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What is the Multi Gyn Actigel?

This product is a preparation which can be used for intimate care and has been specially developed for the treatment and prevention of bacterial inflammations in the area of the vagina. It can also be expected to prevent unspecific vaginal problems such as redness, irritation, itching, etc. Ultimately, the gel can improve the vaginal flora and reduce unpleasant odours and discharge..

It is important to know that the Multi Gyn Actigel has a large amount of the 2QR complex which consists of the Aleo Barbadenis Miller Plant Since this complex can be used to make 96 percent This means that no negative interaction with other drugs can be expected and that the vagina is perfectly suitable for condoms. active phase an illness 2 times a day This involves applying a small amount of Multi Gyn Actigel to the vagina and massaging it in, but it may also be necessary to use an extension to inject the preparation directly into the vagina..

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Multi-Gyn ActiGel offers direct relief of itch, irritations, sensitivity, redness and soreness, related to bacterial problems.
It treats and prevents bacterial vaginosis (BV) and additional complaints like undesired discharge and odor.

If, on the other hand, you only want to use the preparation as an aid for preventive treatment, you should use this 2 to 3 times a week Finally, it should be noted that the products can always look slightly different depending on the state of the plant’s harvest, with typical colours:

  • lucid
  • Yellowish
  • Whitish

This is not a production defect, it is perfectly normal, so if you buy a new tube and the colour of Multi Gyn Actigel differs from what you are used to, you will have to use a new one. no worries If there’s a consideration, it’s easy to do it. Contact the respective seller in order to be consulted again here.

How does the use of?

This function is mainly determined by the 2QR complex, which is the main component of the ointment. slippery surface As a result, the bacteria cannot accumulate vaginosis and lead to inflammation, so that in the preventive treatment no pathogens can develop in the first place. mucosa If vaginosis is already present, Multi Gyn Actigel prevents the inflammation triggers from multiplying and spreading..

In this way, the vaginal flora regains enough rest and can recover and build up accordingly over time, which leads to a stabilization of the flora, so that the bacteria from the torso even better combated The itching or burning in the area of the inflammation should subside quickly, although the effect can of course be slightly different for each woman, so that both immediate effects and a delayed improvement are possible..


How do women’s Multi Gyn Actigel experiences turn out during the test??

Many women who had problems with their vaginal flora due to bacterial inflammation visited their gynaecologist first, of course. antibiotics These strong drugs have often been able to improve the symptoms of inflammation.. Just as effective is also the use of Multi Gyn Actigel, if one may believe the experience reports of many ladies..

Already after the first use of the gel, a significant Improvement of itching, redness and burning Depending on the woman, the treatment only took a few weeks until the bacteria vaginosis could be successfully treated. vegetable and therefore natural ingredients But the ease of use is also an important reason for the good experience with the vaginal gel..

Anyone who has used Multi Gyn Actigel to prevent bacterial inflammation and improve the vaginal flora reports high-quality care. “recovering.” Finally, the advantages are the fair price and the easy shopping, if there are negative reports, then only about the filling quantity of the vaginal gel, which is too small for some women, but on average it can be expected that a pack for 25 to 30 applications sufficed.

If you would like to get an overview of all the experiences of women, you can do so, among other things, via Blogs, specialist websites or social networks like Facebook Here private persons report which experiences they made with the money articles and give also Tipps and/or a assistance for the use. personal contact to the ladies via Facebook and co. so it’s even easier to get detailed information..

Where to buy the Multi Gyn Actigel?

There are several high quality points of contact that can be visited in order to decide to buy the product, first of all you have to name the pharmacy, where you can buy the product for a fair price without a prescription. chemist’s not only has the advantage of easy shopping, but the ladies can also get advice if they have questions about Multi Gyn Actigel, but also if problems should arise during use (which is hardly the case until now), the customers can quickly find a contact person in the pharmacy..

Further points of contact for the purchase are, for example, the drugstore market DM or Rossman. If you do not want to visit a specialist shop such as a pharmacy or if the purchase is too embarrassing for you in the trade, you can also place an order via Amazon The advantage here is that the products can simply be moved into the shopping basket and ordered promptly, with delivery usually taking no more than 1 to 3 working days and is delivered in a neutral package from Amazon.

For example, neighbours or flatmates cannot see that the Multi Gyn Actigel has been ordered and it should also be noted that the purchase price via the Internet is usually slightly better than in specialty stores and drugstores..

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What to look out for when buying the vaginal gel?

There are similar products on the market that promise the same effects and benefits. options the same company as the other goods already mentioned, but it is also possible that the preparations do not contain any such substances. superior quality Therefore it is important to read the descriptions and above all customer opinions very carefully in order not to make a wrong purchase..

It is also important to always purchase the goods only from well-known specialist dealers or also via correspondingly good websites. dubious online merchants it is quite possible that plagiarisms Not only do these products not always have the right effect, they can also cause excessive stress to the vaginal flora..

Multi Gyn Actigel or Floraplus – which one is right for me??

Multi Gyn offers not only Actigel, but also other products that also help to improve and protect the vaginal flora, but also products that are primarily designed to Hygiene of the genital area To be named with these articles:

  • Floraplus
  • LiquiGel
  • IntiSkin
  • FemiWash

Above all, FloraPlus must be mentioned here that also the 2QR complex These bacteria, which are modeled on the female intimate flora, help to build up and strengthen the vagina flora when it is weakened, for example after a bacterial attack, and also block other harmful bacteria for the future..

