8 Best Male Masturbator: Review Super Toys

Now you are certainly curious about the different masturbators that can be bought in erotic shops and on the Internet?

Not all that easy; because with these sextoys there is quite a lot of variety. But here, too, everyone has a different taste and, above all, individual ideas. Whether hypermodern or conservative, with a tingling inner life or disposable… the masturbators always make you want more.

So just take a look around and let one or the other of the masturbators presented here work on you. Then we’ll see if we can find the best masturbator for you.

Today’s market have thousands of different sex toys for menThe toys offer an array of satisfying sexual sensations An opportunity to select a few of toys and to review them here

Top 8 Male Masturbators in 2021

1. Fun Factory Cobra Libre

The Cobra Libre is one of the best and best-known masturbators

First of all: These pleasure grottos are available in different designs and of course also in different price scales. From more or less lifelike pussy masturbators to well-designed high-tech toys like the Cobra Libre 2 from Fun Factory, the current market offers a huge selection.

From the discreet pocket pussy, through sex toys in eggs, can or torch design to love dolls, everything is available that man(s) desires and undoubtedly promises tingling stimulation.

Particularly tight, but still stretchy, these parts are suitable for almost everyone. You should decide which masturbator is best for you based on your specific preferences.

With the code shown in the picture you get a 10% discount on your purchase in the online shop of Fun Factory.

Of course, appearance, material and above all size also play a role (as with your best piece). They are also available in many different price ranges: From less than 20€ to well over 100€ everything is possible.

The most popular pocket pussies are often those made of particularly soft and realistic materials (e.g. cyberskin) with skin-like properties (see next section).

They differ primarily in the application type. There are e.g. pure acorn vibrators, toys with which real birds can be simulated well, masturbators with mains connection, which take over the work completely for you, etc.

With some models you can even increase your stamina and train your sexual endurance (such as the Fleshlight S.T.U.). Some masturbators are suitable for the fast number, while others require a little more time and patience.

2. Autoblow 2

Brand new on the market is this high-tech tool from the forge of Brian Sloan, which was financed by crowdfunding.

Mr. Sloan had thus expected and planned considerably more financial means than originally: Over $200,000 instead of $45,000.

Meaning: There is definitely a big demand for such a sextoy.

Inside this unusual masturbator is a powerful industrial engine that moves an internal suspension up and down to simulate a blowjob.

So this thing is more or less fully automatic. All you have to do is plug it in, insert your thing, turn it on and set the speed; that’s it. The toy does the rest for you.

A sleeve made of skin-like and realistic material, which is available in three different (penis) sizes, is inserted into this suspension.

The Autoblow 2 receives power via the socket; the speed of the movements is infinitely variable at the base of the device.

But of course the whole technology makes this toy much more expensive.

Autoblow 2 Features:

  • Blowjob Simulator for 3 different penis sizes.
  • Infinitely variable up and down movement.
  • hands-free stimulation possible.
  • lifelike material for an authentic feeling.
  • is supplied with power via the socket.
  • easy to clean.

3. Tenga Egg

These eggs are a very practical invention of the well-known manufacturer “Tenga”, which has specialized in this sex toy sector.

Why practical? Because they are intended for single use. After use, they are not cleaned, dried and stowed away like others, but instead end up in the garbage.

This is not especially eco-friendly, but for beginners who simply want to get a taste of it, it is a good opportunity. They are even supplied with the appropriate lubricant.

Of course, they can use them several times by simply using them together with a condom. I don’t find it so tingling.

A single egg is available for less than 5 €. But there are also sets of several eggs with different inner life.

And for all those who still want to spend less, this article is certainly helpful: build pussy yourself.

While we’re at Tenga’s: Your”real” masturbators, such as the Flip Hole, are becoming more and more popular and will certainly be closely examined in one of our masturbator tests in the near future. The Flip Hole are in my opinion almost not like a pocket pussy, but more like some wicked technical invention; a music player or something…

4. Fleshlight

Also very popular and at the top of every masturbator test: The Fleshlight

It doesn’t always have to be vaginal or anal: A blowjob is not to be sneezed at in sex either.

Of course, some manufacturers specialize in masturbators that are supposed to simulate exciting oral sex. Soft lips, a tongue to pamper and internal massage nubs, what more could you want…

The Blowjob Toys take a special position in solo sex: Stretchy, but definitely tight, this masturbator variant sext you into a nirvana of absolute ecstasy.

Blowjob Masturbator “Ice Mouth Crystal”

In the masturbator’Ice Mouth Crystal’ shown here, the desire channel consists of several chambers with differently shaped stimulants.

The Fleshlight shown here is also available with a vaginal and an anal opening instead of a mouth opening. But not only the opening is different, but also the inner life varies a lot, so that there is something for every taste.

In addition, there are now many different lifelike reproductions of the genitals of real porn stars, such as Christy Mack.

