Satisfyer Pro Penguin: Review Clitoral Vibrator Next Generation

Surely you’ve heard of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin For some time now, the pressure wave vibrator but no one knows exactly what he can and what he can’t. Ultimately, the question is whether this model really makes a woman feel good. strong orgasm can or can’t get.

Satisfy Pro Penguin

But also the stimulation and that design and the fare After all, you can’t always trust the TV advertising, so here you will find all the information about this vibrator, which has already been tested. 2017 The new model and the next generation we ogle that critically..

Our pick

His slender shape sits comfortably in your hand thanks to its ergonomic contours. The handy design and easy controls make him especially suitable for novices in sensual solo play. 

What is the Satisfyer Pro Penguin?

At first the name “Satisfyer Pro Penguin” is a little confusing. sex boy The name can be explained by the design, because it actually looks like a penguin. Stimulation range of the vibrator.

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is also suitable because it is in the water. watertight However, you should not leave it under water for too long, as you can find a direct comparison to the other models on the overview page

As already mentioned, this is primarily another model from the company Satisfy. But not only the design is new, but also the many functionalities and the craftsmanship. Because this vibrator picks up on 11 programs For example, you can choose how much the vibration or how much the clit is to be aspirated.

What’s really impressive is that the Vibration of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin noiselessly Many younger women have the problem that their parents don’t benefit from the sex toy That’s why the TV in the room is switched on or music is played during this time, otherwise the vibration is too loud..

satisfyer pro penguin test
That’s why Satisfyer came up with the so-called”Whisper mode“This allows you to masturbate without anyone noticing. Vibrating Toys have a problem with the volume, so this is a significant improvement that has been released.

At this point it should be said that it is strictly speaking is not a vibrator. Rather, it is a pulsator. The difference is that the clit only through blast waves Many women report that this prevents over-irritation so that the orgasm is much more pleasant..

Facts about the Pulsator

The material is ABS plastic and silicone. skin-compatible. Silicone can also store heat well and experience has shown that masturbation is also very pleasant..

That sex toy Weighs about 100 grams and is therefore significantly lighter than the Womanizer Pro. 10.8 cm long, 5.8 cm wide and 5.5 cm high, the toy is smaller and comes with a USB charging cable and operating instructions..

The battery enables the Satisfyer Pro Penguin to operate a Running time of up to 2 hours. It takes about 3 hours to fully recharge and the battery is charged using the USB charging cable that comes with the device..

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Video

In this video you can also get a better idea of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin, which, as you can see, is really very simple to use and looks very stylish, and the Satisfyer Pro Penguin has already won several prizes for its good looks, which we like to hear, because we understand it very well..

Take a look at the video and let yourself be convinced by the unique look and the easy handling.

How does the Pro Penguin application work??

The application is slightly different from conventional surface-mounted vibrators. After all, it’s not an on-board vibrator, it’s a pulsator. Pressure wave program to get the Satisfyer Pro Penguin to start. Now you put your head over your head. clit and stop in there if you’ve found the right spot..

During use, you can also change the individual programs and switch between different Intensity levels of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin shift. Nevertheless, it is very comfortable to hold and practical experience has shown that you will reach the climax much faster when you change programs..

Many women orgasm very quickly once the right spot has been found, but for ladies who like to have it a little longer, it’s nothing, but you can take the Satisfyer Pro Penguin off from time to time and just enjoy it..

The feeling of hanging up can be improved considerably. lube and put it on the laying head strike.

  • The Satisfyer Pro Penguin does not come with different heads.
  • Lubricant improves the feeling.
  • The programs can also be changed during use.

What distinguishes the device from conventional vibrators??

There are many differences and advantages compared to conventional vibrators, but there are also some disadvantages that are listed here. varying intensities This means that there is something for every woman and can be satisfied in a pleasant way..

The pressure waves do not over-excite the clitoris unless you adjust the intensity too high, so you can also satisfy yourself twice in a row, which is not the case with other similar products..

satisfyer pro penguin erfahrungen

This product is very high-grade, well processed as well as very advantageous. For example, the Womanizer costs twice as much, which means that the price and the functions are the same. ideal for beginners. Since the product is also very durable, one has here very much of his money.

In contrast to similar toys, the Satisfyer Penguin Pro You can simply keep the toy under water and clean it, such an easy cleaning is unthinkable with the Womanizer..

However, the charging possibility is somewhat limited. USB cable If you still have a power plug, you can use it, too..

For beginners and beginners this probably doesn’t matter, but most similar products have different heads and settings, but this is a luxury problem and for this low price the Satisfyer Pro Penguin is only recommended, because the Satisfyer Pro Penguin only comes with this one head in contrast to other similar toys..

What are the Satisfyer Pro Penguin experiences of most women in the test?

Since the stimulation is exactly where most women need it, they come to the climax very quickly and very regularly, there is no experience that someone has not come to the climax..

