Best Male Sex Toys: Review Masturbators in 2021

Which sex toy for men is currently available?

Today we can expect an equally wide range of sex toys for women and men, most of which are suitable for both hererosexual and homosexual men, for example the use of an anal plug or dildo to massage a man’s prostate.

Prostate (prostate gland) the G-spot of the man and can be stimulated accordingly in heterosexual and homosexual men to experience a high quality orgasm:

  • Masturbators
  • Penis rings
  • Massagers
  • Acorn Simulators
  • Prostate Stimulators
  • Love doll
  • Toys for electrosex

Of course, it must be taken into account that in this case it is only the supercategories Each area includes dozens of models, which decide in appearance and function, followed by a complete overview of all the sex toys for men and what they have to offer.

Men can nowadays use a good selection of sex toysQuality of modern sex toys is quite convincing These products can remain in use for many years

My TOP 3 Sextoys for Men

Which Sextoy For Men Is The Best?

Depending on the category of sex toys for men, whether dildos, fleshlight, vibrators, penis rings, electrosex, sex dolls or masturbators, it must be decided separately which toys are the best. orgastic experiences.

The following selection of the best toys was made accordingly after my experiences and therefore does not apply to all gentlemen.

1. Fleshlight

With the models of Fleshlight is above all the STU where the abbreviation for Stamina Training Unit. This means that all male users can not only achieve a good orgasm with this product, but also train a longer stamina during sexual intercourse, so this sex toy should be used by all men who often come too early during sexual intercourse.The application is very simple and should also be used by men, who are still not so much experience.

Simply put the masturbator over the penis and then put it into the desired velocity If you want, you can also place the Fleshlight on a table and penetrate actively.

2. Masturbators Tenga Eggs

In this category not only the best product can be named, but also the following ones Fleshlight Riley Reid and Alexis Texas.

In addition, there are the Tenga Eggs, Satisfyer Men and Bold Triple.

These articles make it possible for men to quickly find their way to the apogee The respective masturbators feel quite realistic, so that sometimes the feeling of a real vagina arises. links click here in the section.

For each of the four masturbators mentioned above, you can basically expect the same application: simply put it over your penis and then move it up and down. used once All other products can be disposed of after application. simply cleaned in order to use them for many years.

3. Acorn Simulators

As you can see in my Top-10, the most interesting is the Cobra Libre 2.

The two motors allow the penis to be massaged very gently or even powerfully, depending on what the man likes better, and it is not without good reason that experts and users call the device “acorn cuddly”.

Especially gentlemen who have such a Glans flatterer never used before The sometimes strong vibration ensures that the penis is stimulated very quickly, but this circumstance also ensures that the men’s body is stimulated. can train to prolong their orgasm.


More Sex Toys in Top Users 2021

Penis rings

Penis rings have to be differentiated between models with and without vibration, and models with vibration stimulate both male and female users, so that both partners have more fun, while penis rings without vibration are mainly about increasing the stamina of the man, which means that the blood in the penis remains hard and stiff for longer, with many high quality models such as penis rings. The ring must be pulled over the penis when it is already erect, and it is very important to make sure that the ring is not too tight, but a good “wearing comfort”If the penis ring is too tight, however, it must be removed directly to prevent the penis ring from becoming too tight. tissue damages avoidable.


This massage stick can easily be used to stimulate erogenous zones in men, especially the massage from the penis shaft or the glans, the advantage of which is that the Europe Magic Wand has a plug and therefore not only has a lot of power, but can also be used permanently without the need to charge the battery.

The massage can be carried out either by the man himself or by his or her sex partner. prelude, to get into the right mood and to create a hard erection to get.

Butt plug

Similar to the penis ring, there are also models with vibration and others without vibration. vibration function It always makes sense to buy a toy with vibration, as more functions can be used in this area. Primo Heating.

This provides in any case for a unique massage of the anal area, which can lead the man to completely new heights.

It is particularly important to know that the anal Stimulation not only for homosexual men Even heterosexual men can have fun with this sex toy, of course it is important to have a partner who agrees with the use, otherwise the user should use the anal plug first of all. by oneself test for oneself.

Prostate stimulator

As has already been mentioned, the prostate gland is the man’s G-spot.

Boho Jasper Prostate Stimulator In addition to the vibration, the good workmanship and the skin-friendly material, whether alone or as a couple, with this sex toy for men, surely more Swing into the bedroom.

