Choosing the Best Fleshlight Sleeve: Pocket Pussy Reviews

How to get the best Fleshlight sleeve and which experience do men have with the sex toys?

What is a Fleshlight sleeve?

It is a highly effective sex toy for that helps men with masturbation. To be precise, Fleshlight is an American brand that produces the best sex toys for men.

Each Fleshlight sleeve consists of two components: a solid plastic case that resembles a large torch (hence the name) and an insert made of soft skin-like material.

The opening of the insert is usually modelled on a vagina. Some models also have an opening designed as a mouth or anus replica. Inside the insert is a tubular channel that surrounds the man’s penis as he enters.

The channels of the different fleshlights have different structures and thus offer a different masturbation experience.

An exciting new development is the Fleshlight Launch – an attachment that can be connected to VR glasses via Bluetooth and turns a masturbation experience in an unprecedented realism.

A Fleshlight is a highly effective sex toy for menThe opening of the insert is usually modelled on a vagina Some models also have an opening designed as a mouth or anus replica

The best use of a fleshlight sleeve

First of all, it is important to bring the insert of the pocket pussy to a comfortable temperature with the help of warm water or the fleshwarmer. Afterwards, a suitable lubricant must be used, e.g. Fleshlight Lube Water. Not every lubricant is suitable for use with pocket pussies. You should therefore pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications. The lubricant is applied to the opening of the Fleshlight and slightly in the entrance area of the insert and, if desired, to the penis.

After the penetration of the hard cock into the Fleshlight, there are hardly any limits to the user’s imagination. For example, the Fleshlight can be placed on a table or washbasin and actively penetrated. Alternatively, you can make yourself comfortable on the bed or the sofa and move the pocket pussy up and down on the erect penis. It can also be particularly exciting to pull the penis completely out of the Fleshlight and then penetrate deep into it again the next moment.

To facilitate an all-round successful masturbation experience, a Fleshlight sleeve offers various mountings. For example, the pussy can be securely attached to the shower wall with the Shower Mount or finds its place directly under a tablet with the launchpad, on which of course a nice and stimulating film can be played.

An interesting possibility to use the Fleshlight is the accessory VStroker. This is a motion-sensitive adapter that can be screwed to the rear of the masturbator. Together with the porn movies specially made for the Vstroker, you can enjoy interactive porn movies in which the action on the screen is directly adjusted to the up and down movements of the pocket pussy.

4 Best Fleshlight Sleeve Models in 2021

In the following, I will go into all three major product categories in more detail.

1. Fleshlight Stoya Destroya

The best Fleshlight sleeve from this series is e.g. the Stoya Destroya, which is based on the vagina of the well-known erotic star Stoya.

Often different girls’ pocket pussies are also offered as a combination pack. For example, there is the Heavenly Obsession Pack with the pussy prints of Jessica Drake and Jenna Haze.

2. Fleshlight Tori Black

The channels Lotus and Mini Lotus are available in combination with the vagina print of many well-known porn stars like Tori Black and convey very authentically the feeling of a real pussy.

3. Ice

The mastubators of the Ice Edition are completely transparent like glass, so that you can see exactly what is going on inside the Fleshlight during masturbation.

The Ice pocket pussy is therefore also a pleasure in design and visually enlarges the penis in the inner canal.

She is therefore also well suited for an erotic foreplay with a partner. The inserts of the Ice series all have the crystal structure and are available with three different openings (vagina, anus and neutral).

4. Fleshlight Launch

The Launch offers a completely new masturbation experience that comes very close to virtual reality. This is a small tubular sensor that is screwed onto the back of the Fleshlight and then connected to the home PC via Bluetooth.

The pornography developed especially for the Launch interactively adapts to the speed of the movements of the Fleshlight. So you can directly control the action on the screen and e.g. the speed of a blowjob or the pacing the actress in the movie is taken up with.

The Launch allows probably the best simulation of real sex available today.

How does the Fleshlight sleeve work?

The Fleshlight is very easy to use. First, rinse the inner channel and the opening of the Sextoy with warm water and bring it to a pleasant body temperature. (Alternatively, the specially manufactured Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer can be used to heat the insert.

Then the opening and the inside are slightly moistened with the lubricant to allow a pleasant penetration. We strongly recommend using the special Fleshlight lubricant FleshLube Water.

