Review Womanizer Pro: How To Use Vibrator For Orgasm

January 31, 2021

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What is a Womanizer?

seriousness definition link
1. vibrator Unlike other vibrators, the Womanizer stimulates the clitoris not by vibration but by gentle sucking.. cupid
2. ladies’ man A womanizer is a man who is well received by women; usually a womanizer has many ephemeral sexual relationships with women and thus lives promiscuously.. Wikipedia
3rd song Womanizer is a song by the American singer Britney Spears from her studio album circus. The song was written and produced by Nikesha Briscoe and Rafael Akinyemi. Wikipedia
4. film The Womanizer – Ex-girlfriends’ Night is a 2009 American film comedy by director Mark Waters starring Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner.. Wikipedia


What is the Womanizer Pro?

The Womanizer Pro is, in my opinion, the best Womanizer model available; it is a completely new intimate stimulation device that helps women to experience climax in a completely new way..

The secret of the Womanizer Pro lies in its new functional principle: Unlike conventional vibrators, the clitoris is stimulated not by vibration but by gentle suction, which makes the effect of the laying vibrator significantly gentler and more intensive than with other sex toys..

What does the sex toy look like??

Designs and Colours

  • black with leopard pattern (Saving set*)
  • white with silver frame (Saving set)
  • lavender with lace pattern (Saving set)
  • mint with lace pattern (Saving set)
  • black with golden frame 
  • pink with lace pattern
  • black with silver frame
  • black with skull pattern

*Spar-Set means you can get at amorelie free original Womanizer lubricant, Toy-Cleaner and a Toybag for storage.

Here you see the black Womanizer Pro model with leopard pattern from all sides:

womanizer pro schwarz leopard womanizer von oben
womanizer pro schwarz leopard von seitlich oben womanizer pro schwarz leopard zubehör

Dimensions and material

The Womanizer Pro is available in many different colours and editions, so there should be something for every taste.

The Womanizer measures a handy 12.5 x 6.2 cm, the housing is made of harmless ABS plastic and the exchangeable stimulation head is made of high-quality white silicone..

Included in delivery is a USB charger for recharging the built-in battery, a nice storage bag and an XL stimulation attachment for women with a slightly larger clitoris..

How Womanizer Pro works

The Womanizer Pro uses patented Pleasure Air technology to provide completely non-contact stimulation with the small orgasm donor’s stimulation head placed on the clitoris and the small orgasm hero gently sucks the pleasure pearl out from under her foreskin and stimulates it by gentle rhythmic suction..

The Womanizer Pro can be switched on using the large diamond button on the front, the intensity of the excitation can be easily adjusted with the Plus-Minus button and there are 12 different intensity levels available, from Super-Soft to Super-Power mode, the teat can trigger multiple orgasms.

Built-in rechargeable battery eliminates the need for an annoying cable, and the included charger lets you connect a computer or power outlet to the USB port for charging..


More information about the different Womanizer models, how the device works and one of the best prices is available in the Sex Toy Shop from Amorelie.

How to use the Womanizer Pro?

Before using the Womanizer Pro you should set up a relaxed and trouble-free environment, so switch off your mobile phone and laptop and make yourself comfortable in bed or on a couch or chair..

It’s best to get yourself in an erotic mood before your first Womanizer Pro test, for example by watching a movie with a title and/or starting to gently touch and stroke your genital area with your hand..

If you are already a bit aroused in this way, you can use the Lovetoy, best is to apply a little lubricant to the clitoris to make it easier and more comfortable to put on the device and then switch on the sex toy. amorelie’s Womanizer set contains a good lubricant, for example.

You should spread your labia slightly at the top so that the small apparatus can reach the clitoris well, make sure that the whole bead of pleasure is covered by the treatment head, this step often requires some practice, but fortunately the lust donor helps with the correct placement: As soon as the head of the apparatus is at the right point, the initially somewhat loud buzzing becomes immediately much quieter..

womanizer pro erfahrung

The first time you use the Womanizer Pro you should start at the lowest level (the strength of the clitoral stimulator can be adjusted very easily with the Plus-Minus button.) The small orgasm donor will gently suck the clitoris out from under its protective foreskin and start with its unique gently sucking excitement..

Once you have gotten used to the new feeling during your test, you can experiment with the different levels of the laying vibrator to find out the perfect setting for you..

Normally the orgasm won’t be long in coming, an orgasm that can be more intense than anything you’ve experienced before..

Most women come with the little lust bearer within a few minutes very intensively and can often continue directly and head for the next peak of lust..

What are the advantages of the Womanizer Pro over conventional vibrators??

