What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee is on everyone’s lips – literally. Because the trend drink is absolutely hot right now. For good reason, because it is not only to heat up the fat burning properly, but also provide an extra energy kick in the morning. In addition it is to hold long full and increase the efficiency. What exactly does a coffee that performs such “miracles” look like? Bulletproof Coffee basically consists of only three ingredients: Coffee, coconut or MCT oil and butter.

This makes it, so to speak, a mixture of a drink and a liquid meal. This may sound strange at first, and it is a bit strange. After all, these fats contain a lot of calories. Up to 400, to be exact. The idea and development comes from the US-American Dave Asprey, who weighed in at 135 kilos before he invented his Bulletproof diet. While hiking in the Tibetan highlands, he was served tea with yak butter (yak is a type of Asian cattle).

The positive effect (more energy) of the tea had impressed him so much that he decided to copy the recipe at home. And so, after returning to the U.S., he tinkered around for a few years and finally invented the fabled Bulletproof Coffee – coffee, with a good dose of fat. 

How to make the perfect Bulletproof Coffee?

These three ingredients go into the original Bulletproof Coffee:

  • 2.5 tablespoons of ground coffee (optionally from whole beans)
  • 500 ml water
  • 1-2 tbsp MCT oil or coconut oil
  • 21 tbsp pasture butter or ghee

Step 1) Brew coffee
Brew coffee fresh, for example with a classic French Press, a filter attachment or an espresso maker. The coffee should ideally be free of toxins and pesticides. Fairtrade organic coffee from Central or Central America is often a good choice.  

Step 2) Mix coffee, oil and butter
In a blender or smoothie maker, blend the brewed coffee with the remaining ingredients for about 1 minute, beating until frothy. If you don’t have a blender, start by adding the butter and oil to a cup and pour in about half of the coffee to melt the butter. Then you foam the mix with a whisk. Out comes a surprisingly bright and frothy liquid.

The preparation of Bullettproof coffee takes about 7-8 minutes, with a fully automatic coffee machine it is of course even faster. “But if you want to save even more time, you can confidently prepare the finished coffee-fat mix for several days and store it in the refrigerator,” says nutrition coach and organic hacker Janis Budde. He himself swears by the miracle coffee and distributes on his health blog Primal State among other things the MCT oil in such a way angepriesene for it. MCT is the abbreviation for the English designation: Medium-Chain-Triglycerides, or triglycerides, which contain medium-chain fatty acids. They are available to the body particularly quickly and therefore provide energy correspondingly quickly. However, coffee can also upset the (untrained) stomach. Budde knows a remedy: “If you have a rather weak stomach, you should start small. To prevent nausea, you can start with much less MCT oil and butter at the beginning and then increase the amount from day to day.” 

Inventor Dave Asprey shows in the video how to do it right:

How expensive is the trend drink?

A bottle of (high-quality) MCT oil costs around 20 euros, pasture butter comes in at around 2 euros. In addition, the high-quality, fair coffee, which costs at least 10 euros depending on variety.

For the specially developed by Dave Asprey “Upgraded Coffee“developed by Dave Asprey, you have to pay a hefty 16 to 17 euros. According to Budde, that’s about 2 to 3 euros per cup. However, in his opinion, one should not deviate from the original ingredients for financial reasons. “The original recipe with pasture butter and MCT oil is so far unbeaten when it comes to providing the body with quick energy and boosting fat burning at the same time,” says nutrition coach Budde. Above all, the medium-chain fatty acids in MCT oil are said to be responsible for this. These are not to be converted by the body into fat, but at best into muscle. 

How does the “butter coffee” taste?

“Bulletproof Coffee tastes simply sensational,” Nico Airone of NXT LVL. The fitness expert and nutrition coach, who eats according to the Paleo principle, discovered butter coffee for himself some time ago and has been drinking it regularly in the morning since then.

“To me, the coffee combination reminds me of an extremely creamy cappuccino.” Blogger Janis Budde also knows: “Most people are positively surprised when they first try it”. You can also pimp the basic coffee, e.g.B. with extra ingredients, such as Ceylon cinnamon or vanilla powder, which you simply add to the coffee. In addition, you can change the taste by using different coffees from time to time. If you have the time and the inclination, you should also consider getting a coffee grinder, because freshly ground coffee simply tastes best. 

