Best Prostate Massager

How to escape from the routine and bring new bright moments into your intimate life? How to achieve new heights of pleasure or just care for your health?

Now prostate treatment is a pleasant male experience. If you have been visited by such thoughts, then it’s time to visit a sex shop.

There are lots of kinds of anal vibrators, but they have only 2 tasks: to make stimulation of nerve endings in the anus vicinity and to create unforgettable feelings by filling the anus to narrow the vulva. There is a scroll of the best massagers for prostate that can help everybody to determine the “P” point (prostate). It has pleasant material and vibrates softly inside.

The pen extension controls penetration. And the ribbed surface stimulates the anal walls too.

Stimulate a man's prostate in time of intimate couple games if a man doesn't mind getting such pleasure from his girlfriendDo this procedure with special toys or instead of masturbation It`s touch and friction of the prostate gland, that causes a very strong delight

1. HUGO™ by LELO

It makes orgasm more dramatically. It is able to make culmination over-emotional and enchanting.

Hugo is easy in control (with help of remote control).

Characteristics of the device

  • Wireless — convenient to use regardless of location and electricity availability.
  • Includes Motion Control feature for better pleasure.

Additional benefits of HUGO

  • Save construction.
  • Warranty for 1 year.

  • Easy charge.
  • Waterproof — don’t be afraid of using it even in the bath or shower.


Price of the massager is high (approximately €200).


I didn’t reach the top of the orgasm at once, but my partner rated Hugo as the best. The first several times, I tried Hugo. But it was just pleasant.

Then I understood how to use it right to myself, and felt full satisfaction. Now I find new points and peaks of pleasure every time. This is just an astonishing massager! How did I live without Hugo? 😉

The intensity of this device is so big, like a hurricane. You can enjoy different modes with remote by pressing a button. What can be better than Hugo? Probably nothing.

It has a perfect size: not huge and not tiny. The material is very good. I can readily thrust it and get out. But there is a drawback – if you walk, it will slip out of you.

2. Ditto by We‑Vibe™

Satisfy each other wherever you are with Ditto. This plug has 10 different vibrations from low to rumbly.

Everyone can choose an available mode for your own excitement.

Why Ditto?

  • Remote control for comfortable using in a relaxed posture.
  • 2 hours of work without recharging. And you do not have to go to the store for buying disposable batteries.

  • Instead of remote control, Ditto can be controlled using an application on the phone.
  • The best warranty: 2 years


  • Charging with using USB cable, which is not included with the product.
  • Costliness.


Pros. Made anatomically. It doesn’t cause discomfort. It is not felt inside. The surface is seamless, smooth, the stopper is much more reliable than others have.

You can move quite actively with Ditto and don’t worry that it will slip away)

The remote control is convenient if you do not like unnecessary troubles with applications on the phone. The remote is always at hand. The application can receive commands from chat, messages, voice.

Fully justified its high cost! Cons. I always lost my USB, it`s a pity that I have to buy it additionally(((

3. Hush by Lovense

You can satisfy your lover from anywhere in the world with this anal device!

Satisfaction is possible even at a table in a cafe, at the workplace or in any other place where your imagination comes up!


  • The spiral on the neck of Hush helps to remove the vibrator easily from the perineum, cleaning it from excess lubrication.

  • Warranty for 1 year.
  • Waterproof.

  • Work from 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • There are 2 sizes of plug: diameter 38 mm and 44.5 mm.


  • You don`t have any remote control. It requires the owner to have a suitable version of the phone or Bluetooth.

  • You need to have a USB Bluetooth adapter from Lovense for controlling the device from a computer.
  • The remote control is only possible with the Internet.


Vibrating plug is great! Silicone is delicate. It is comfortable in daily using! The best to control it with a smartphone. Also, use in sex!

Convenient and fast connection, the application isn`t glitched. The device is very soft to touch and vibrates like a crazy bee) You can download the patterns of other users, which was pleasantly surprised.

Is it suitable for such disease as prostate? This vibrator has a drop-shaped form created to excite. You are definitely right, the vibration will affect that anal place of the body, but not as directed as during a massage procedure. If someone wants to do the massage to treat the prostate, then We Vibe-Ditto will do better.

4. Aneros Helix Syn Trident Series Silicone

The best thing for everyone. Your intimate life will get a lot of bright colors. Everybody who uses it will be at the top of pleasure.

Soft silicone touches your perineum pleasantly, giving you real satisfaction. For wellness purposes, I use a male massager even without hands. New experiments and extraordinary experience are guaranteed with Aneros Helix Syn.

Initially, the company has made medical products, so having a professional approach, retrained in the invention of sex toys.

Description of device

  • Fast delivery (even the next day).
  • Low price, approximately $70.
  • Warranty for 1 year.


  • Without vibrating function.
  • Need to do all the actions by yourself.
  • Required more effort than expected.
  • The top isn’t pointy.


I like: quality is excellent and materials too. I got it in a stylish box. As for me, Helix Syn is the easiest Aneros, to begin with. It is easy to thrust and the form is perfect.

I see Aneros are so pleasant to use in sex or other satisfaction. I think the thing should be used without any actions with the penis.

The aim is to get a non-ejaculatory culmination. Such orgasms are better, different than usual. The anal satisfaction is more powerful and lasts longer than a traditional ejaculatory orgasm.

I don’t like: required some practice, slow progress. And it`s small for people with big experience (dislike from my partner). Also, the silicone of massager smells a little.

5. Adam & Eve 3 Point Prostate Massager

10 types of vibration make you flit of joy.

The male and, of course, the female massager is created for the excitation of 3 points and it is quite deep, so it`s proper for every lover: a beginner and a person with experience.

Two engines stimulate the perineum inside and out, giving double pleasure!

Benefits of product

  • The best seller among this type of goods, over 10000 sold.
  • Low price, approximately $70.
  • The vibrating mechanism inside and outside.


  • I was poorly served in this company.
  • Delivery is not fast.
  • Requires good lubricant.
  • Size is enormous for some people.
  • It`s inconvenient to apply for newbies — never hit the intended spots.


The vibrating device is the best for my wife she has ever used. From the first minutes she got a climax of sexual excitement, and after it — the second.

But I had to apply it approximately 10 times and completely discharged the battery until I finally felt an orgasm.

It doesn’t quite fit my anatomy, stimulates the wrong points. I can’t use it completely without hands, because I want lots of sensations. And when I`m sitting in the bath, the part of the device rubs the bath surface.

I hope it is just the beginning of my way with massager, and I will adapt.

Questions and answers

What is the content ‘prostatitis’?

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland (better known by the Latin name ‘prostate’). This organ is only in men.

And its main function is the production of a special secret, which, mixing with spermatozoa, forms seminal fluid.

An infection in the prostate does not necessarily cause inflammation.

Additional factors that cause prostate disease

  • infection of the perineum;
  • general hypothermia;
  • chronic constipation;
  • ‘chair’ work;
  • ‘sofa’ lifestyle in general;

  • prolonged sexual abstinence;
  • excessive sexual life;
  • the chronic focus of infection in the body;
  • previous urological infections and sexually transmitted diseases;
  • chronic stress, overwork, lack of sleep, overtraining and similar conditions that reduce the body’s resistance.

What is important in using it?

There has to be a stopper in the lower part of the object to protect the thing to disappear inside.

Between the stopper and the main one – a narrow part (if you wish not to expand the sphincter more than one time).

You should use a quality lubricant, otherwise, the process won`t be pleasant for you.