Review Satisfyer Pro 2 and 11 More Models for Women

The Satisfyer brand is known for constantly bringing new products to market or developing new generations of existing equipment, so customers can count on a more than extensive selection of sex toys, and in order to decide which model is best for them personally, all products should be compared. Here in the text all customers receive the necessary information to get an idea of the different models and to make a suitable purchase decision.

The Satisfyer brand constantly bringing new products to marketCustomers can count on a more than extensive selection of sex toys Sayisfyer Satisfyer can definitely bring more fun into the bedroom

What is a Satisfyer?

Strictly speaking, this is a brand that includes sex toys for women as well as masturbators, including a vibrator or a pressure wave stimulator, as well as numerous accessories such as different lubricants, charging cables for the devices and various attachments for the toys.

What distinguishes the device from conventional vibrators?

Unlike vibrators, Satisfyer mainly uses so-called stimulators, the difference between these products and a normal vibrator is that the pleasure accessory does not have to be applied directly to the woman’s clitoris, but can be used without touching to reach its climax within a few minutes. orgasm as a vibrator.

How does the clitoral stimulator work?

To ensure contactless stimulation, the device must be placed on the love pearl with the appropriate attachment, then a vacuum ensures that the woman’s pleasure pearl is sucked in and pressure waves ensure even stimulation through pulsation.

Which models are available?

The brand mainly offers nine important products, most of which are intended for women, but there are also some high-quality articles for men or couples to get an orgasm just as quickly, and the following describes which products were particularly important in 2017 and will certainly be among the best sex toys on the market in 2018.

1. Satisfyer Men

The Satisfyer Men is a masturbator that can be used in a variety of applications: the special shape and the use of lifelike silicone gives the man a fast and intense orgasm during penetration, especially the 360-degree stimulation

The Satisfyer Men is completely powerless and can be used both in the shower and in the bathtub, the sex toy was developed with Rocco Sifreddi and optimized for perfect male orgasm.

All further information for this product can be found in our detailed Satisfyer Men news story.

2. Satisfyer 1

These are the first generation of these products, which are quite small and handy, and can be easily taken anywhere, with 11 pressure wave programs and water resistant.

The programs can be easily adjusted with the button on the back to get the right satisfaction, and the toy gets its power from batteries, which have to be replaced accordingly.

3. Satisfyer 2

This product differs from the Satisfyer 1 in size and shape, with an elongated design that usually makes it easier to place the opening exactly on the clitoris.

A quieter motor, a new button design, an on/off switch and a button to select the pressure wave stages, and the use of batteries for this toy.

4. Pro 2

This is a further development of the first generation and the current Satisfyer top model. Above all, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation has been redesigned to fit the shape of the article even better in the hand, which of course requires larger dimensions.

Furthermore, the product is waterproof, offers 11 intensity levels and can be charged easily thanks to battery technology. Satisfyer Pro 2 field report.

5. Pro Penguin

In order to make this design even more obvious, the penguin also has a pink bow as a decorative highlight and does not differ much in function from the Satisfyer Pro 2, where the ladies can expect good handling, skin-friendly silicone and 11 pressure wave programs. Satisfyer Pro Penguin article you will find more information.

6. Pro Deluxe

This is the smallest sex toy of the series, which has the advantage that users can always carry this article with them without having to do without functions such as the 11 programs, the skin-friendly silicone or the quick charging via USB cable.

7. Pro Plus Vibration

This product, reminiscent of a curved banana, cleverly combines pressure wave stimulation with classical vibration, the advantage being that the ladies can use either the pressure waves or the vibrator individually, or both in combination, and the corresponding buttons are easy to understand and can be used for precise control, so that the right setting can certainly be found for each situation.

In addition, the shape of the device makes it easy to find the right point and stimulate it long enough.

8. Pro G-Spot Rabbit

As with the Pro Plus Vibration, the vibration and pressure wave stimulation can be used separately or together; it is also a kind of dildo that can be inserted into the vagina; the higher attachment then satisfies the clitoris, allowing the women to combine the advantages of penetration with external stimulation. Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit Review.

9. Pro 4 Couples

In this case, it is a stimulator/vibrator intended for both men and women during love play, for which purpose the woman must place the device on her clitoris and insert a narrow shaft into the vagina, then choose between vibration and pressure wave massage; the special feature is that the shaft also vibrates and if the man penetrates into his partner, he can feel these vibrations accordingly on the penis.

The advantage of the shaft is that the opening of the vagina is narrower, which stimulates the man even more: My Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples experience.

10. Pro Traveler

Even on holiday, on business trips or when visiting a friend in another city, it can make sense to have a matching lust donor with you, because the Pro Traveler offers the same advantages and functions as the Pro, but with a size of 10 by 3.5 centimetres it is much smaller and weighs only 129 grams, and because the stimulator has a magnetically closing cap.

In addition to the closure and the small dimensions, the device also offers a powerful battery, up to 11 power levels and a waterproof surface, so the toy should not be missing in any luggage.

11. Partner Whale

The whale for young couples has two motors and can pamper both him and her during sex with powerful vibrations: one shaft of the partner vibrator lies on the pleasure pearl and stimulates her pleasure pearl, the other is inserted into the vagina and massages both her G-spot and his penis. 3 different intensity levels and 7 different vibration rhythms can be selected at the touch of a button.

The whale is of course also completely waterproof, so that nothing stands in the way of fun games in the bathtub or in the shower; thanks to the lithium-ion battery, the whale is rechargeable and can easily be supplied with fresh energy using the included USB magnetic charging cable.

12. Partner Plus

The Partner Plus promises more intensive stimulation during sex for her and him, is intended for a little more experienced couples and has a slightly larger width than the Whale.