How does Bulletproof Coffee work?

The fats in coffee bind the caffeine and are said to give long-lasting energy. © ThamKC.com

As already mentioned at the beginning, the butter coffee is supposed to work wonders, according to the motto: Higher, faster, further – thanks to Bulletproof coffee! Here is an overview of the positive effects: 

  • permanently more (increased) energy
  • improved concentration
  • accelerated fat burning
  • long satiety effect

The combination of caffeine and saturated fatty acids is supposed to give long-lasting energy, since the caffeine is bound by the fats and enters the bloodstream more slowly. There it will stay longer than if we treat ourselves to the usual coffee with milk. NXT LVL coach Nico is firmly convinced of the positive effect and describes it like this: “The energy boost doesn’t catch you like an unexpected punch in the chin, but can be felt pleasantly and evenly.” 

Background info: Fat as an energy supplier 

In addition to Bulletproof Coffee, Dave Asprey has also developed the Bulletproof Diet  which is a kind of extreme low carb diet (ketogenic diet).

The ketogenic diet is characterized by the fact that one almost completely renounces carbohydrates and ingests all the more healthy fats and proteins for it. This is to create the state of ketosis. What is it? The body normally gets most of its energy from carbohydrates, which are immediately converted to glucose. As soon as these are no longer supplied, the body gradually adjusts itself so that it draws energy from fats instead of carbohydrates.

Say: You educate your body to get rid of fats by itself. Sounds logical, or? Whether this type of diet brings success to each individual depends on what type of diet you are. Some cannot do without carbohydrates and struggle through the change in diet, others find it easier. Here only trial and error helps.

Clear text: What can the “miracle coffee” really do?

More energy and no hunger until lunch: Can Bulletproof Coffee really deliver on these promises? © g-stockstudio.com

One should generally not expect miracles. Otherwise Bulletproof Coffee would probably have been pressed into tablet form long ago and taken off as the new wonder drug. Nico Airone from drinks butter coffee regularly and swears by the positive benefits, but does not hold it responsible for his athletic performance. “I put up all my best performances in the gym on an empty stomach,” he reports. “However, since it’s important for athletic performance that the body is properly awake, the pre-workout cup of Bulletproof Coffee certainly helped,” says the fitness expert.

Another benefit of the trendy drink: the medium-chain fatty acids provide fewer calories than their long-chain counterparts. However, it’s hardly worth it, according to ocotrophologist Prof. Dr. Sabine Ellinger of the University of the Lower Rhine.

She sees the trend drink critically. “Although coconut oil or. MCT oil fewer calories than for example Rapsöl, however it makes at all no sense to add calories to a beverage intentionally. Only solid food should have (so many) calories,” says the expert. Also in things vitamin and mineral content the coffee cannot score and certainly not with a balanced breakfast keep up.

Budde knows how to defend criticism of Bulletproof Coffee: “In fact, Bulletproof Coffee contains few vitamins and minerals.

However, that is also not his goal.” He explains that despite all the hype, a balanced diet with enough vegetables and salads will still help you lead a healthier lifestyle. The fat in the coffee should simply keep you full until lunch. Nico from NXT LVL sees it similarly. “BCP does not satiate like a full lunch or dinner. However, the drink can replace your breakfast, allowing you to extend your intermittent fasting phase overnight,” he explains.

The so-called 8-hour diet would be an example of this type of fasting method. Nutrition expert Ellinger sees it differently: “Drinks hardly saturate, because they do not stay long in the stomach. The ideal breakfast consists of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins. This contributes to a balanced diet”. Ellinger thinks nothing of replacing such a breakfast with the fortified coffee.

Conclusion: Try it out for yourself!

Bulletproof Coffee promises a lot. How much of it is really true and how high the placebo effect is, everyone must find out for themselves. In any case, the “miracles” that Bulletproof Coffee is supposed to perform cannot be scientifically proven.

Who is nevertheless curious, like butter and oil in the coffee taste, tries it simply times out.

You don’t have to buy the expensive special oil, normal coconut oil and butter are enough for the beginning.

When you try it yourself, you should not eat anything else than the Bulletproof coffee in the morning, because this is the only way to prevent the effect from being distorted in any way. By the way, you can find more exciting coffee variants like Bulletproof Coffee here. Cheers and an energetic start to the day!