It is best to use the Multi Gyn Actigel to prevent or treat bacterial vaginosis and then to use Floraplus for aftercare, so it is not necessary to choose between these two products, they must be used in combination Furthermore, the use of Floraplus is only recommended if the Vaginal flora special strains such as regular swimming, for example..

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Multi-Gyn ActiGel offers direct relief of itch, irritations, sensitivity, redness and soreness, related to bacterial problems.
It treats and prevents bacterial vaginosis (BV) and additional complaints like undesired discharge and odor.

The Actigel burns with me – what should I do??

If the product starts to burn or itch after application, this can lead to an allergic reaction In such a case, it is very important to wash the Actigel directly and thoroughly until the stinging subsides. alternative item It is best to contact your doctor or pharmacist and ask for alternatives..

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Can the gel also be used during pregnancy??

There should be no problems with the use of the product during pregnancy; it may be advisable to consult your doctor again. green light The main reason for this is that the preparation is almost too strong. 100 percent natural so that this cannot cause any damage during pregnancy.

What does the package insert say about the product and where can I find it??

For all medications, you should always start with the package insert The reason for this is that this is the only way to find out whether there may be problems with the use or whether something special needs to be observed:

  • usableness
  • clues
  • side effects
  • Remarkable
  • Background information

If you don’t want to buy the Multi Gyn Actigel to get the package insert here, you can also find it on the internet. you can find all the information under Multi Gyn Actigel, but you can also ask your local pharmacist if this is not too embarrassing..

Can also help with cystitis?

A cystitis In most cases, the bacteria penetrate the woman’s vagina and cause the bladder to become inflamed, and a healthy and active vaginal flora can help prevent bacteria from entering the vagina. Prevention of cystitis However, this product can also help directly with inflammation and thus ensure rapid improvement..

How should the preparation be stored??

Sometimes the article is only used during acute inflammation, in which case it may only take a few days or weeks for the symptoms to subside, depending on the woman. undisposed if the users pay attention to a few points.

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First of all, it is important to close the tube tightly after each application so that no dirt can get inside, and it is also important to clean the attachment thoroughly after each use to insert the gel into the vagina. hot water with a neutral soap If you want to be absolutely sure, you can also use a antiseptics to really complete the cleaning 100 percent thoroughly.

Finally, when storing the product, care should be taken to ensure that the temperature of 10 degrees and the maximum temperature of 25 degrees This ensures that the preparation can be stored for a long time so that it can only be used again when necessary..

Conclusion – Vaginal care with the Multi Gyn Actigel for 2018

Women who have had problems with bacterial infections of their vagina should definitely consider buying the Multi Gyn Actigel. private parts Particularly to mention here is the very simple application, which can be carried out quickly and the fact that the article is almost completely natural. side effects, as an allergic reaction.

The conclusion must also not neglect that the purchase of the goods is completed quickly, whether through a pharmacy or through the shopping basket at Amazon. 20 € for the Multi Gyn Actigel. Finally, of course, there is the more than good effect that has enabled almost every woman to significantly improve the symptoms or care of the vagina. 2018 recommended in any case turn.

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Multi-Gyn ActiGel offers direct relief of itch, irritations, sensitivity, redness and soreness, related to bacterial problems.
It treats and prevents bacterial vaginosis (BV) and additional complaints like undesired discharge and odor.


Which fragrance is to be expected when using Multi Gyn Actigel??

The experiences of most women about Facebook or other contact points report that the product smells quite pleasant, especially a herbal odour can be expected, which evaporates quickly after application. unwelcome odour can cause embarrassing moments for the user.

How long can the product be used and how often are the applications possible??

Since this is a natural preparation, a permanent use is quite conceivable. 3 times a week to always ensure a good bacterial protection It should also be noted that the application is also possible on an unscheduled basis, for example after swimming, when the Actigel has completely washed off..

The preparation is suitable for all women?

Many products are tailored to a specific target group, so not all women can use them, and Multi Gyn Actigel is basically an exception. used by every lady (as long as no allergy Therefore it is basically possible for every user to use the advantages and help of these products from Multi Gyn..

Is it worth using Multi Gyn Actigel after sex??

Even if sexual intercourse is a nice thing, it provides for an appropriate endevour In such cases, it makes sense to build up and help the flora, so it is not surprising that many women use the preparation in order to prevent the vaginal flora from being damaged. post-sex a relaxation of the vaginal flora is to be provided. meaningful and recommendable.

Can also be used as a lubricant?

Basically, there are special products designed for use as lubricants, but many women also use Multi Gyn products for the same purpose, mainly because of their sliding gel consistency Accordingly, this can be seen as an alternative, but it is important to know that these products never replace the real use of a lubricant be capable of.

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Multi-Gyn ActiGel offers direct relief of itch, irritations, sensitivity, redness and soreness, related to bacterial problems.
It treats and prevents bacterial vaginosis (BV) and additional complaints like undesired discharge and odor.

User reviews

I felt an unpleasant itching and did not know the cause. Before the time-consuming visit to the doctor, I tried Multi Gyn Actigel. Already after the first application it helped to alleviate the symptoms.


A great gel. Already after one application the itching has noticeably decreased. But I would have thought the gel would be a little firmer. Otherwise very satisfied.


I have been using Multi Gyn Actigel for years inwardly and externally for irritations. So far I have managed every bacterial infection and other thing. Burns briefly and lightly after application (sensitive skin), there is a brief feeling of warmth – but everything is not unpleasant ;-)


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