The clitoris of the Womanizer Pro is stimulated by gentle air pressure waves, the clitoris is gently sucked in by the soft white silicone head and then stimulated absolutely precisely by the air pressure..

Often, even girls who have not come so easily so far, report that the little orgasm hero has led them within minutes to an intense peak of lust. because the clitoris is stimulated absolutely touch-free, it can not overexcite the sensitive clitoris unlike with normal vibrators and even several consecutive orgasms are possible.

For whom is the Sextoy suitable?

womanizer pro Mädchen entspannend

The Womanizer Pro is available for both Sextoy Beginners as well as more experienced users Thanks to its unique stimulation and the many different intensity levels, every woman can find the attitude that is best for her personally..

The intimate stimulation device is particularly suitable for Women who in other respects not that way have an easy orgasm. Thanks to its targeted and particularly intensive stimulation, they too can often come immediately and intensively..

In addition, the Lovetoy is also excellent for couples suitable as among other things the amorelie experience video It can be used during foreplay, as well as during or after sex..

What are the most important features of Womanizer Pro?

  • Womanizer Pro

If you are open for new experiences and ready for the next adventure, the Womanizer Pro could be your perfect companion, it is always ready, just turn it on and off, it doesn’t have “Can’t right now” or “I’m too tired”… His full commitment and all his striving is for your satisfaction..

Here are the main differences between the Womanizer Pro and the Womanizer W100:

  • Swarovski Elements
  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • Up to 4 hours of stamina
  • 100% waterproof
  • 12 intensity levels from Supersoft to Superpower
  • whisper mode
  • XL stimulation attachment for women with a larger clitoris
  • USB charging port for charging in just 60 minutes
  • Lighting effects in the dark

In addition to the device and the small silicone stimulation attachment, the delivery includes an XL silicone stimulation attachment, a USB charging cable, an operating manual and a satin bag for safe storage..

Womanizer Pro experiences – how they turn out?

  • experience video by Jana and Julius with Amorelie

Unfortunately, that’s experience video to the Womanizer Pro on the Amorelie page somewhat hidden. To find it, click on one of the following two pictures and scroll down the Amorelie page to the video JANA & JULIUS & AMORELIE. regard!There is also a part 2 video about other toys.

alley zum Womanizer Pro Video 1alley zum Womanizer Pro Video 2

Jana is really impressed by the toy and Julius seems to like it as well. best prices is available from cupid.

Here are some experiences of women who dared a Womanizer test in 2019, 2020 or 2021:

“I could hardly wait to try the Womanizer and it actually works incredibly well, all advertising promises are fulfilled! even at the lowest level you immediately experience a pleasantly warm feeling… I can recommend the device to any woman.

“This sex toy is really amazing, to all of you who are hesitant about the price: Treat yourself to this experience!! my husband is also very excited about the effect. a great kick for love life.”

“I’ve never had such an intense orgasm as with the womanizer, I never thought it would work so well, so when it comes to the volume you should make sure that the silicone cooks fit well on the clitoris and then the device is very quiet”.

The Womanizer Pro is in my opinion currently the best intimate stimulator for women If you own the Womanizer Pro, you can always have access to a small joy donor who can provide you with undreamt-of highlights..

The perseverance of the Womanizer Pro is hard to beat, it can go on and on and on and on and you will feel happy and fulfilled after a hot rendezvous with the Womanizer Pro.

The Lovetoy is a real innovation, its shape is perfect and its design is unique, giving you the best for intimate hours full of new pleasures you’ve ever dreamed of..

Buy Womanizer Pro cheap – where to buy?

  • Amazon (my recommendation! 20€ save!)
  • amorelie
  • Orion
  • adultshop

My personal recommendation is the Purchase at Amazon. There the Womanizer Pro currently costs only 169 € instead of 189 € as in most other online shops. 20 € can be saved by a purchase at Amazon. save. And of course Amazon stands for fast, free supply, Thanks to the neutral Amazon packaging, an absolutely reliable and excellent customer service is also guaranteed. discreet shipping preexisting.

Another good offer is the inexpensive Womanizer Pro Set by amorelie, which contains the Womanizer Pro, a high-quality lubricant and a bottle of Toy-Cleaner for free:

  • white with silver frame
  • black with leopard pattern
  • lavender with lace pattern
  • mint with lace pattern

Orion offers a similar Womanizer Set with love balls, lubricant, Toy-Cleaner and a blindfold. amorelie seems to me personally however somewhat high-quality

All three mentioned online shops offer a full range of discreet despatch so that even the most curious neighbour or roommate cannot guess what is in your package..

