the sling, some preparatory work must first be carried out, in particular measuring the respective room in order to determine the correct position of the sling.

Position for the love swing When buying the item, the product details indicate how much space the sling needs during installation, which makes measuring easier and, when mounting the sling to the ceiling, it is important to place it in the right place. holes to drill, In the case of swings with a supporting structure, however, this construction must first be assembled.

In the following it is now a matter of making the swing of love in the correct height In this case, it is worth checking the height several times so that the sling can be used comfortably in any sex position. metal springs.

Finally, the swing of love only has to be hooked into the hook to be able to use it immediately afterwards.

Which frame is suitable for this sex toy?

When selecting the frame, particular attention must be paid to the respective load on the product. high-grade workmanship and good materials In most cases, the product does not have more than four feet which converge at the top, so you will find the appropriate eyelets to hang the swing from, most of the frames are offered in black to give them an elegant look, and some of them can be purchased as a set with the matching frame.

You can also build this erotic tool yourself?

It is in any case of dissuade, that the swing of love should be built by yourself. assembly instructions or plot of such a swing, not the professional construction of a experienced manufacturer.

This in turn means that the use of the sex toy does not function correctly or is even dangerous. right materials This means that under no circumstances can the stability of the swing of love be guaranteed, which guarantees a high degree of stability. risk of injury hides.

Which is the best love swing?

Each couple has to decide for themselves which of the whole swings on the market is most suitable for them. savour The reason for this is that everyone has different ideas and wishes regarding the swing of love and therefore wants to choose a different product, for example the articles, which are constructed like a hanging chair and therefore more suitable for sitting than lying down.

In any case, when searching for and selecting products, care must be taken to ensure that they have a good craftsmanship and of high quality qual.

This means that a swing of love can be acquired which is available at a fair price in EUR. many years It is definitely recommended in this case to use the Sling bed Elea, Everyone has to make his own experience here.

What is the experience of couples during the test?

Above all via the Internet there is quality points of contact, to inform yourself about the opinions of other users, for example that in shopping facilities such as Amazon Prime In this case it is mostly about quite objective opinions, which describe also once the disadvantages. Facebook or Twitter the respective opinions are read through.

In most cases it can be assumed that the experience and the test of the couples for the product affirmative Above all, it should be mentioned that sex with the love swing is definitely something special Furthermore, it is repeatedly stated that the products have a superior quality In this respect, it depends above all on the construction of the swing, which looks like a hanging chairs or also a chaise can fail.

Furthermore, it is mentioned that ordering and delivery of the goods is easy and fast with most suppliers, but there are also disadvantages, such as the sometimes cumbersome construction, which cannot be carried out in every room.

Therefore, this sex toy can not be used by everyone if he does not have enough space in his apartment or his house.

Where to buy a swing of love?

In addition to visiting specialist shops, it may also be worthwhile to buy swings over the Internet, in which case customers can save time and buy items from the comfort of their own homes: Amazon, Ice.com and cupid. Customers can count on the following advantages:

  • Good product selection
  • Fair purchase prices in EUR
  • Fast delivery
  • Good product quality

To place an order in this case, interested parties do not have to register directly with Amazon, Eis.de or Amorelie, but rather compare all the offers on the site and get an idea of them. Comment from customers It can then be quickly determined whether the product is of high quality. exact search according to the desired swing of love or the customers are advised by experts.

Afterwards the article can be ordered which has the desired characteristics and advantages to offer. in a hurry and in one neutral package In addition, there are reasonable prices for shipping in EUR, which are sometimes even completely omitted for all Amazon Prime owners.

Conclusion – What do the experiences of a sling show to have more fun in the bedroom?

Both for homosexual as well as heterosexual couples Especially the good experiences with this article speak for the purchase of this sex toy. relatively much space If this is not possible, then it is usually more sensible to opt for a alternative to the love swing in order to reduce the risk of injury.


How safe is the use of the love swings?

In any case, please note that the swing must be mounted exactly according to the instructions and that it is also important to choose a high quality product and to use the sex toy. unmanageable If these three points are observed, it can be assumed in any case that the love swing is very safe and that users do not have to worry about a risk of injury or a high risk of accident do.

How should the love swing be maintained?

Depending on the materials used, it may be worth taking care of the swing so that it can be used for as long as possible, but it is best to clean it thoroughly after use. Washing machine to wash. Products made of leather or plastic, on the other hand, must be equipped with a damp cloth cleaned with an appropriate cleaning agent.

Furthermore it belongs to the maintenance that the construction regularly check their durability This ensures that the chains and holders of the love swing do not come loose and thus pose an accident risk.

The swing can be easily disassembled?

Depending on the type of model, it should be noted that the degradation taken some time If the sling is attached to the ceiling with eyelets and hooks, the swing can be removed quickly and easily. quite complicated must be unscrewed before they can be removed.

In such a case it is advisable to choose a fixed position for the swing so that it does not have to be set up and dismantled over and over again. flexible variants to decide how the swings for the door frame, which can be mounted quickly.

Is the love swing suitable for everyone?

Depending on the type of installation and choice of material, a different load limit Accordingly, the swing should not be loaded with more weight than indicated.

Obesity Persons should calculate whether they can use the love swings without problems, and if this is not the case, the construction must be designed accordingly. fortified It must also be noted that the sex swings are mainly used for younger persons is meant to be. At elderly persons they may not be in the required physical condition, which increases the risk of injury accordingly.

User reviews

The Sexbaby Love Swing was delivered quickly and has been tested for a while now ;) The assembly was very simple in a wooden carrier and the swing fastened fast. It looks pleasantly stable and shows no signs of wear. We put felt inlays in the suspension in order not to bother the neighbours.


I’ve been thinking about Degree Spinning for a long time, because such a swing is quite an investment. I have the feeling I have made a great grip with this one, because only the accessories are extremely high quality. Even the right drill is included and it is also from the professional BDSM. In my opinion swing is unbeatable in terms of price and we already laughed a lot while swinging :-D


The quality of the swing Multi Vario is very good. The material is the same as from the safety belts in the car and therefore very stable. In any case an enrichment in the bedroom.

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