Stimulator Lelo Sona: Review Clit Massager

What is the Lelo Sona?

This is a so-called sound massage device. Similar to other products from Womanizer or Satisfyer, this means that no direct vibration is used, but that sound waves stimulate the clitoris and many women are already using such a vibrator, so it is no wonder that more and more women are switching to this type of sex toy.

In our test for the Lelo Sona we take its. This makes it easier for women to judge whether the toy is for them or whether they would rather opt for a conventional vibrator.

The clitoris is sucked in and vibratedProduct has a total of 6 levels and 8 rhythm Position can be played with in order to experience the correct stimulation

How to use the Lelo Sona?

When using the article, particular attention should be paid to the structure, especially the pressure wave vibrator head, which must be placed on the vagina so that the clitoris and here the pleasure pearl are completely enclosed.

When the Sextoy is switched on, the sound waves ensure that the clitoris is sucked in and vibrated, providing the right stimulation for the climax. 120 Hz which ensures good vibration.

To make stimulation even more intensive, the product has a total of 6 levels and 8 rhythms. The levels control the intensity of the pressure wave massage, while the rhythm determines the way in which the pressure wave massage is performed. It makes sense to try out all levels once, so that it is easier to decide which one you like best.

It is now important to use Lelo Sona until the climax is reached, but this process can take different lengths of time depending on the woman. Here, too, the position can be played with in order to experience the correct stimulation.

The special features of the Sonic clitoris massager for an intimate time

There are some special aspects and characteristics that have to be considered when using this article.

The following characteristics must be named in particular:

  • Skin-friendly silicone
  • Rechargeable
  • High durability
  • Good workmanship
  • Low volume

When choosing the material, it should be mentioned that the silicone ensures that the woman’s skin does not get irritated and the silicone has the advantage that it provides a good grip at all times.maximum 2 hours.

The high durability and the good workmanship go together and ensure that the product can not only be used from 2017 to 2018, but a 10 year warranty possesses.

Finally, in terms of volume, the noise level depends on which stage is used; the higher the intensity, the louder the motor is, but never at a higher volume than 50 dB In this case, it is basically a slight whisper, so the application is quiet in any case, which is also confirmed by customer experiences on pages like Facebook.

What does the design of the Lelo Sona

First of all the colouring of the Sonic Massager can be named.

A special feature is the back of the device, which has a very feminine appearance. intense gold However, the product can also be used in pink or black Especially in black, the massager looks very elegant. three buttons.

Another feature to be mentioned on the device is the format and weight, which is as follows:

  • Weight:139 gram
  • Length: 110 mm
  • Width: 55 mm
  • Height: 50 mm

These small dimensions guarantee that the device is easy to transport, making it possible to carry Lelo Sona in your handbag, for example. holiday, on a business travel or a day off in the city, never do without the pressure wave vibrator.

What accessories are available for the Lelo Sona

In this case, accessories can be defined as products that make the Sonic Massager more useful or easier to use.

The cable can still be connected to a USB power supply EU-connection. The velvet bag, on the other hand, has the advantage that you can store the toy safely and above all hygienically, so that the product should not get dirty even when carrying it in your handbag or backpack.

What are the alternatives and what do they offer?

As already mentioned, the products of womanizer and Satisfy also about pressure wave vibrators, which work very similar to Lelo Sona, especially the following models:

  • Per 2
  • starlet
  • penguin
  • Per 40

In this case, too, the massage should be applied to the clitoris and then stimulated by pressure waves. This will make it easier to decide whether to buy Lelo Sona or an alternative model.

What is the difference between the Lelo Sona and the Lelo Sona Cruise?

At first glance, both sex toys are the same model, but the only difference is that Lelo Sona Cruise is the so-called.

This is an automatic function that allows you to 20 percent of engine power If the sex toy is then pressed more firmly against the body during use, this 20 percent is automatically activated, thus compensating for the loss of engine power and thus also the effect of the pressure wave vibrator.

The advantage of Cruise Control is that women can continue to enjoy the full effect of the device, even when they are in full action. machine-aided makes the application all the easier to use.

What experiences have the ladies had with Lelo Sona?

Before buying such an article, it makes sense to get a picture of customer experiences, which can nowadays be easily found on the Internet, as a review in a blog or as a comment about Facebook or rather Twitter. The advantage of these experience reports is that private customers honestly express their opinions so that not only positive aspects are mentioned, but also negative characteristics, and we at Lovetoy experience would also like to show them both sides of the coin so that they can better decide whether to buy or not.

Particularly positive is the fact that the application of the product simple-minded and intelligibly This means that women who have never used sex toys before can also quickly enjoy Lelo Sona and the design, which not only looks feminine, but also simplifies handling, ensuring that the adult toy can be used at any time. lies comfortably in the hand and thus can be perfectly positioned on the desired spot.

Disadvantageous with the customer evaluations is first of all the somewhat high price, which discourages many female buyers at the beginning. 1 hour However, this small disadvantage can be compensated for by rapid charging, which makes it possible to use the device while charging.