Of course, the price for the Womanizer Pro is quite an investment, but it could be one of their best investments of the year – an investment in wellbeing, your satisfaction, your love life, after a session with the Womanizer Pro you will be inundated with happiness hormones and wellbeing, as often as you want and when you want, which is worth something, or?

In my detailed article you can find more information about buying womanizer.

Are there cheaper alternatives to Womanizer Pro?

  • Satisfyer Pro 2
  • Womanizer Pro40
  • Deluxe Clitoris Teat Dream Dancer

Shortly after the release of the Womanizer, the Satisfyer came onto the market as a cheap replica. Satisfyer Pro 2 has the same revolutionary stimulation principle as the Womanizer Pro but costs only about a quarter, but in my opinion the original product is still clearly ahead in terms of operation, dosing barkerite and design..

If you want to start with an original Womanizer at a cheaper price, I can offer you the Pro40 Although the design of the Pro is not quite as elegant as the Pro, the biggest difference to the Pro is that the Pro40 has only 6 instead of 12 intensity levels..

In a price range similar to that of the Satisfyer Pro 2, the Deluxe Clitoris Teat Dream Dancer. This new type of clitoral vibrator is advertised with an orgasm guarantee, just like the original models: the dream dancer can be chosen between 10 different suction intensities and, as with the other devices, contact-free, indirect stimulation prevents over-irritation..

Is the Womanizer Pro also suitable for couples?

womanizer Pro Gefühl

The Womanizer Pro is also great for couples, it can be used to “heat up” a woman before sex or pamper her on the clitoris during penetration, and can be used after sex to give her a climax when it has already shot its powder..

What other models of intimate stimulation device are available??

The following models of the clitoral stimulator are now available:

  • Womanizer Pro (My recommendation!)
  • Womanizer Pro40
  • Womanizer 2GO
  • Womanizer +size

Womanizer Pro – the top seller

womanizer auflegevibrator w500 pro lavendel

The Womanizer Pro is probably the best-selling style The majority of this article deals with this model, which is now 100% waterproof, just like the other models..

Womanizer Premium – the new womanizer with orgasm guarantee, autopilot and smart silence function

womanizer Premium mit Autopilot und Smart Silence

The Premium is (as of August 2018) the newest member of the collection and is currently being massively pushed by Amorelie TV commercials. Orgasm Guarantee tendered.

Particularly innovative on this model is the autopilot function, where the intensities increase automatically according to the random principle and thus provide a new stimulation experience every time if desired.

Another new feature, in addition to the more ergonomic form, is the intelligent Smart Silence This automatic start-stop function ensures that the toy becomes even quieter and only switches on when in contact with the skin, preventing accidental switching on and reducing the volume to a minimum..

Of course, the pressure wave stimulator has the same patented Pleasure Air technology as all other versions of the range, and comes with a larger replacement stimulation attachment, a storage pouch and a USB charging cable for easy recharging of the lust donor’s lithium-ion battery..

Womanizer Pro40 – the entry-level model at a low price

womanizer pro40 silber

The Womanizer Pro40 clitoris teat with 6 steps is the affordable entry-level model of the series. He is 100% waterproof Much more information about this model can be found in my Womanizer Pro40 info article.

Womanizer Insideout – the first Rabbit vibrator of the brand

womanizer Insideout

The Insideout is the provider’s first Rabbit vibrator with a special shape that combines the Insideout clitoris and G-spot stimulator, a vibrating arm for G-spot stimulation and 12 levels of intensity, and the patented Pleasure Air technology that allows for intense orgasms without over-stimulation or the effect of getting used to it, for more information see our Womanizer Insideo..

Womanizer Starlet – small and handy

womanizer Starlet

The Starlet is a tiny clitoris stimulator / teat with only 4 intensity levels and the cheapest product of the series, made of high-quality ABS with soft touch elements and a silicone head made of medical silicone, the material is absolutely skin-friendly, the Starlet is available in the colours fuchsia, snow and purple, rechargeable via USB and especially light, if you want to learn more about this toy, have a look at our Womanizer Starlet experience..

Womanizer 2GO – discreet and suitable for travelling

womanizer 2GO

With its elegant lipstick disguised design, the Womanizer 2GO is the most discreet member of the Intimaltor product family, and due to its harmless appearance and compact shape, it is particularly well suited as a travel companion..

Womanizer +size – long and ergonomic

womanizer +size weiß

The Womanizer +size is suitable for all women who value an ergonomic design, thanks to its long handle and 12 intensity levels, this on-surface vibrator is very easy to use, just like the Pro40, the +size is completely waterproof, I have written a Womanizer +size article for this device.

