Satisfyer Pro 2: Review Next Generation

In August 2018 the pressure wave vibrator brand Satisfyer offers more than 10 different models but the Satisfyer Pro 2 is still the absolute bestseller.?

That’s exactly what I wanted to find out and tested the product thoroughly: In my experience report you can find out if the toy really keeps its promises or if the hype is completely exaggerated..

Our pick

The new model is considerably quieter than its predecessor. As soon as the head has surrounded your clitoris, you hardly hear the toy anymore.

What is the Satisfyer Pro 2?

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is currently the most popular pressure wave vibrator of the Satisfyer brand, and the special feature of the Satisfyer models is that they do not rest on the skin like conventional vibrators, but stimulate the clitoris completely contact-free by pressure waves, which leads to a significantly faster and more intense orgasm in most women.. 

satisfyer pro 2

How does the Satisfyer Pro 2 Stimulator application work??

When the Satisfyer Pro 2 is switched on, the head of the Satisfyer Pro 2 has to be pushed over the clitoris, a vacuum is applied to suck in the woman’s pearl, pulsation by pressure waves is applied to stimulate the product and the waves are lighter or stronger depending on the level..

The handy shape of the toy allows the toy to be placed in a different position until the perfect position is found and then simply charge the product via USB cable to be always ready for use. 2-4 hours are needed to charge the built-in lithium-ion battery..

What distinguishes the device from conventional vibrators??

A normal vibrator would stimulate a woman’s clitoris in contact with vibrations, and this type of sex toy usually needs to be inserted directly into the vagina, whereas the Satisfyer Pro 2 only needs to be held against the clitoris to stimulate it by the vibrations, without the need for direct contact, and there is no need to insert it into the vagina, as is the case with the Womanizer, for example..

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Another difference is that the toy with its 11 steps leaves a lot of flexibility for the ladies’ wishes and can also be used under the shower or in the bathtub due to its waterproof construction..

Satisfyer Pro 2 or Penguin – which one is better??

Otherwise, both products are watertight and offer 11 pressure wave programs and it can be assumed that the shape of the Satisfyer Pro 2 fits a little better in the hand..

All other ladies can easily use the normal stimulator to give themselves intensive orgasms. it is of course useful to have a close look at both devices in a specialist shop or the Internet first, in order to be able to make a decision..

My experience with the Satisfyer Pro 2 test

Many women have already tested the Satisfyer Pro 2 in 2018 and published their opinions in forums, videos or trade journals, but social networks such as Facebook or Twitter can also be used to read the 2018 experience reports on the Satisfyer Pro 2, with a positive response that highlights the following points in particular:

  • Good workmanship
  • Easy to use
  • Exact adjustment
  • Female design
  • Uncomplicated care

The stimulation is perceived as gentle to intense depending on the level, so that each clitoris can be stimulated exactly according to the woman’s wishes..

Especially women who have not yet used a stimulator should read these reviews to help them decide whether the product is right for them or not..

The different look of the Satisfyer Pro 2 compared to the previous model

The stimulator is currently only available in gold, but according to the experience of some ladies, the golden colouring offers a much more refined look than the Satisfyer Pro, which is only available in purple, and it should also be mentioned that the former blue light has been replaced by pink lighting, which matches the golden case better and gives the whole product an even more feminine appearance..

You can still use a small power switch to switch the product on and off, the stimulator also has a larger button that allows you to set the different levels of stimulation, note that the levels can only be switched from bottom to top, and in order to select a lower stimulation level, the button must be pressed often to select all the settings so that they start again from the beginning..

satisfyer pro 2 Klitoris Stimulator kaufen

Finally, the silicone attachment, which is slightly larger than the previous model, can still be expected to provide high-quality stimulation and can be easily removed for cleaning at any time, making it easier to use..

What is the effect of Satisfyer Pro 2 on women??

Of course, it must always be borne in mind that every woman reacts slightly differently to stimulation by a vibrator or stimulator, and it is very important that the product is used correctly first, including that the labia should be spread with the fingers so that the silicone attachment can be placed exactly on the clitoris..

As soon as the product is switched on, the stimulation of the woman starts immediately, already at the first stage a stimulation can be expected which is better than with a vibrator and the older model, which is why many of the ladies do not use all available levels, but only levels 1 to 5. in any case, a comparatively fast orgasm can be expected..

However, what all users have in common is the fact that the climax is always more intense, assuming that the clitoris is not overloaded, as is often the case with other devices, so the Satisfyer Pro 2 can also be used for a longer period or several orgasms..