If you like, you can wear the stimulator not only during sex, but also in the daily life. Some models are very unobtrusive, so it is possible to hide them under your clothes, for example when shopping or at work, permanent anal stimulation to learn.

Love dolls

The sex dolls are so realistic nowadays that one almost has the feeling of sleeping with a real woman. Real Dolls.

These not only look very realistic, but also the material choice is chosen in such a way that the surface feels like real skin, especially for single men who currently have no girlfriend.

The Real Dolls are equipped with all characteristics, The only big difference is that the material turns out quite cold before application. hint is the use of a electric blanket, to prepare the love doll for sex.


This is a toy that stimulates by light electric shocks, and the product is particularly good in this area. mystique.

This sex toy for male users is basically designed like a ring for the penis but additionally has a accumulator, to stimulate the penis by light electric shocks, it is important to know that this kind of”massage”does not cause any damage to health and can therefore be used by everyone.

It is important to know when using it that it always refers to the intactness of the respective device In addition, it makes sense to change the batteries regularly, so that the batteries can not only always be used to their full capacity, but also to keep them from being used in the shower or in the bathtub. longer storage not to be phased out.

Special types of sex toys

Not only men can buy sex toys for themselves, but there are also products for women with which they can make sex more interesting for men.

These can be panties or bras with a special look, as well as bondage, which allows men or women to be tied to the bed during sexual intercourse, for example. 

What man that lucky and in a relationship he can choose together as a couple the just mentioned sextoys for men and then use these concertedly It should be noted that of course new products are always coming onto the market, in the field of bondage these are among others:

  • handcuffs
  • trammels
  • necklaces
  • lashing
  • paddles
  • lingerie

It therefore makes sense to keep up to date with the latest products, thus ensuring that sex toys for men and women can be used at all times that are compatible with the couple most fun yield.

Where to buy sex toys for men?

The selection of all the sextoys on the market is only the first step, and it is just as important to complete the purchase of these items discreetly and simply. sex shops Nowadays, orders are placed via the Internet, as this is where the male users anonymous.

This does not mean, however, that there are no more sex shops. specialty stores Here you can expect a quite good selection of sex toys for male users.

Internet providers offer the possibility of visiting different websites, so it makes sense to choose reputable contact points to ensure that items such as masturbators, vibrators or the penis ring are of good quality:

  • Cupid
  • Amazon
  • Orion

Here you can get an overview of all the sex toys as a prospective customer. product details More detailed information can be found in the personal contact with the sellers via email or hotline. Customers can then clarify further questions in order to be absolutely sure about their purchase. Comments from users to get even more information about the products.

Afterwards, the articles only have to be placed in the shopping cart It makes sense to take your time to select and compare the sextoys from different providers, so that you can not only find the articles that the men’s hearts like the most, but it is also possible., better prices to be able to use.

Delivery of sex toys for men

After the purchase is completed, you can count on a discreet and neutral shipping with all mentioned providers. does not allow any conclusion on the content. Amorelie, or Orion use either neutral packages without imprints or packaging printed with the name of the wrong company, so that even curious neighbours cannot see that sex toys have been ordered for male users.

This ensures that the toys, such as the masturbator, the vibrators, the penis rings or the dildo, arrive safely. Delivery in 1 to 3 working days Longer waiting times are not common, however, and it is also worth mentioning at delivery that the goods can be returned in the same parcel if they do not please you.

Tips for buying sex toys for men

Most providers on the Internet offer special offers that make it possible to save money. or cupid.

This can result in one or the other vibrator being offered at a reduced price for a short period of time, allowing customers to choose between 10 and 40 percent. To benefit from all the discounts, it is important to keep up to date, for example by visiting the respective websites regularly.

However, it is also possible to choose a newsletter in order to be always informed about the latest offers. free and can be cancelled at any time.

What experiences have the men made with the sex toys?It must be distinguished that there are no uniform experience The reason for this is that every user has different preferences and likes as an example a masturbator, which other men do not like. the same applies of course also to vibrators, a lingerie or dildos, to name just a few examples. many sources of information usable.In this case, among other things Shelf pages patronized, Customer comments on sales pages or trade journals.

In the course of my test I can say that the experience with most sex toys for men was quite good, including the easy use as well as the good workmanship and the mostly quite extensive functions. easygoing, but also quite for a long time be exploited.