One arm of the U-shaped toy rests on the clitoris while the other is vaginally inserted, the motors in both arms stimulate the woman’s love pearl as well as her G-spot and his best piece with intense vibrations. 3 intensities and 7 rhythms to choose from.


The Satisfyer Partner is the cheapest model in the Partner series and is ideal for trying out this type of satisfaction with a low financial risk: by stimulating the man and woman at the same time, it provides even more fun when playing together in love.

However, the vibrations of the engine are also transferred to the thinner insertable part and can also stimulate it and provide an exciting feeling of tightness when penetrating. the sex toy has 3 intensities and 7 rhythms just like its colleagues from the series and is completely watertight.


In addition to the various models of the series, numerous accessories are also available, which can make your love life even more varied and exciting.

An important extra is e.g. the USB replacement charging cable, so that your toys never run out of juice.


For an even more intense feeling, the special lubricants are available in the following variants:

  • Gentle Classic: This lubricant is gentle on the skin and provides an even more intensive feeling when using all models without any additional ingredients.
  • Gentle Light: Thanks to its silky formula, this gel feels particularly soft and sensual on the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft to the touch, which makes the stimulation particularly intense.
  • Gentle Warming: With its erotic warming effect the Gentle Warming lubricant is perfectly adjusted to the needs of the ladies and can support your orgasm optimally.

All lubricants are water-based and can easily be used with condoms.


After thoroughly cleaning your lust donor with warm water and mild soap, the Satisfyer Women Disinfectant Spray provides extra hygiene and ensures that your lust donor is fresh and clean for the next use.

What is the experience of customers who bought the item during the test?

From the year 2017, numerous reviews of the products can be read, which can be easily found on the Internet on websites such as Facebook or Twitter, as well as test reports from experts and articles in trade journals, all of which can be expected to receive good feedback from customers, with special advantages that many users cite when reviewing the products:

  • High quality workmanship
  • Easy to use
  • High skin friendliness
  • Fast Orgasms
  • Thorough cleaning

Of course, the ratings always vary slightly depending on the generation of products, but there is no article that is particularly unpopular or unpopular, so customers can simply choose the product that suits them best without having to worry about making the wrong purchase.

The well-known influencer Erdbeerliese has also published a review video of the clitorisstimulator Pro 2.

Where to buy the stimulator?

The products are offered in shops such as Amazon, but in order to get a better price and to be able to take advantage of other benefits when ordering, it is more worth buying from the shop at This is a shop where you can not only simply order the Satisfyers, but also the right accessories.

In addition, when ordering from, it should be stated that customers can take advantage of a return guarantee of 365 days and receive a 10-year guarantee for each product, and finally a quick delivery can be expected, which is carried out in a neutral package and with professional packaging.

What is the alternative to the Toy??

  • Womanizer Pro40 (high-order)
  • Clitoris teat from Delightoys (cheaper)

A higher-quality alternative to the models of the Satisfyer series is the Womanizer Pro40 In my opinion, however, it offers better processing and a much more handy design. amazon’s Pro 40 is currently rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and thus scores almost a whole star better than the Satisfyer Pro 2.

The Clitoris teat from Delight is a little cheaper and based on an ingenious idea: In addition to the suction head for the female love bead, the handle can also be used as a conventional vibrator for the G-spot excitation.

Satisfyer vs Womanizer – What’s better?

The Womanizer brand can be seen as a direct competitor to Satisfyer, bearing in mind that Womanizer’s products all have a better customer rating, especially in terms of workmanship and features, but overall it can be expected that Satisfyer products will offer more innovations, so if you are looking for more variety in the bedroom, it is better to stick with these products.

As an example, the pair vibrator and the Pro G-Spot Rabbit, which are quite good and of high quality, can be found in our Womanizer vs Satisfyer article.

Conclusion – How good will the stimulator products turn out in 2018?

The feedback via Twitter and Facebook as well as via forums clearly indicates that the purchase of these sex toys is worthwhile in any case – no matter which articles the ladies and gentlemen choose, which level of stimulation they use or whether they use the toys alone or as a couple, Satisfyer can definitely bring more fun into the bedroom.

This is especially true if and not Amazon are used for the order to get a good price and a long guarantee. 2018 is therefore certainly worth buying these sex toys.


How should the articles be cleaned and maintained?

It is important that the products are cleaned after each application to prevent bacteria from forming on the surface of the product, so it is sufficient to wash the product under running water using a gentle soap, as all products are waterproof, cleaning can be done thoroughly.

For the products of the brand we also recommend the Disinfectant Spray called Toy Cleaner, which enables an optimal cleaning and disinfection of the products (see above).

Which accessories are available?

According to the feedback of most users, it is highly recommended to use lubricants with the Men-Masturbator, so that a lifelike feeling is achieved, which should ensure a faster orgasm, and of course different inserts can be purchased, which differ in form and allow each user to choose the right product for himself.

Are Satisfyer products suitable for all women?

As has already been mentioned, most women should be able to use these products without fear of irritation or redness of the skin, only people who are allergic to silicone, for example, but test the products carefully before using the stimulators permanently.

User reviews

The delivery Satisfyer Men was fast as usual, the first impression is great: High-quality cardboard packaging and a stylish overall picture, not as clumsy as similar products. The conclusion after the first use also sounded quite joyful: “I am already curious, how the further uses will feel”.

Michael Goldanski

I got it from my friend and must say I am addicted to it. With the part I have an orgasm type, which I did not know to date yet. The feeling is awesome and indescribable. I usually use at least 2x in a row, because this feeling is an addiction. Top!


I have ordered the Satisfyer Pro 2 because of the mostly good reviews and what should I say. I am thrilled!! This part is the absolute madness. Even some girlfriends have ordered it because of my recommendation and everyone is totally thrilled!

Ejla Kelm