Vibrating Prostate Massager E-Stim: Electrosex Stimulation

More variety in bed with an electrosex stimulation current device

Whether alone or together with a partner, sooner or later the sex life can lose momentum. Nowadays, however, there is certainly a number of ways to spice up your love life again. Whether alone or together, our test will show you what the electrifying electrosex stimulation toys bring and give you. Tips on buying and using them.

What is electrosex / erotic electrostimulation / E-stim?

In this case, sextoys are used, which stimulation current This particular flow is a medical method that has been used for years to treat a variety of ailments, and it is worth mentioning here:

  • muscle loosening
  • headaches
  • tissue tightening
  • joint ailments
  • recuperation

Generally speaking, it can be said that regular stimulation is a biologically compatible method for pain relief. Stimulus impulses, These can be erogenous areas such as the penis, vagina, testicles, anus or nipples, and a gentle or stronger stimulating impulse is used to stimulate the respective areas with E-Stim. BDSM or SM for use.

It is important here that adhesive electrodes or suction electrodes are used for example, which must be glued or sucked onto the skin. butt plug, a penis ring or a dildo, which are equipped with wires, which in turn are connected to the stimulation current device. lighter and more targeted the respective body regions With the right electrosex accessories it is also possible to expand the field of application.

Seven programs to satisfy your individual needsIntensity can largely be chosen by user Extra-large digital display for a good view

Which device is required for this?

As has already been mentioned, it is necessary to use an electrosex device that can output both direct current and low-frequency alternating current, and there are many products on the market that can deliver the stimulation current, always using batteries or accumulators to provide the required energy, often referred to as EMS or Tens devices.

Of course, it is also necessary to choose the right accessories for an electrosex stimulation device, but it is important to differentiate whether the accessories are intended more for massage or the ESTIM.

The simple electrodes can be glued flexibly to any part of the body, while the sex toys for electrostimulation are more specific. Greenpinecone Electric Metal Anal Plug When selecting the devices, it is important that they have a good quality and correspondingly high-quality workmanship to ensure that the products can be used for sex in the best possible way.

Which electrosex stimulation device is best?

New developments are constantly being introduced to the market for electrosex, which means that an ever-increasing selection of products can be used.

The product is particularly intensive, easy to use and offers many functions for beginners as well as advanced users. mystique This has been updated in another section on our site. inspected, if you want to get an idea about it.

Users have made quite good experiences with these products, especially the high versatility customers can connect the EMS or Ten devices to a wide range of accessories offered either directly by the manufacturer or by other companies, and Mystim has many different programs to ensure that they always have the right EStim. recommend without hesitation.

Where can I buy a device for electrosex?

Of course, the E-Stim devices are also available in specialist shops, but shopping over the Internet is particularly easy, for several reasons, which should be taken into account in any case, are these occasions.

The Mystim product can again serve as an example, which can be used particularly easily with Amazon. This information about Amazon should be read in peace to make it easier to decide for or against the purchase of Mystim, or other products for e-gender traffic, after which the purchase can be carried out as with any other article at Amazon. correspondingly a fast delivery.

What has to be considered when shipping the products for electrosex?

If you decide to buy via Amazon, you can place your order via Prime, which not only saves customers the cost of delivery, but also allows them to expect quick delivery, which generally takes a maximum of 2 to 3 working days.

A special advantage of delivery via Amazon is that a neutral package is used, even if, for example, a roommate should accept the shipment., he cannot see that a sex toy has been ordered.

How good are the experiences with electrostimulation?

It must be noted in any case that a certain tendency for SM or BDSM The electropads may not be painful, but they can be a little uncomfortable depending on the intensity of the stimulation, so which man and woman do not like this kind of stimulation should look for an alternative to the EStim. stand-alone as well as pair laugh.

The use of the electrostimulator is often described as simple and flexible, depending on which item the customer has chosen, and we can also confirm these statements in our test, and if you would like to find out more about electronic sex for yourself, we recommend the following, Shelf pages to visit or also the Comments on Amazon Prime Finally, social networks such as Facebook or Twitter a reliable source of information.

How to buy accessories for electrosex stimulation tools?

When looking for the EStim, you should also pay attention to how easy it is to order the necessary accessories, such as electrodes that wear out over time and no longer stick as well. Re-order Amazon Prime These are offered at a fair price, so that the use of the Tens device is guaranteed in any case with only a few EUR. 1 to 3 working days be calculated.

In any case, it is important to purchase accessories regularly to ensure that they can always be used safely and correctly. wear be respected.

How should beginners use the stimulation device?

Especially at the beginning, it is very important to get an exact picture of the product to avoid misuse. delineation, which explains the functions. perused It is also about testing the function of the sex toy before it is even created. certain security The new users can then use the toy as described, but they should always be careful to start slowly and only increase performance over time.