On the other hand, there are also negative reports, which I found on the internet: As an example it is sometimes described that the respective masturbator doesn’t really feel like a vagina. inconvenient Please note that in this case the number of negative experiences is limited, so it can be assumed that most articles can be rated as quite good.

Conclusion for sex toys for men – Large selection with great effect

Even men can nowadays use a very good selection of sex toys to either satisfy themselves or to make sex more interesting. Oral or vaginal stimulation.

An anal dildo or vibrator can also be used to massage the prostate gland and in any case the erogenous zones of the men are treated and stimulated.

As a result, not only women have a good selection of all sex toys, but also male users can benefit accordingly. new designs or advancements The selection ranges from sex toys for couples to toys for a child. solo adventure. Furthermore, it can be concluded that the quality of modern sex toys is quite convincing, which means that these products can remain in use for many years and can be used by men and women. at any age fulfill their dreams and desires.


At what age should I buy sex toys for men?

Sexuality is perfectly normal. 12 to 15 years, As a result, even as a teenager it is possible to choose a sex toy for male users in order to get to know one’s own body better. 18 years However, it is always possible to buy via the Internet. To talk to his parents about his wishes.

On the other hand, men’s sex toys can also be used until old age, where every man probably knows best how long they can be used and when they can’t. It can be said that the sex toys make sense for older men to get themselves in the mood more easily before sex. Potency problems be prevented.

What is the care of the sextoys like?

The sex toys for him, whether it is an anal dildo, a masturbator, a vibrator or a penis ring, should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. moist wiped or you can also use running water If they are completely watertight, it is advisable to clean them appropriately. soap for the cleaning.

Afterwards, it makes sense, Silicone or latex care This ensures that the materials from which the articles are made remain supple for as long as possible, so that a lasting feeling of authenticity can be achieved.

Another important aspect of care is the storage of sex toys, which should be kept well protected, for example, most products are sold together with a transport bag or bag. Damage and environmental influences such as the ultraviolet rays, which makes the material more brittle, but also provides protection against Dust and dirt is possible in the respective bags.

What should be considered when using the Sextoys?

If you have experience with men’s sex toys, you will quickly understand what most products are all about, but if you are using such a product for the first time, you should look at the accurate application

The reason for this is that, for example, injuries to the penis or the anal area can occur if the application is not correctly observed. The respective instructions for use In addition, it is especially important at the beginning not to overestimate yourself, but to start slowly with the fun.

However, should problems occur during use, it is important to seek help quickly, for example, depending on the type of emergency, a erotic shop Here the seller can advise and help to use the toy correctly. Penile injuries or other areas, however, a medical practitioner be visited.

What is the use of sex toys for men as a couple?

Basically, you can three approaches First of all, the man uses the toys alone to prepare for sex, for example by putting on a ring on the penis, the couple uses the sex toys individually but support each other, for example by using a masturbator while the woman uses a vibrator, but both partners are together, kissing and stroking each other. endorsement.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the sex toys are used directly during sex or are applied by the partner to the man. Masturbator to the climax Which variants are used by the couple is up to them.

Is the use of the love toys only suitable for homosexual or heterosexual couples?

Basically, the articles can be used by anyone who wants to bring more momentum into their love life, but it should be noted that there are correspondingly special versions of the sex toys, such as a masturbator that can be named for a heterosexual man as a vagina looks like. For homosexual users, a masturbator with the look of an anus is offered, as well as vibrators or dildos, with the advantage that every man, regardless of his sexual orientation, can find the right product for himself.Couples, who are interested in this topic, should pay a lot of attention to Masturbators and Co. to make the right choice.

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Sex Toys can enrich the love life of couples very positively. pair vibrators and surprise boxes to try out together bring fresh wind in the love life.


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Stimulators such as Womanizer or Satisfyer can create completely new feelings and flights of fancy, but conventional vibrators such as the Rabbit have also proven themselves..

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Masturbators like the Fleshlight provide intense orgasms, penis rings improve sexual endurance and prostate simulators enable completely new sensations.

Mission orgasm equality

Our most important goal on is to provide more orgasm equality Unfortunately, men still have on average almost twice as many orgasms during sex as women, due to the mistaken social notion that women reach orgasm mainly through penetration, which is nonsense and we try to explain that women need clitoral stimulation to get to orgasm and give many tips on how to integrate it into their common love play.

