Womanizer Pro 40 For Orgasm: Review Vibrator – How To Use

What is the Womanizer Pro40?

The first time I saw a picture of this sex toy, I thought, “How can this thing satisfy me?” It doesn’t look like a conventional vibrator or dildo, but the descriptions sounded interesting. Vacuum generated suction and a pulsation allegedly stimulate the clitoris and bring every woman to orgasm.


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This sounds very promising and my curiosity about the Womanizer Pro40 was aroused, but how does it feel on my own body?! My Womanizer Pro40 experiences I would now like to share with you.

What does the stimulation device look like and how is it handled??

That design is inconspicuousg and you don’t really know what it is from the outside. it looks interesting, but it looks rather boring to me because of the simple white. but that’s an absolute matter of taste..

When I picked up the Womanizer Pro40 for the first time, I thought “it’s easy to hold”, I couldn’t feel any unpleasant edges that might get in the way and I couldn’t even feel it. stock has turned pleasing Especially the cap, which serves to stimulate the clitoris, is made of soft silicone..


In the heat of battle, it’s practically not a long time before you feel like it, a on/off button and a button with + and – for strength regulation. simple handling This way I can play with my lust and regulate myself when I reach the climax. 8 different levels you or your partner should also find the right strength for you.

Another big advantage is that the Womanizer Pro40 can also be integrated into the bath tub or under the shower The result, he makes some strange noises under water, he gurgles very loudly, but as soon as you put it on he gets a little quieter, I was a little irritated by the noises at the beginning, I just turned on some music and enjoyed the rest of the time in the water..

How often can the Womanzier Pro40 be used??

My test showed that the sex boy was basically in perpetuity If you have just had the first climax, you can continue the stimulation directly to experience another climax, but in this case it is of course important not to overdo it by using the stimulator, but every woman will be able to decide for herself which application is appropriate for her without any problems..

If, for example, during the application of the lay-on vibrator it should become irritations or rashes A good tip in this case is to use a lubricant This not only ensures that the application feels better, but also reduces the strain on the clitoris, leaving it up to the women to decide which lubricant to use..

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How does the pressure wave vibrator feel??

At first the feeling was rather unusual for me, but once you get used to the feeling, it’s not that bad. grandiose. The stimulation by pressure waves, but without direct contact by which clit I hadn’t really imagined before..

The decisive advantage over conventional vibrators is that there is no over-stimulation, as the Womanizer Pro40 has the pleasure pearl contact-free stimulated. That way you can use it several times in a row without any problems. several times in succession come to be able.

Even if you are one of those women who is very sensitive, sextoy can be a good alternative for you and I have found that I don’t need the highest levels or can be too much, but just try it out.!

How’s the orgasm with the wonder toy? ?

The highlight is easy for me to reach with the Womanizer Pro40 and a sure thing: even on days when it’s hard to relax, this toy can help me to reach the climax, the different levels of strength control can slowly increase the feeling of pleasure or you can drive yourself to the climax very quickly, both are wonderfully possible..

This toy is ideal for women who mainly come by touching the clitoris, and I sometimes need additional vaginal stimulation by using either fingers or a dildo, which can be combined with the Womanizer Pro40, where you can let your imagination run wild and try out how to achieve the best orgasm.!

How loud is the Womanizer Pro40?

womanizer pro40 Erfahrungen einer Frau in der Hängematte

The lower intensity levels are quite loud, but the higher levels are very loud, but the big advantage is that it doesn’t sound like a vibrator. tested at the campsiteand you heard him through the tent. I just told myself nobody knows what was going on. Could be an electric toothbrush or something. It took a lot of humor..

home it is not audible behind closed doors It should also be noted that the volume of the Sex-Toy is reduced as soon as it is used; the humming in the hand is still quite loud, but as soon as the vibrator is put on, the volume decreases significantly, so that the stimulator can also be used in the higher intensity levels without being really annoying..

How to clean the Womanizer Pro40?

The cleaning and thus sanitation The silicone cap can be removed and cleaned normally, so it is best to simply rinse the cap under running water, the toy itself can also be cleaned under running water, as the case is completely waterproof, and it may also be worth the effort to clean it. neutral soap (cleaner for sex toys) to thoroughly remove most bacteria and residues from the silicone..

Afterwards, the vibrator has to be cleaned with a clean cloth or kitchen roll to dry and if desired with a antiseptics The silicone cap, on the other hand, can be treated with a Silicone care products This is the best way to clean the Womanizer Pro40 after each use..

Who is the Womanizer Pro40 for??

The decisive factor here is how the woman otherwise comes to orgasms. clitoral arousal to climax If the orgasm is only possible by vaginal stimulation, the question is whether additional contact of the clitoris gives the woman a very good feeling..

Also suitable for couples

For couples There are positions, e.g. when riding backwards, where an additional Excitation of the clitoris I can highly recommend this to you after my practical test. I had to lean back a little with my upper body, but then it was simply ingenious.

But even so, your boyfriend/girlfriend can satisfy you with the toy or it in the Pre- or Postlude My dear men and women, just be creative.!

Where to buy the wonder toy?