Cable’s length Finally, it is a complaint that the performance of the device decreases when it is pressed more firmly against the body, but with the Cruise Control from Sona Cruise this circumstance can be compensated.

Where can I buy Lelo Sona?

The reason for this is that these points of contact often do not have the device in their product range and sometimes cannot even order it.

Sex shops It is therefore better to purchase the Sonic massager via the Internet, where you will find different contact points such as:

  • Amazon
  • Smash Me
  • (site of the manufacturer)

When buying over the Internet, customers have the advantage of being able to complete the whole process quickly and easily from home, allowing you time to check all the offers carefully to get a good picture of the product, as well as being able to place orders over the Internet at cheaper prices than in specialty stores, so it is always worthwhile for you to look for special offers to save money.

Often it is not necessary to log in directly on the page log in In order to decide on the best offer, it is worthwhile to read one or the other review from other customers, so that you can quickly decide whether the offer is worthwhile or not, and should not neglect the fact that not only can the order be completed quickly, but also that the dispatch does not take as much time. 1 to 3 working days be calculated.

Finally, an important point is that most providers are using the Internet to create a neutral dispatch This means that neither the packaging nor the invoice directly shows that a sex toy has been ordered, so the neighbours will never know that you have bought a Lelo Sona.

Help with questions Sona

If you have any questions about the massage product, you can contact one of the three providers, it is not necessary to register, it is enough to send an e-mail to the respective provider with your questions about the clitoral stimulator. one day, until the questions are also answered by mail For an even more personal contact, a hotline can of course also be used, incurring costs here.

Conclusion – Is Lelo Sona a good alternative to Womanizer and Satisfyer?

The Satisfyer and Womanizer models have already become very popular with many women and the 2017 and 2018 experience reports speak for the good effect of the sex toys of these two companies, and Lelo Sona is also very popular with more and more women, as the same function and effect can be expected here. Thanks to the easy purchase and the reasonable price, the article can be used accordingly quickly.

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Can the sound wave vibrator also be used under water?

Due to its special design and the cover made of waterproof silicone it can be assumed that the Sextoy can be used to 100 percent waterproof This means that the Sonic massager can also be used in the shower or even in the bathtub, but the temperature of the adult toy must always be taken into account, as the hot water in the shower or bathtub can cause the engine of the Lelo Sona to heat up and overheat.

In order not to risk damaging the sex toy, the use under warm water should be limited in time. 15 minutes to let the device cool down.

Is it advisable to use Lelo Sona lubricant?

According to the manufacturer Lelo, the effect of the Sonic sonic massager can be further enhanced by the use of lubricant, which can be applied either directly to the clitoris or also to the skin. acoustic wave head In both cases, the women describe the feeling as more intense when using Lelo Sona, but after using lubricant it is of course very important to clean the sex toy properly.

How to clean Lelo Sona correctly?

The best thing, of course, is always to clean the sex toy properly so that you can use the device for the massage each time without any preparations. warm water Due to the fact that the Lelo Sona is completely waterproof, no damage must be feared during this cleaning. neutral soap to remove all residues and dirt.

If you want to be absolutely sure that the adult toy will be clean, you can also use a antiseptics This ensures that all bacteria are also killed on the sound wave massager.

Can the toy also be used during sex?

Sex toys nowadays offer a wide range of uses, which means that they can no longer be used by women alone in their beds, and can also be used for sex, but in this case the design or shape of Lelo Sona is too large to be used directly during sexual intercourse. prelude or post-sex In addition, the woman does not have to use the product on her own, but can also use her boyfriend or girlfriend, the pressure wave vibrator.

How often can Lelo Sona be used?

The reason for this is that every woman reacts differently, but it can be assumed that Lelo Sona can be used for as long as desired. right spot can be found to multiple orgasms.

When using the device for more than one hour, it is important to ensure that it is permanently supplied with power and that the clitoris is not subjected to too much stress if, for example, the device is used for long periods of time. Redden, a break is recommended.

Where to see Lelo Sona in action?

Especially about YouTube there are some videos showing the operation of the device, it is especially important to know that in this case it will be not about a porn In the video ladies describe how the vibrators work, including Sona and Sona Cruise, making it easier for potential customers to make a purchase decision and, of course, new videos are added so that even more information can be viewed this way.

User reviews

I bought the Lelo Sona. The shipping went super fast and the packaging looked, just like the Sona itself, very high quality and noble. At first you have to try it out a bit. But once you have found the right setting for yourself, you will quickly reach orgasm!


In the low vibration ranges it is super quiet. Stronger vibrations are a bit louder. But there is nothing more to hear under the blanket. My conclusion is, I would recommend Lelo Sona in any case. He is really a great Toy. Lies well in the hand and is very smooth. I wish all ladies a lot of fun with it.


So our experiences with it are the hammer, I would never have thought real madness what happens there. The purchase Lelo Sona was worthwhile for us it is very often in use.

Claudia Schwarzensteiner