Besides the points that have to be considered for security reasons, there are other aspects for new users that make the use of the article better, including the fact that the new users should try out all the functions. application possibilities It is also a lot of fun to discover and test the toy either alone or together with your partner.

What care and maintenance does the E-Sextoy require?

In order to be able to use the product for as long as possible, it is, of course, important to consider some aspects, in particular, that the electric sex toy must not get wet under any circumstances. damage Corresponding applications under the shower or in the bath tub Furthermore, care must be taken to ensure that the Batteries changed regularly This not only ensures that the product always has enough power, but also prevents the batteries from leaking if the Sextoy is not used for a longer period of time.

Furthermore, the condition should also be checked in general, with the following signs of wear most frequently occurring:

  • Broken cables
  • Defective adhesive electrodes
  • Broken connector for cables

These problems turned up especially during wild intercourse and can be easily avoided if the users pay attention accordingly. Function of the E-Toy permanently guaranteed, but a long service life can also be expected.

Potential updates

The use of Toys for electronic intercourse is still relatively new, and new developments of the next generation are constantly coming onto the market to make it even more flexible, especially in the area of accessories:

  • New Dildos
  • Stronger electropads
  • Vibrators with E-Stim

In order to keep up to date with new products, it is worthwhile to get an overview. Offers on Amazon or Specialist websites On our website, for example, the latest sex toys are tested promptly and interested parties are then informed extensively about them, you can also visit specialist shops, where you have the advantage of personal advice, but it must be noted that it is not always easy to find the right shop with a wide choice of electrosex stimulation devices.

In addition, it is certainly embarrassing for some users to have such a port of call It is therefore better to visit the relatively high anonymity On these pages, customers can read through personal experience reports or even ask questions themselves, which are then usually answered promptly and honestly.

Bottom Line: Electrosex Stimulation Toy vs. Real Sex

As already mentioned in the text, this type of stimulation is particularly suitable for women and men who are interested in BDSM or SM, or who have already gained a lot of experience in this field, but in such a case it can be said that electro-sex can have a special effect in any case. apogee The experience of our customers and our test have shown that the ease of use, in particular, has been positively received by most users.

Added to this is the pluralism As an example you can buy a special dildo, which is used first as a normal representative of its sex toy genre, but later you can also simply connect some wires for a non-stop stimulation. Accordingly, our conclusion for electronic sexual intercourse is that this new type of stimulation is definitely suitable for all those who are interested in it.

When to use electrosex?

It always depends on which accessory products are used in order to decide when the application is particularly useful. erotic massage can be used to create a prelude.

This possibility can also be used to create an exciting atmosphere for your partner. epilog Furthermore, the sex toys such as dildos, anal plugs or penis rings can be used directly. during intercourse However, these toys can also be used for a “Solo Trip” Everyone should get an idea for themselves to find out what he or she likes most.

Is the use of the stimulation current devices harmful to health?

It doesn’t come like this. high tension This means that users do not have to worry about the health consequences, but what should always be taken into account is that people with a weak hearts or a pacemaker, It should also be noted that damage to the electrodes can result in a strong impulse, which in the worst case can lead to burns It is therefore very important to always pay attention to the condition of all accessories.

Is there a special lubricant for electrosex?

In order to be able to introduce the respective sex toys anal or vaginal, it is advisable to use a lubricant, taking into account that basically any kind of lubricant can be used, in which case the effect of the stimulation current can occur. stepped up There is also a special lubricant, for example “TheGoldfather”which is marked with real gold (23 caratTherefore, a high conductivity can be expected, which significantly increases the effect.

Can you build the product for E-Sex yourself?

When searching via the Internet there are always one or the other assembly instructions, In this way, the users expect to spend a few EUR compared to the purchase of a original apparatus.

We would definitely advise against building such a product ourselves, as this can lead to errors in the design which can have serious consequences later on, and even people who work with electricity for a living should use the high-quality equipment from experienced manufacturers such as Mystim, which minimises the risk of injury.

Can you buy a second-hand electrosex toy and is worth the savings?

If you are looking for the right toy for electrosex stimulation, sooner or later you will also be looking for the right toy.

Used electrosex tools should be in good condition in matters od safety on longevity. Defective or especially old sex toys should therefore not be bought. Accessory products newly purchased If you want to use an already used anal plug or dildo again, the savings in EUR will be reduced quickly, depending on which accessories are still needed. individual be calculated.

User reviews

E-Stim it is an enrichment to own a device. There are almost no limits to the applications. With a bit of imagination, especially in the erotic area, there is nothing to regret. Have fun with it.


E-Stim fully meets the expectations. Very solidly built and easy to adjust. The electrosex stimulation device gives you a very intense feeling of pleasure. I haven’t regretted it yet.

Christian Steger

With a little practice, the electrosex machine can be adjusted to a variety of different impulses (veriations of sensed current surges) as well as to different speeds of the impulses. It offers a variety of accessories (but not included in the starter kit) so that it can be used both anal and for the male or female urethra.

Peter Kaster