Our pick

The new model is considerably quieter than its predecessor. As soon as the head has surrounded your clitoris, you hardly hear the toy anymore.

What positive experiences with the Satisfyer Pro 2 have been made in 2018??

Especially the high flexibility of the stimulator is very popular with women because it can be used not only when lying in bed, but also when standing or sitting, and because of the possibility to use the product in the shower..

The built-in battery can be charged quickly using the included USB magnetic charging cable and has the advantage that it is not always necessary to buy new batteries, so users can save a corresponding amount of money, depending on how often they use the stimulator..

Where to buy the Clitoris Stimulator cheaply?

  • in the official Satisfyer Pro 2 Shop (my recommendation!)

The Satisfyer Pro 2 convinced me completely during the test: Thanks to its innovative stimulation by pressure waves it will give you incredible orgasms and maybe even allow you several orgasms in a row..

The following button leads you directly to the official shop with the best price, which we were able to present in August 2018.

Mary: The Satisfyer Pro 2 is the best cheap pressure wave vibrator I have tested, the orgasm is very intense and the toy is pleasantly quiet..

What are the alternatives to this toy??

  • Womanizer Pro40
  • Womanizer Starlet
  • Delightoys Clitoris Teat

As a higher quality alternative to the Satisfyer Pro 2 I recommend the Womanizer Pro40, which in my opinion allows an even more precise dosage of the different intensity levels and is a bit quieter..

If the Womanizer Pro40 is too expensive but still wants to test the original pressure wave stimulator brand you can use the Womanizer Starlet..

Even cheaper is the clitoral teat from Delightoys, a combi toy that offers both a teat and a conventional teat.

satisfyer pro 2 erfahrung

What accessories are available for this lust donor?

Available as spare parts for the Sextoy are the matching USB charging cable and the Satisfyer Pro 2 – attachments for the suction head. 3 different gliding gels are also available to provide an even more intensive masturbation experience..

The following lubricants are available for the Satisfyer:

  • Women Gentle Warming – for a tingling sensation
  • Women Gentle Classic – for a smooth feeling
  • Women Gentle Light – for a silky sensation

All these lubricants have a water base and can easily be combined with condoms..

For optimum hygiene, the manufacturer also offers the Satisfyer Women Disinfectant Spray, which can be used to disinfect the sex toy after use..

Where can I find information about the other models of the Satisfyer series??

Information about the other models of the series like the Pro Traveler, Pro Plus Vibration, Pro G-Spot Rabbit, Pro Penguin, Pro 4 Copley, Pro Deluxe, 1 and 2 can be found in our extensive survey article.

satisfyer pro 2 erfahrungen und test

Conclusion on the stimulator for 2018

The fair price, the 11 adjustment levels, the waterproof construction and the female design are some of the main advantages of the Satisfyer Pro 2..

Our pick

The new model is considerably quieter than its predecessor. As soon as the head has surrounded your clitoris, you hardly hear the toy anymore.

FAQ – Questions and answers about using Satisfyer Pro 2

How to clean and care for the stimulator?

For regular cleaning, it makes sense to wash the Satisfyer Pro 2 completely under running warm water, because it is completely waterproof, so it is important to use a gentle soap to obtain an optimal cleaning result and then wipe the stimulator again with a disinfectant using a clean/soft cloth..

For even better cleaning, the head of the device can be simply removed to clean it thoroughly, which is very important to prevent bacteria from reaching the woman’s vagina during pressure wave stimulation..

Is the purchase of the stimulator also worthwhile for couples?

The device is designed to bring a woman to the climax as quickly as possible, but it should be noted that the product can also be used for foreplay, in which case the man can take control of the Satisfyer Pro 2 and thus determine the speed and position of the article, but the stimulator can also be used after sex to give the woman an orgasm..

What materials is the stimulator made of??

The actual product is made of plastic, which adapts perfectly to the female hand due to its high-quality shape and the head, which is made of skin-friendly silicone, which not only guarantees a long life but also does not irritate the skin..

How loud is the device during use??

The quieter motor means that the volume can be expected to be quite low, especially if the device is correctly placed on the clitoris, with a volume of less than 45 dB, which corresponds to just a whisper.

User reviews

I am always sceptical when reading reviews but here it is true. Can only recommend Satisfyer Pro 2. There is no comparison to other devices. Simply a must.


Not a classic vib as you might know it, but actually a whole new experience. It’s a lot of fun, because of the different levels there’s something for everyone – I’ll never make it beyond level 5 ;)


Oh man, I’ve heard and read very well that it should be good, but good is no expression. For me the orgasm is guaranteed with the Satisfyer. Alone or in pairs, it’s fun.


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