Most Fleshlights also have a small hole at the end of the toy, with which you can adjust the strength of the negative pressure. This allows you to create a vacuum, as is also present in a blowjob, for example, and thus further intensify the stimulation.

I never last long with the Fleshlights, it feels so good in them.

Fleshlights are currently at the top of the bestsellers. Thousands of customers can’t be wrong. Here you usually get TOP quality at a reasonable price.

Features of the Fleshlight :

  • made of soft, cuddly and skin-like SuperSkin.
  • extra narrow channel.
  • realistic and realistic replica.
  • Channel consists of variously shaped “sections”.
  • inconspicuous, because closed optics like a flashlight.
  • Creates a realistic vacuum effect when used.

5. Lustmuschi Lifelike Pussy

An almost real looking vagina is ideal for nature lovers who love real pleasure. These often small and handy pieces are made of particularly slippery material and often look deceptively like real pussy.

Your glove channel is usually provided with grooves or nubs, which should have a particularly strong effect on the stimulation. To make them even more attractive, sometimes a vibro-egg is integrated.

There are artificial pussies that you hold in your hand while masturbating, but also those that you put down and then “fuck”. I prefer the latter.

Here I also respect as life-size reproductions as possible and prefer which, where as much Po as possible is illustrated. I put them in front of me on my very high box spring bed, lubricate them properly and push them. In my opinion, that’s what real sex feels like.

For a really good and big model you will quickly be over 100 €. But it’s worth it.

Properties of Lustmuschi to go :

  • lifelike and life-size replica.
  • mostly anal AND vaginal usable.
  • often made of skin-like cyberskin or similar material.

6. Mandy’s Doggy Style – Anal Masturbator

Sex through your backyard? A little especially seductive butt, in which you would like to get involved?

No problem, because an anal masturbator will certainly get you going.

Here, too, the feeling should be convincing due to the high-tech material, which should be especially reinforced by the narrow channel.

These models are available with and without vibro function.

Properties of this masturbator type:

  • full, lifelike buttocks with narrow anus.
  • two vibro-eggs are included and can be controlled separately.
  • made of skin-like and realistic cyberskin.
  • robust and hard-wearing.
  • with warm water even more realistic.

7. Love Doll Fuck me Silly

Not all of these dolls look really inviting. But the higher-priced ones are sometimes so hot… that makes you want to “try out” these hot brides.

A nice selection of the frivolous sex dolls is usually worth a small detour into this area.

The handling alone should whet the appetite for more: Good grip comfort paired with several pleasure channels give you and your best piece the optimal feeling.

You can use the hot sex dolls for all positions, just as you need it.

And the nice thing about it: Unlike some women, these things can do anything…

Characteristics of the love dolls:

  • lifelike and life-size replica.
  • mostly anal and vaginal usable.
  • made of skin-like cyberskin.

8. BigTeaze Spanker

Relatively new on the masturbator market: The Spanker .

With this little chic Sextoy you collect completely new masturbation experiences. With the Spanker you can let off steam completely hands-free.

The handling is very simple (see funny video): You open the plastic bowl, apply a little lubricant to the small cushions, close them again and then insert your best piece between the two cushions.

You control the stimulation intensity with your handshake. The Spanker can be used solo as well as with your partner.

It is available in three different versions: Bumpy, Smooth, Wavy. These only differ in the shape of the integrated cushions. There are already models with integrated vibration from other manufacturers. It’s not mine, but maybe you like it?

Spanker properties:

  • Exceptional design.
  • Soft cushions made of foam or water-based.
  • Controllable stimulation.
  • Removable and exchangeable cushions.

Which pocket pussies perform well in the masturbator test?

Sad but true: Many pocket pussies and other masturbation helpers are not exactly in the spotlight because of their ingredients.

That’s why it makes sense to take a look at one or the other masturbator test before you buy. With a little luck you should find the best masturbator for you.

Among other things you get here hints how to clean the pussies best. Hygiene is also a top priority in our masturbator tests. If the tested Sextoy is difficult to clean or to handle, there are merciless deductions in the rating.

More masturbators: reader suggestions!

Some readers have e-mailed me in the last few weeks with the names of other popular masturbators they have in use. I have taken this as an opportunity to select a few of them and to show them here without going into them in detail.

User reviews

This device has so much power and different modes that you can always come. The best purchase in a long time in this field. I can only recommend the Cobra Libre ll to any man. Clear purchase recommendation. The battery runs for over 1 hour when fully charged. TOP!


I used Autoblow 2 for about an hour so gave it a chance and then had the orgasm of my life (5 years single). And the volume is also perfectly acceptable, I mean it’s clear that a motor makes noises but you don’t scare the neighbours, so everything’s fine.


Very discreet, well packed and inexpensive Tenga Eggs. The description step by step is great, just a little bit written in small letters. But once done, always remembered! Super feelings when putting on, very elastic and after use very fast and discreet to remove.