My conclusion:

The Womanizer Pro is the best and most advanced intimate stimulation device I know, its unique air pressure stimulation guarantees intense orgasms and has been significantly improved and expanded compared to the previous model. experience video of Jana and Julius. It’s worth trying! My recommendation for a very much favourable price and good service is that Womanizer Pro Offer from Amazon.

Important news about the product and the brand:

File Sat. 1: Reich with the invention for the woman, 13.02.2021

To promote the new Pro7 inventor show “Das Ding des Jahres”, Sat. 1 published a short portrait of the successful inventor of the womanizer Michael Lenke from Metten: “You have to invent something that’s really new, it can’t be something that already exists a thousand times on Amazon.

Pop-up Store in Berlin, 17.01.2021

Orgasm as brand USP? in January, the Berlin-based sextoy company opened a test shop in Berlin for two days and let customers try out the brand’s intimate stimulators on site. the pop-up store is part of the company’s new marketing concept, which was developed in cooperation with the agency Trynoagency. since last year, the manufacturer wants to profile itself as a champion of orgasm as a human right with the campaign “Orgasm is a human right”, a positioning that could be of particular relevance for the female target group because

Katja Krasavice’s test of the clitoral teat, 6.10.2020

YouTube star Katja Krasavice has already taken the Womanizer test and released a video on Fundorado in October, in which she brings herself to orgasm with the sex toy. Test Fundorado 21 days for free. So much was anticipated: Katja was also more than enthusiastic about the sensational effect of the stimulation device..

Orgasm guarantor for (almost) every woman – the Womanizer new as “to go” model, 29.08.2020

The brand womanizer® from Berlin-based epi24 GmbH has set out to kill the “Orgasm Gap” and make a lasting positive change in the lives of countless women, inspired by the 68-year-old inventor Michael Lenke from Metten (4,000 inhabitants) After an 18-month development and test phase in his own workshop and bedroom, Niederbayer 2014 was able to bring the first version of his invention to market readiness..

The new 2GO (available in black/gold, ivory/gold, mint/pink) looks like a high-quality lipstick and can therefore be discreetly stored in any stylish backpack or it-bag. 130 grams, it is extremely light and very slim at 125 x 35 x 35, making it perfect for transport, so women can confidently do without any other make-up on their next holiday, as nothing beats a beautiful and natural #orgasmglow.


Is multiple orgasms possible with Womanizer Pro?

Yes, because thanks to the innovative non-contact stimulation of the Womanizer Pro, unlike conventional vibrators, there is no over-irritation of the sensitive pleasure pearl and many women can use the small orgasm hero directly to drive the next Klimax after the first climax..

Is the Womanizer Pro suitable for women who don’t or don’t come at all??

The innovative stimulation by gentle sucking stimulates the Klitroris very differently and much more intensively than is possible with sex or touching by hand, so that women who do not easily reach their climax can often experience intensive orgasms with the Womanizer Pro..

How loud is the Womanizer Pro?

womanizer Pro schlaffem

The Womanizer Pro hums at first when it is kept free clearly audible but much quieter as soon as it has found its ancestral place on the clitoris. the sextoy dealer amorelie gives a volume of 42 dB on his website for the sex toy, which is about as loud as what lies between whispers and usual noises in an apartment..

Can get used to the Womanizer Pro if it is used frequently?

As the stimulation is extremely gentle and completely touch-free, it should not lead to an accustoming effect..

Can you use this sex toy for showering or bathing??

Yes, all models, whether Pro, Pro40, Insideout, +size or Starlet are waterproof and can therefore also be used for showering or bathing..

Can the Womanizer Pro also be purchased in installments??

Yes, the erotic mail order company amorelie offers an attractive payment program for expensive sex toys like the Womanizer Pro..

How to clean the sex toy?

The silicone top of the Womanizer Pro can be removed and easily cleaned under warm water with a little soap, the case can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth, and if you place special emphasis on hygiene, you can use a Toy Cleaner from Hun & Bun, for example..

User reviews

With Womanizer Pro orgasm guarantee also in the second or third round! You only have to increase your strength not too fast, otherwise it’s over too fast – the first time everything was over after 30 seconds – I could hardly believe it.


I think Womanizer Pro great! The best I have tried so far. Certainly a proud price, but in my opinion this issue is definitely worth it.

Tanja Fink

I ordered the vibrator because I already had one, but from a cheaper brand. In the effect the expensive and the cheap product do not differ, but the Womanizer is much better processed and lasts much longer. The other device was already broken after a few months. In addition, the Womanizer has an almost endless battery.



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