Unfortunately, the Womanizer Pro40 is no longer available because the model has been discontinued. Womanizer Pro40 used In this case, however, customers must decide whether they really want to use the Sex-Toy second-hand; if this is the case, thorough cleaning and use of disinfectants is recommended and alternatives to the Womanizer Pro40 can be purchased, these are alternatives:

  • Womanizer Pro
  • Womanizer +size
  • Satisfy
  • Womanizer 2go

You can buy these clitoral stimulators for example on Amazon, by Eis.de or AmoAll three shops offer a good selection of sex toys, so that it is easy to find the right vibrator, so customers can easily find out about each shop and get a picture of all the products by contacting professionals to ask questions about the sex toys or to get help with their orders..

After the purchase of a desired pressure wave vibrator, not only a fast shipping, but a discreet delivery This means, for example, that Amazon uses the normal package so that no one recognizes that this is a sex toy that has been ordered. trade names on the parcels to guarantee a discreet delivery.

How the Womanizer Pro40 works

The Toys of Womanizer work with the so-called “Pleasure Air Technology”, which, for a perfect contactless application In this case it is important that the stimulation head is placed on the clitoris of the woman in such a way that the pleasure pearl is completely surrounded As soon as the lay-on vibrator is switched on, the technology ensures that the clitoris is gently sucked in, so that you experience the desired stimulation through pressure waves and a gentle rhythm when sucking..

A higher level ensures that the “Pleasure Air Technology” sucks in the pleasure pearl more strongly or, in other words, that a softer massage After the first application, it is easy to determine which level is the right one for a high quality application, and some women like to start slowly at first and then increase the intensity until the climax occurs.

The Womanizer Pro40 comes complete without a USB cable A cable must only be connected when charging in order to charge the on-lay vibrator via the power socket or on the computer via USB port..

What are the advantages of the Womanizer Pro40 compared to normal vibrators??

The biggest difference is that the stimulation is completely non-contact, which has the advantage that the clitoris is not stressed by touching, but is gently applied and can be described as precise, so it does not take long for the Womanizer Pro40 to find the right position, but the fun can begin right away..

This is an important and not negligible advantage, especially for women who have not yet reached their climax, and everyone has the right to a fulfilled love life, which everyone can achieve with the right Womanizer products, so even multiple orgasms in a row are no problem:

  • Attractive design
  • Easy handling
  • Pleasant skin feeling
  • Long running time

Thus the Womanizer Pro40 is certainly suitable for every lady..

What are women’s experiences with Womanizer products??

In 2018 it will be possible through many contact points to learn about the experiences of other women with the Sex toys As an example, you can name forums, blogs or even Amazon’s reviews, and it’s best not only to my judgement but also other private individuals who were kind enough to write down their experiences..

Many women report that they have never had such an intense orgasm as with this product and that many of their customers are excited about how easy and fast the purchase of the vibrators was possible, whether via Amazon or other suppliers, a fair price and fast shipping can be expected, sometimes it only takes one or two working days until the Toy was delivered..

Furthermore, it should not be neglected in the evaluations that many women are enthusiastic about the easy transport, although the Womanizer Pro40 can also be used for smaller models such as the 2go taken almost everywhere So you can not only experience stimulation in your bed, but also flexibly in many places, which can increase your desire accordingly, naming different locations like your friend’s apartment if you are not yet living together, so you can quickly forget the stress of everyday life if you can use the Womanizer Pro40 almost everywhere..

What are the further developments and new generations of Womanizer for 2018??

The company Womanizer always works on bringing new sex toys to the market, which differ among other things in the following aspects:

  • fare
  • functionalities
  • appearance
  • stimulation

A particularly good example is the Womanizer 2go. This small model looks like a lipstick and can therefore be used discreetly for stimulation, bearing in mind that all products offer customers the same advantages and high-quality properties that are common with Womanizer Pro40. craftsmanship and the high-quality grade are to be named here. But also the powerful engine and the good technique the stimulator should not be neglected.

This way, women can continue to buy the blast wave vibrators they like best in 2018, and it’s best to keep up to date with specialist pages or the Amazon, Eis.de or Amorelie shop, where the latest developments are presented and can be bought quickly. simultaneous tests to the newest Toys, in order to always experience the best application.


My personal result is that I don’t want to do without the Womanizer Pro40 in my nightstand anymore. blast waves without direct friction I feel as very pleasant and prepares a great pleasure.

I can recommend the Womanizer Pro40 to any woman who is very familiar with the Excitation of the clitoris or mainly due to the fact that the toy also benefits from mating can be used, it is not only for singles.


Cheaper alternative to Womanizer Pro40?

An alternative at a lower price, the Satisfy However, the biggest disadvantage of the Satisfyer compared to the Womanizer models is the poorer level control by only one button..

How long does the battery last?

The Womanizer Pro40 lasts about four hours in continuous operation, which is enough time to have fun with the device for a few days at a time..

Is the Womanizer Pro40 waterproof?

The toy is 100% waterproof and can easily be taken into the bathtub and shower, which also helps to clean the toy so that no electronic components are damaged and even when connected to the USB cable, no water can penetrate..

User reviews

My wife was very surprised. Womanizer Pro40 generates orgasm automatically, 5-10 seconds and done. It’s not a substitute for sex, but it’s still fun.


Womanizer Pro 40 came quickly and easily, cleaning is uncomplicated and it rarely needs to be connected to the power cable. It’s great, I can only recommend it!


Womanizer Pro40 works in such a way that it has an exciting effect. Levels 1 & 2 are already sufficient to produce a pleasant arousal. The use of the device can be optimized in cooperation with the partner.