10 Best Male Rubber Sex Dolls: New Realistic Girls

The purchase of a rubber doll needs to be carefully considered, especially if you are thinking of buying a solid doll made of silicone or latex, there is a space problem.

Travel The technology is progressing, the rubber dolls are becoming more and more realistic, especially with regard to the technique of the body openings.

What is a rubber doll?

It could be a full-body doll, it’s possible they’re just a hint of the torso. inflation Usually, the user can use the dolls virtually vaginally, orally and anally in a variety of colours, the body posture can also be chosen by the buyer.

A rather simple construction, more or less lifelike depending on the designRubber sex dolls are easily transportable The perfect imitation of human anatomy naturally

Many inexpensive models are designed for inflation, usually with three openings, but there are also models with artificial phallus, which differ from model to model.

What is the difference between a rubber doll and a Real Doll?

If you are not satisfied with a profane, air-filled doll, you will choose a more real figure. advancing technology The appearance of a real doll, the type of pubic hair, the colour of her skin, the type, can be put together individually by the buyer.

Which models are available?

For the man

The model for men is available in a multitude of variations, with different equipment, with more or less technically well equipped openings, they are a great way to relax for lonely hours, but with a little imagination and an open partner, can also be used as a sex boy. The real dolls of the future are lifelike robots.

For the woman

Rubber pumps for women are equipped with an artificial penis, mostly with a built-in vibrator; there are variants with an inflatable penis, in others the penis is a dildo or a vibrator.

Inflatable male dolls, as well as Real Dolls, where technical progress is also making itself felt.

  • The inflatable article
  • A rather simple construction, more or less lifelike depending on the design, more or less similar to caricatures, practical here, they are easily transportable, but their life span is regularly quite limited, but can be extended by many things by careful care. difference in quality for various versions enormously large.
  • The rubber dolls hull
  • This sextoy for femininity is sold on the Internet under the name Fickmaschine (fuck machine), which is more or less large in men’s vagina, and is often found in the openings of men’s vagina. vacuum devices.
  • The Real Doll
  • Meanwhile there are Real Dolls, which fake an orgasm with breathing, whose skin warms up., communicative, interactive The perfect imitation of human anatomy naturally also refers to the technically perfect artificial reproductive organs.

What does the future of the Real Doll look like?

The sex robot, which is already available today for about $10,000, has all the naturally imitated female functions, including the replicas of the anus, vagina, penis, the ability to interact, it is possible to talk to her about your favourite topic, but the toy also knows how to express itself in bed, which could be the perfect replacement for a real partner. lonely hours that’s certainly a good idea.

Which rubber doll is the best?

Only the love doll Kimmi Lovecock at Eis.de can answer this question: The toy scores with its expressive face, the great mobility and the enormous naturalness of the two openings that are available, which can be equipped with a lust-increasing vibrator An original box is included for storage.

What is the experience of the test?

Of course, the more expensive the doll, the higher the expectations can be; in the case of cheap dolls, disturbing welds, negligent production and above all an end product that will never correspond to the one printed and advertised on the package are the order of the day.

In the case of higher-quality sex dolls, the customer experience, especially the women’s side, speaks of a certain psychological effect, Ultimately, the quality of the built-in vibrators or the design of the vagina simulators is decisive: In cheap products, these are only holes punched in plastic, sometimes too narrow, sometimes too wide.

Where to buy one?

You can buy the sextoys at trustworthy merchants like Eis.de. But there are also a lot of cheapest sex dolls on offer at Amazon, while higher-priced items are more likely to be found at Eis.de or on the manufacturer’s pages, Amorelie is more reserved when it comes to rubber dolls, but stimulators, such as those partly built into the dolls, can also be found here.


What counts here is the purchase of quality goods. Unfortunately, this description applies to most of the cheap rubber dolls on offer, which are more of a party gag than a serious sex toy, but for a little money you’ll get a toy that’s true to life, half robots, are just the beginning of a development.

The rubber dolls in all their components, the various models and variations are getting better and better, the technology is becoming more and more sophisticated. Nobody is satisfied with ridiculous-looking figures nowadays, when really lifelike reproductions are already available for just a little more investment.

Important news about the product and the brands

Huffington Post: Man orders one and then knows no stop, 28.12.2020

A man in Taiwand found and ordered a sex doll by chance on the internet and when the package arrived and he unpacked it, he was excessively disappointed and reacted violently, took pictures from the website and published the pictures where the product was promoted as extremely high quality and lifelike at a price of 40€.

So the young man thought he was going to make an extreme bargain, but the reality was different: the plastic doll was traditional and had only a face printed on it, then he films him beating her with a sword, boxing her and letting his anger out on her.

Mirror: Living with plastic dolls – Dirk und die Damen, 24.02.2021

Dirk – a man of middle age – has a very special preference: rubber dolls, a photographer of the mirror accompanied the man and his Jenny for one week, who has been living with her for 4 years and has an almost normal love life with her.


I am worth it to buy one?

High-quality real dolls or even higher-priced love dolls with good vibrators can certainly give a lot of pleasure, but even the simpler masturbators, just vagina or penis imitations, serve the same purpose, but if you are looking for a holistic feeling in masturbation, at least try the rubber dolls.

How to clean the doll?

The more carefully you use the love doll, the longer you will enjoy it, clean it with a soft cloth and lukewarm soapy water, do not use sharp disinfectants, if you use love dolls made of silicone or latex it is advantageous to work with a special cleaning agent, if you use a latex doll with a special powder.

What do I do if the love doll is damaged?

The various manufacturers, including those in Germany, usually offer repair kits, but in the end the materials used are nothing other than the plastic material that is also used to manufacture air mattresses, so it is easily possible to repair the small defect with a little vulcanization material and a button from the bicycle repair bag.

I can start just like this?

Sometimes pumps are integrated, vibrators need to be charged or battery powered, it is also very important to use water-based lubricants, which are almost always necessary and helpful anyway, but oil-based massage oils, also used as a lubricant substitute, damage the surface structure.

Plastic’s not dangerous?

The cheapest offers from Asia may be subject to different content regulations, so it is quite possible that an article is already noticeable by its intense smell when it is unpacked, as in general with such bargain products from the cheapest categories, the plastic of these joke articles could be unhealthy for sensitive skin, especially the mucous membranes are very sensitive, so the abundant use of lubricants is always recommended.

You can wear it too?

The woman who squeezes herself into the suit has over 30,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter, there are even videos on porn websites of her, she describes herself as “addicted to being stuffed” and many users like this fetish and watch the videos. 75,000 times more information about the woman has been viewed.

User reviews

I really like Kimmi Lovecok. It is well processed and has no sharp seams and edges. The pleasure openings are somewhat narrow which is not a problem when using a lubricant. Also the arms can slip fast once from the mounting at the upper basket. Since they are still connected to the air hose, this is no problem.


In reality the Eileen Sue has the prettiest face of my rubber dolls. Especially the eyes, are impressive. If you turn your head so that the doll looks at you, you have the feeling to look into a living face. I shaved off the doll’s hair and gave her a beautiful wig. Now she’s a doll to cuddle with.


My first Brooke Le Hook. I wanted to use it for practicing, because I am a bit out of shape. It’s perfect for that. I have already caught myself thinking about buying her underwear, no at the moment she is back in the box.


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