Review Best Vibrator Massager Magic Wand Hitachi and More

What is a Magic Wand?

This is a so-called massage vibrator for health treatment and sexual satisfaction, so it does not only fall into the category of vibrators (a detailed test of these can be found on this page) This rod-shaped massager has a vibrating head part, which has a round shape. 30 centimetres In addition, there is the massage head, which is equipped with a 50 by 55 millimeters Also, the weight of 540 grams and the cable length of over 230 centimetres mentionable.

The device was first invented and developed by the Japanese company Hitachi. 1968 The original field of application was the alleviation of back pain caused by vibrations, but when the article came onto the market after the patent was filed, it did not take long before the sexual therapist Betty Dodson, another use for the Magic Wand was.

The therapist recommended the product to her clients as a masturbation aid to facilitate orgasm. Betty Dodson method. In this case, a towel on the naked pubic area and then the Magic Wand gently on the clitoris Particularly as a masturbation aid, the rod became more and more popular and important in the following decades, whereas the Hitachi company made the device available up to 1999 applied exclusively as a massage device.

Vibrating head part has a round shape 30 centimetresMassage head is equipped with a 50 by 55 millimeters Weight of 540 grams and the cable length of over 230 centimetres

The Magic Wand had its breakthrough 2002, than this one in a series of “Sex and the City”In the year 2013 Hitachi then decided to stop producing the wall because they didn’t want to be associated with making sex toys. “Vibratex” However, the Japanese were convinced to resume production and to call the product Origid Magic Wand and from 2014 as Magic Wand Origid put back on the market.

The Europe Magic Wand is a further development of this vibrator, which is accordingly especially on the European market and can only be purchased here for a few years.

What is a Hitachi Magic Wand?

The Hitachi Magic Wand has been renamed several times in the past, first called Magic Wand Original, then Original Magic Wand, now abbreviated to its last two words, it is in principle very similar to the Europe, it is also an electrically operated, rod-shaped massager with a vibrating headboard, but was more known for its use as a vibrator and for clitoral stimulation.

The product is about 30 cm long, weighs about 540 grams, has a diameter of about 64 millimeters, is now powered by a battery, used to be wired to an electrical outlet, and is recommended by several sex therapists, including Ruth Westheimer, who also reported by Cosmopolitan on this aid for masturbation.

What is the difference between the Europe Magic Wand and the Hitachi Magic Wand?

There is no real difference either visually or in the functions of the two variants, but the equipment is different, as the name Europa Magic Wand already reveals, this is a product for the European market.

The Hitachi Magic Wand, on the other hand, is not available in Europe and has the following features socket compatibility only on the Asian and American market tailored.

What is the advantage of the Magic Wall over conventional vibrators?

First of all, it has to be said that this massager is a very superior quality and good workmanship In addition, the quality has the advantage that the product does not wear out excessively or break down in any kind of application, but should problems occur, quick repair by the supplier can be used.

The second big advantage is the enormous power of this massager, because it is powered by a mains plug and no battery. 6 speeds a gentle massage with a maximum of 3200 rpm, up to an “ultra strong massage” with 6000 rpm Added to this is the performance of 15 watt, With this power, the right massage strength can be found and selected for each area of application.

How to use the massager?

There are three main areas of application in which the Magic Wand can be used:

  • Vibrator
  • Vibrator for women
  • Vibrator for men

As a massage stick, it is possible to place the soft silicone head of the product on painful parts of the body, such as the neck or back, in order to gently or strongly vibrate (depending on the setting) the body. Loosen muscles and release tensions.

The long handle of almost 30 centimetres the article can also be used by persons alone to massage any desired part of the body, but a partner massage is also possible with the Magic Wand.

If the device is used as a sex toy for women or men, the wall can basically be used as a couch vibrator, whereby the silicone head is placed on the woman’s clitoris and stimulated by the vibrations, whereas men can use the device to massage their glans, penis shaft or testicles. person alone or from the Partner used for example during foreplay.

How’s the orgasm with the massager?

People who have used the vibrator before report among other things about Facebook, Twitter or Shelf pages It is often said that the orgasm is intense and, according to customer reviews from 2017 and 2018, it can still be said that in most cases the climax will happen quickly and then last for a long time. This is especially true for women.

It is important to note in this case that every person is different and for this reason it can happen that two people orgasm with the article different or this triggered at different speeds will.

Where to buy the Magic Wand?

The best way to buy Magic Wand is to visit the Amazon shop, where you can easily order it at a good price, but it is important to get an idea of the product to decide whether it is worth buying, either by reading Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is also possible to visit specialist pages, such as a video to look at.

Such a video shows, among other things, how the Magic Wand is constructed, how this gone and also which perks As soon as the customers have decided to purchase, the Amazon shop can be used with a spring and above all neutral dispatch As a result, it is possible to start the first stimulation after just a few working days.

Are there cheaper alternatives to the original?