People should have the right to orgasms and sexual pleasure regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and current relationship status. pleasure for all.

The best sex toys in comparison

Meanwhile Sex Toys have become almost indisputable for couples and singles who want to make their love life more exciting and varied.About 25,000 products In addition to dildo, vibrator, masturbator or penis ring, many shops now also offer numerous products from the BDSM and fetish area.

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Lovetoy experience supports you in many ways on your way to a more fulfilling and varied love life and we have tested, tested and compared in detail to support you in your search for the perfect sex toy.

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Our mission: We put all kinds of sex toys through their paces for you, but only a few high-quality and well-designed toys stand up to our test criteria.

Why Sex Toys?

There are many reasons for using sex toys, some people still have the prejudice that sex toys are only for desperate single women, but this is no longer the case.It is also a fact that most women orgasm many times faster with a good vibrator like the Womanizer than with conventional sex, and many women rarely experience a real climax during sex. sex toys help to close the so-called orgasm gap (the uneven distribution with which men and women orgasm).The once meagre selection of toys for men has improved dramatically in recent years and many manufacturers now offer numerous attractively designed products for men.

First aid for your love life

Beside test reports to different sex toys and you find in our articles for example:

  • Tips for springtime in the bedroom
  • Help with sex lulls in the relationship – Is there cause for concern?
  • the ultimate penis ring guide: how to use it correctly?
  • Tips and tricks for the first time anal sex
  • Rescue in case of orgasm problems – this is how you can be guaranteed!

We keep our fingers crossed that you will soon have the best sex of your life thanks to the love toy experience tips, recommendations and guides Love your sex life!

TOP 3 sex toys in User`s test 2021: Womanizer, Satisfyer, Fleshlight

1. Womanizer

The models of the Womanizer series are our absolute recommendation.

Stimulates the clitoris completely contact-free by pressure waves, a new type of stimulation that allows the device to give women orgasms at an undreamt-of intensity.

Many women describe the orgasm with the toy as incredibly beautiful.Because the Sextoy does not rest directly on the clitoris an over-irritation of the sensitive body region is avoided and many users can experience several intensive orgasms with the stimulator. all models of the sex toy brand like the Pro, the Pro40 or the 2Go convince with an exceptionally beautiful design and numerous different intensity levels, so that the stimulation can be perfectly dosed. We have written a detailed test article for each device which summarizes all important information.

2. Satisfy

Also the high-quality stimulator Satisfyer, which was made famous by the sexshop, belongs to the new generation of sex toys, which no longer rest directly on the clitoris and can therefore provide a more gentle and intensive stimulation at the same time, unlike a conventional vibrator. Satisfy is an impressive experience for many women.

The simulators are now available in over 10 different models, including the Pro 2, the Pro Penguin and the Pro 4 Couples, many of which combine non-contact stimulation by pressure waves with powerful vibration, including a pair vibrator and a high-quality Rabbit vibrator.

The latest development, the Satisfyer Men, is a high-quality masturbator that enables numerous different types of stimulation through different internal channels.

3. Fleshlight

The Fleshlight has established itself as the world’s most popular sex toy for men, and the brand’s masturbators feature the unique Superskin material inside, which feels exceptionally comfortable and realistic.

Meanwhile there is the fleshlight The categories “Fleshlight Girls” and “Stamina Training Unit” are particularly popular, as is the “Flashjack” series, which is aimed specifically at homosexual men.The openings of the Girls range are designed according to the original vaginal, anal or mouth prints of world-famous porn actresses such as Stoya, Dillon Harper or Alexis Texas and often have inner channels specially designed for the respective actress.

User reviews

My partner and I are fully satisfied with the pink lust Fleshlight STU. Lies well in the hand and is easy to handle. The softskin material is very realistic and feel-fast. Would recommend it to any couple or man.Wolfgang Nordahl

Tenga Eggs were a gift at Easter for my friend. He immediately had a big grin on his face. According to him, they also feel functional, I was just afraid that they would tear. That looks a bit critical, but has held.Thomas

Device Cobra Libre 2 has so much power and different modes that you can always come. The best purchase in a long time in this field. I can only recommend the Cobra Libre ll to any man. Clear purchase recommendation. The battery runs for over 1 hour when fully charged. TOP!Michael Herzberg

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