Penis Sleeve Extension: Perfect Male Extender

A penis sleeve extension tool is not a modern invention. Made of gold, it has already been found in ancient royal tombs, and a penis sleeve serves various purposes.

With a penis sleeve made of soft latex, the woman experiences a larger, harder penis.

  • Prolonged erection
  • Larger volume for women
  • Available with vibrator
  • Intense feeling for both sides

Where’s the pleasure of a man with a penis sleeve extension tool?

The penis cases are basically designed to stimulate the man to orgasm, using enough water-based lubricant of course, and an orgasm happens. If the woman is aroused by the additional size, this is transferred to the male partner.

What is a penis sleeve?

A penis sleeve can also be described as a condom with an extended function and shape, but there are also penis sleeves available in the erotic trade which are sold as condoms which have very similar, almost the same properties as conventional penis sleeves. Nevertheless, while penis extension sleeves achieve their effect through the pronounced shape of an enlarged penis, condoms only have nubs.

The toy is very easy to put over the erect or semi-erect penisThere are models with testicle cuffs Penis envelopes differ fundamentally in thickness

Are there different types of penis cases?

There are penis extension sleeves that look more like a simple tube, even partially enclosing the penis, but the true-to-life reshaping of large, thickly veined tails, as they correspond to a woman’s idea of the ideal penis, has become established. vibrators equipped, also pantyhose with appropriate attachments are available.

How to use the Toys correctly?

The toy is very easy to put over the erect or semi-erect penis, there are models with testicle cuffs, where the testicles are also sleeveed, you must be careful not to squeeze the testicles when putting it on.

Plaything Putting a toy that is too small over an unerect penis, which then increases in size, can be painful.

How to put on the penis sleeve correctly?

An important, unforgettable aid in plastic sex toys is a lubricant without double skins, a lubricant that is helpful in many ways: on the one hand it is easier to penetrate, it is possible without any pain, on the other hand, a gel can also increase the stimulation of the nerves, in any case, it reduces the risk of injury for men and women.

What to pay attention to when using an extension toy?

Once the man has put on the penis sleeve and penetrates the woman, he should do so very carefully.

Once the woman’s vagina gets used to the amazing size, nothing stands in the way of the fun on both sides.

Which penis extension sleeve is the best?

Clear favorite, although this is of course always a matter of taste.

The WEE Y condom extension tool with cock ring enlarges the penis with an attachment quite amazingly, the G-spot of a woman is stimulated precisely, thanks to the ergonomic shape of the toy, and also a man has a very good feeling inside the pleasure aid, with a little lubricant one could almost feel the situation as natural.

Which models are available?

Penis envelopes differ fundamentally in thickness and thickness. Formation of the conversion.

Unlike strap-on and some penis attachments worn with pantyhose, penis cases are probably designed to hold a man’s penis and also help him orgasm.

Penis sleeve made of latex

Almost all of the penis cases available in the erotic trade are made of latex or latex-like materials, or of slightly stronger silicones. delicate sleeves, Similar to a condom, but in the form of a male penis, most of the models offered are designed for multiple uses.

What is the experience of the test?

Extension sleeves usually get positive feedback from both men and women. Inappropriate and illegal copies get negative reviews for obvious reasons.

Proper size is very important for a penis extension sleeve, as the plastic material has only limited stretch, which can lead to painful chafing if the sleeve is too tight.

Where to buy a penis extension sleeve?

You can order and receive the most different penis sleeves, of course in all categories via the Internet, as it is also available in numerous erotic shops in the cities. commend a delivery of Toys from Amorelie and

Amazon also offers good quality and low prices, but you should be careful not to get inferior goods.


The penis sleeve is also in 2018 the ideal aid for men with no or too weak erection, but it can be used for a ‘second round’ when a woman can also have a ‘prime orgasm’, there are different types, it is important that the toy fits, the testicles are not squeezed, the man is careful with the unfamiliar size, the toy can also be used as a dildo.


Can I make my own penis extension sleeve?

Sex toys from Amorelie, or even sophisticated devices from Amazon are not subject to extremely strict guidelines for nothing, the use of the toys concerns very sensitive areas.

Are penis sleeves dangerous?

If used properly and carefully, the extension sleeves are by no means dangerous but increase the desired feeling of the partner considerably. It is important to handle the new size very carefully, but once the partner has taken the toy in, she will certainly be happy about the new size, which she feels.

Why use only water-based lubricants?

However, the molecular structure of many soft plastics such as latex and silicones is very sensitive to the structure of oily substances and is destroyed upon contact, which not only makes the toy feel different but can also trigger dangerous plastic components from the product.

Who needs a penis extension sleeve?

Penis sleeves are usual sex toys, that can also be used for women. They can be used for an extension, a repetition of love play, they can also lead to a decent erection by means of the partly integrated cockring, maybe together with the integrated vibrator they are able to give a couple completely new feelings of pleasure.

User reviews

I can only recommend Be Bizarre. Super latex feeling on the skin 🙂 Very good workmanship and easy to maintain and clean.


Add some silicone oil to a cockring to bundle the testicles then cover the sheath and enjoy the bundled fullness with all your senses with Mr. Orgasm.


Love Lance Deluxe Sleeve is really fun. This toy remains in any case where it belongs and does not slip around in the area. In any case for very active to recommend.