Also through the Amazon shop, the so-called”Louviva Magic Wall Massager”This is basically the same type of massager that is offered for a better price, but in this case it must be noted that the product is different from the original Magic Wand considerably smaller fails and not such high quality workmanship As a result, it is not always easy to use and it is possible to once in a while closed defects come.

The Marielove massage stick, for example, is as big as the original and contains 20 rhythms and another 10 intensities.

It should also be noted that this product has significantly less power than the original, which means that the desired effect cannot always be achieved during massage or when used as a sex-toy.

Is the device suitable for causing female ejaculation (squirting)?

It should always be noted that the use of the massage stick is of course important to determine whether it causes female ejaculation, but experience reports and expert opinions can confirm that the Magic Wand is very well suited to experience this type of orgasm. Practise in use, every woman should be able to use squirting.

Can the Europe Magic Wand also be used by men as a sextoy?

Also more and more men rely on sex toys like a vibrator for an orgasm, Due to the fact that the Magic Wand can be used to massage the penis or testicles, this product is more than useful for men as well.

Are there different essays for the Sex-Toy?

The round silicone head is not the only attachment that can be used with the Europe Magic Wand, but it is possible to order other types of attachments at any time through the Amazon shop, for example an attachment for the penis, which can be put over the stiff penis, as well as curved ones. Silicone heads.

There are also other attachments for normal massage that can be used, for example nipples for better stimulation.

This accessory can be bought for just a few euros, because it is sometimes said that the attachment is too rough, the replacement head cover made of EVA foam and covered with silicone is particularly comfortable, the Genio attachment gives you additional nubs, which are also very comfortable, and there is even an attachment so that men can erect and satisfy their penis through the stick, the attachment has a shaft and is constructed similar to a penis ring.

The change from the attachment is completed in a few seconds by accepting the original head and simply putting the new head on, making sure that the head fits securely and firmly before use so as not to slip accidentally.

What to look out for when using the Magic Wand as a sex toy?

Before using extremely intensive stimulation, users should familiarize themselves with the application and all the functions of the device, with the following aspects being particularly important:

  • Position of the massager
  • Speed level
  • Duration of use
  • Possible aids

The selection of the position depends above all on the personal wishes of the users., check out The same basically applies to the speed level, where customers should first try out what they like best: some people like a gentle massage, while others prefer to use the full power of the product.

The duration of use means that the clitoris or penis should not be overstrained, sometimes it takes longer to reach an orgasm, in which case each person has to decide for himself when to stop the massage in order to avoid over-excitation. lube, which makes the use of the Magic Wand even more pleasant.

Conclusion of the Vibrator Magic Wand Europe and Hitachi

Due to the possible applications of this product as vibrator and sex toy It is not surprising that the wall will continue to be very popular in many households in 2018, in addition to its good workmanship and more than high performance, which means that tension can be quickly relieved or intense orgasms can be experienced and the fact that the product can be used by both women and men makes the Purchase from Magic Wand makes sense.


How should the wall be maintained?

If necessary, wipe the rod itself with a damp cloth and a neutral soap, taking care that the electronic components do not come into contact with too much moisture, removing the silicone head under running water and cleaning it with a neutral soap may also be useful.

Disinfectant for Sex Toys to remove bacteria from the Magic Wand.

The cleaning in this way should be carried out after each application, regardless of whether the massager was used as a sex toy or for a conventional massage, thus guaranteeing that the product can be used again at any time without preparation and does not wear out too quickly.

How to set the speed levels?

The Magic Wand has only one three-part adjustment knob It is first of all possible to positively influence the speed by switching the steps from soft to strong individually, by reducing the intensity of the stimulation and by switching through the steps one by one, or by switching off the vibration completely at once, for example to take a break during use.

What volume should be expected when using the massager?

The lower the step, the quieter the Magic Wand is when in use, and the quieter the massager is when it is applied to the massage stick. membrane, this todger or the vagina Finally, the volume levels of the Hitachi Magic Wand differ from those of the European version.

The original can be operated with a volume of up to 52 dB The Europe Magic Wand falls with the highest level. 42 dB, This volume can be compared to a quiet conversation.

User reviews

Well people, what should I say, was really skeptical about 100€ for a Europe Magic Wand is already violent and orgasm guarantee? I did not believe in it! But then when the package arrived, I tried it right away with my wife and I have never seen her like this! It’s worth every cent! I would buy again immediately. You can forget the accessory add-on stuff. But good that you can reorder the cover! Top!


This is a truly strong Ultimate Magic Wand, which already felt crazy in my hand for the test and provided for all tensions in the best way. For friends of sensual pleasures I warmly recommend it, which keeps its promise.

Gitta Meichsner

My Magic Wand is a great product, you can actually use it for the whole body. Of course it would be great if you could use it without a power cord although I don’t know if it would give the same performance. Nevertheless a clear purchase recommendation.