However, there are very few users who have selected an intensity level higher than 6 or 7. 2 or 3 is already enough for many, otherwise it is too extreme, which leads to unpleasant feelings or to strong, overexcited orgasms..

A second round after a short break is also conceivable. Orgasm the second time but much better. maker of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin promises that you won’t get used to it, even if you use different programs..

In such cases your partner If you are not in a partnership, you can have an orgasm in another way. suckers The suctioning of the clitoris is again a completely different feeling than the pressure waves..

Our pick

His slender shape sits comfortably in your hand thanks to its ergonomic contours. The handy design and easy controls make him especially suitable for novices in sensual solo play. 

Satisfyer Pro Penguin or Satisfyer Pro 2 – which experience turned out better??

In principle, the penguin is the New edition of the Satisfyer Pro 2. Therefore there are not many differences, but only small improvements, the prices of the two products are hardly different. visual appearance and the keys A significant difference, however, is that this model is significantly quieter That’s why the Stimulation still just as powerful.

satisfyer pro penguin erfahrungen und test

This time we have a deeper look into the operating manual thrown. Apparently it’s possible, the Sextoy To reset to factory settings, simply press the control knob for 5 seconds; I do not know of any similar functions on the predecessors..

Furthermore, the opening, Since every woman is built differently and some women have a larger clitoris, this can be seen as an improvement..

  • The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is quieter.
  • It has a longer battery life.
  • The toy is waterproof.

The winner is the Satisfyer Pro Penguin.

Where to buy the Clitoris Stimulator?

The product is available at Amazon, but the purchase there we do not recommend this time. We prefer to shop at Surely you know the company, which does a lot of TV advertising. “It’s clattering in a carton” by this company.

If you don’t have an account at yet, you should get one as soon as possible, because you will not only receive the exclusive newsletter and therefore exclusive discounts or vouchers, but you also have a 365-day money-back guarantee and a 10-year product warranty.

If the Satisfyer breaks down, you don’t have to worry about the money, if it’s a product defect, you just get it replaced, and you don’t have to worry about the package either, which comes to you very discreetly..

Furthermore, some payment methods are especially suitable for maximum discretion If you decide to pay by direct debit, you will receive an invoice from “Internetmarketing Bielefeld GmbH”, a subsidiary company that only sells printer and mobile phone accessories..

If you buy the Satisfyer Pro Penguin at you only pay 2,97€ for shipping, from an order value of 50€ you only pay 0,97€ for shipping and from 60€ you pay 0,97€ for shipping. Free shipping.  However, this only applies to deliveries within Germany..

All in all, is also the best choice to buy, as it is simply the cheapest place to buy, otherwise the manufacturer would have to send the product via the wholesaler to the importer to the wholesaler and ultimately to the retail store..


Conclusion: Satisfyer Pro Penguin

satisfyer pro penguin kaufen test

In conclusion, it can be said that the Satisfyer Pro Penguin This product is perfect for beginners and due to its small size it is also suitable for travelling..

All in one we can only recommend the product and are convinced of this affordable entry-level product..

Our pick

His slender shape sits comfortably in your hand thanks to its ergonomic contours. The handy design and easy controls make him especially suitable for novices in sensual solo play. 


How quickly you can reach an orgasm with the Satisfyer Pro Penguin?

You probably need a little more time with the Satisfyer Pro Penguin, after all, you need to get to know the product and find the right place on your body, and after a few times you know where to put the Satisfyer Pro Penguin..

However, as time goes by you will get used to it, so you should change programs regularly or put the product aside for a certain period of time..

If the white remains white for a long time or the Satisfyer Pro Penguin gets dirty quickly?

If you clean the product regularly and thoroughly, nothing can happen there, but it is already the case that the product attracts a lot of lint, especially on the white surfaces, so you should store the product somewhere where there is not much dust..


Can the product be used as a pair?

It’s possible, but it’s quite impractical, because it’s not a couple’s vibrator, it’s only meant for singles, but couples can use it on their nudes, and if the man is about to ejaculate, they can take a short break and pamper their partner with the Satisfyer Pro Penguin..

On the Facebook page you will find some couples who report a common use.

I’ve never used a sex toy with pressure waves before, I can start with this?

Yes, this product is designed for beginners, so if you don’t like it, you won’t have spent much money..

User reviews

You can’t tell from the pengu what it’s for ;-) I would have expected a lot, but not that the thing starts like this! (Was my first experience with teats, had so far only Vibsis). Within a very short time I had a super orgasm ;-) There really goes the mail. From now on it is my personal favorite!


Have surprised my wife with this Penguin looks so cute and what should I do with the thing, let you surprise. She was overwhelmed how the works well. My wife can recommend him.


He is – to describe it in one word: Outstanding! Would buy him again anytime – it’s great fun to spend time with him and he gives incredible orgasms :)

Our pick

His slender shape sits comfortably in your hand thanks to its ergonomic contours. The handy design and easy controls make him especially suitable for novices in sensual solo play. 

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