Best Remote Control Vibrators

Choose with us the best remote control vibrator in 2021

A remote controlled vibrator is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for every modern girl.

Such sex toys bring the desired variety into our lives. After reading this review, you can easily select the best remote control vibrator. Here is our rating.

We recommend buying only gadgets of proven brandsThese devices are always made from safe and neutral materials You can also be sure that the mechanism will work properly for many years

1. LYLA 2 by LELO

All sex toys of this brand are incredibly stylish. The combination of colors, textures, and shapes is just perfect.

And if you add to this multi-functional remote control with the function of motion, you get a super tech vibrator.

Features LELO best remote control vibrator

You will capture all the movements of your partner from a distance of several meters. Sensory sensors inside sex toys of this type are triggered to the sensors inside the remote control.


  • Quiet motor provides a delicate pleasure.
  • The waterproof design made this model the best remote control vibrator on the sex toy market.

  • The vibrating massager is charged from the mains, so you do not have to go to the store for batteries during pleasure.
  • Several stylish colors of these sex toys will surely find their fans.
  • Each next pattern is more active than the previous one. They are selected in such a manner as to imitate real sex consistently.


  • Premium quality cannot be cheap.

Customer Feedback

All LELO products, including this remote control vibrator, always have a brand case and USB charging cable included.

I like the size and shape of this personal massager. And the remote control works even from the opposite end of the room!

The smooth silicone material is delightful to feel on the skin. If you want your partner to dominate, this is a great way. For me, this is the best remote control vibrator!

2. We-Vibe Sync

This is the best remote control vibrator for couples.

The device was made in the form of a horseshoe, so it simultaneously affects the clitoris and the G spot.

Each tip is vibrating separately due to two motors.

What makes this massager the best among analogs?


  • The vibrator consists entirely of medical grade silicone, which does not rub the skin and does not cause unwanted reactions. Also, this material has a non-porous structure, so it does not undergo bacterial growth.
  • The vibrator stays in place when changing positions and until you remove it.

  • Each vibe has a different pattern and intensity for the best variety.
  • These sex toys are made from a single piece of silicone, so they are completely waterproof. Now you know what to do.
  • Remote controlled models can also be controlled using the buttons on the device.


  • Some women can only use this vibrator solo because of their size.
  • The remote control does not work through the wall.

  • Recharging takes longer than the period of active work.

Additional features

  • The mobile application allows you to simulate sex in any place where there is the Internet.
  • Try music mode. Now your favorite melody will cause not only nostalgia but also an orgasm!
  • Lots of features available via a smartphone have made this massager the best remote control vibrator for relationships from a distance.

Customer Feedback

I like this remote control vibrator that it is hushed. My boyfriend and I love using this toy in public.

This is the third option in our collection, and so far it is the best.

3. Lovense Lush 2

For my taste, this is the best remote control vibrator for preludes. You can even play in public places!

The form of this massager was designed, taking into account the female anatomy.

The outer part of the vibrator is so small that it is not visible even under thin clothing. The antenna is located in the outer tip, so the remote control works over a long distance. Even when you are sitting.


  • The free mobile application allows you to play with a lover from a distance. You can also use the patented vibration modes or create your own.
  • The controlled vibrator can synchronize with your favorite music. You can even activate a sex gadget using your voice!

  • The vibrator does not lose speed for three hours.
  • Soft silicone, which made the massager, safe for health.
  • The waterproof design of the vibrator makes it easy to clean or use in the shower.


  • For some girls, the size of the toy seems small.
  • The vibrator cannot be used for joint penetration.
  • The mobile application is compatible only with the latest generation of smartphones.

User Review

I like this remote control vibrator in its shape. It is very conveniently located.

You can walk freely when it is inside! With other gadgets, I did not succeed.

I do not know whether it is possible to use it in a cafe, it seems to me that at the next table people can hear it. And in the cinema, we played a couple of times with the guy, and everything was great! For me, this is the best option!

4. SVAKOM Elva Remote Control Vibrating Bullet Egg

Bullet models of massagers do not lose popularity due to their multifunctionality.

The streamlined shape and compact size allow you to stimulate the clitoris and find the G spot quickly.


  • This is the best sex toy in the selected segment.
  • Five diverse modes and five speeds will give you an unforgettable experience.
  • The massager has a small weight so that it will become your best friend in travel.


  • The massager has a not very convenient shape, which does not correspond to the anatomical parameters.
  • For some women, the size of the toy seems small.
  • Vibrator extraction gum looks unreliable.

  • You can control the massager with just a separate part.
  • The design is not entirely waterproof. The device can not damage the powerful jets of water, but you need to wipe the USB with a cloth after cleaning.
  • A full charge lasts 90 minutes.

User Review

I like all the patterns in this gadget. I especially like the proprietary mode, which is activated by the s button.

It does not bother me that the control massager is possible only with the help of its second part. On the contrary, it is excellent that you can lie down, relax, and just press buttons. Otherwise, I would have to reach the central part of the toy.

5. Vibease Remote Control Vibrator

This model can be worn under any underwear.

The specific form of this massager fits comfortably on the clitoris and does not move when you walk.

Unless of course, you do not wear micro thongs.


  • Control your pleasure by yourself or entrust it to the protagonist of the novel.
  • Three hours of powerful vibrations are always available to you after fast charging.

  • You do not need to control the ingress of water into the mechanism, as it is entirely waterproof.


  • The massager is too big to be invisible. You can not wear them in jeans or shorts, only in a reasonably wide dress.

  • For some women, the protruding part of the massager is too rough. If you prefer a delicate effect or are simply very sensitive, you will have to adjust to this model for a long time.
  • The price of the device is slightly higher than the average in this niche.

User Review

I was surprised that, depending on the actions of the characters or even the musical accompaniment of an audiobook, the intensity and speed of vibrations change!

It seems that this is the hero of the story got control of me. It looks very realistic!

Why do people need vibrators with a remote control?

Most often, these gadgets are used by people who are prone to games of domination.

If you had similar fantasies, then be sure to try some model from our list.

This is a very sophisticated game when you trust your partner to your pleasure. He can tease you by going back. How many approaches can you take?

Sex toys that can synchronize through a mobile application, choose couples living far from each other. If you or your partner often leave for business trips, an intelligent vibrator will help you relive the temporary separation easier.

Such toys are also often used by couples who have been married for many years.

When partners in sex have tried all poses and places to get the desired variety, “smart” toys are great. Here again, the question of trust appears. You can also check how well your partner knows your body. How fast can he lead you to the finish line?


At the end of our review, we want to emphasize that your health should always be in the first place.

Choose any model from our rating and experiment! We wish you a hot night and a good time. And if you have any questions about any of the models described, be sure to ask our team!