Finally, the user inserts his stiff penis into the pocket pussy and the fun can begin. Depending on your personal taste, you can actively push the pussy (more like sex) or move the pussy up and down with your hand on your penis (feels more like a blowjob).

The inner structure of the Fleshlight can be designed very differently. For example, completely smooth structures are available, but textures with numerous nips, grooves or pencils, which naturally offer a much more intensive masturbation experience due to the stronger stimulation of the penis shaft and the glans. The world’s most popular Fleshlight inner channel is the Stamina Training Insert, which feels like a real vagina and can be used to improve sexual stamina.

Best Fleshlight Sleeve Toys vs. Real Sex

The manufacturer of the Fleshlight has been researching for years to develop a material that in combination with lubricant is in no way inferior to the feeling of real sex.

Most customers say that the feeling is indeed extremely pleasant and as far as the pure feeling on the tail is concerned it is often almost more intense than real sex when a good insert like the Stamina Training Insert is used.

Another inner channel that is particularly close to the feeling of real sex is the channel of the Lotus insert. The maturing feeling with the best pocket pussies from Fleshlight is in any case many times more intense than masturbation by hand can ever be.

Materials Matter

The Fleshlight inserts are made of the so-called Real Feel Superskin material. It is a soft, very stretchy and extremely supple coming very close to the feeling of human skin. The interior of most Fleshlight sleeve products is painted in pink with realistic skin tones.

The insert is absolutely odourless, stores heat very well and is very wear-resistant when cared for properly. The Real Feel Superskin material is absolutely harmless to health.

Fleshlight Girls

One of the greatest successes of the Fleshlight brand is the Fleshlight Girls series. The openings of the pocket pussy of this series are made after prints taken directly from the vaginas of famous porn stars. Many of the pussies also have special internal channels that pamper the penis in a very unique way.

The Fleshlight sleeve channel of Swallow is available in combination with the lip imprints of various stars and offers a very realistic imitation of a blowjob.

The channel Forbidden is available in combination with anus prints of many different erotic actresses and simulates the feeling of anal sex.

Besides these four Fleshlight channels, which are available with many different Fleshlight Girl openings, there are numerous Fleshlight inserts, which are only available in combination with the body openings of a certain star. The inner channels Destroya with Stoya’s pussy, Obsession with Jenna Hazes’ pussy and Tease with Tera Patrick’s pussy are among the most successful.

In the following table, I have summarized all available Fleshlight Girl sleeve masturbators for you. My special recommendations are highlighted in bold:

Fleshlight Girl orifices Fleshlight inserts
Alexis Texas Pussy, anus Outlaw, Texas Tornado
Angela White Pussy, anus Indulge, Entice
Anikka Albrite Pussy, anus Goddess, Siren
Ariel pussy Primal, Vortex, Lotus, Mini Lotus
Asa Akira Pussy, mouth, anus Dragon, Lotus, Mini Lotus, Swallow, Forbidden
Bibi Jones Pussy, mouth, anus Bi-Hive, Lotus, Mini Lotus, Swallow, Forbidden
Carla Cox pussy Primal, Vortex, Lotus, Mini Lotus
Christy Mack Pussy, anus Attack, Booty
Eva Lovia pussy anus Sugar, Spice.
Euphrates May pussy Primal, Vortex, Lotus, Mini Lotus
Jenna Haze Pussy, anus Obsession, lust
Jenna Jameson pussy legend
Jesse Jane Pussy, mouth, anus Gauntlet, Lotus, Mini Lotus, Swallow, Forbidden
Jessica Drake Pussy, mouth, anus Heavenly, Lotus, Mini Lotus, Swallow, Forbidden
Joanna Angel Pussy, anus Misfit, Punk
Katsuni pussy Lotus Garden, Lotus, Mini Lotus
Kayden Crispbread pussy Bookworm, Lotus, Mini Lotus
Lisa Ann Pussy, mouth, anus Barracuda, Lotus, Mini Lotus, Swallow, Forbidden
Marry Queen pussy Primal, Vortex, Lotus, Mini Lotus
misty stone Pussy, mouth, anus Bump N Grind, Lotus, Mini Lotus, Swallow, Forbidden
Nicole Aniston pussy Fit
Nina Hartley pussy Cougar, Lotus, Mini Lotus
Nikki Benz Pussy, anus MVP (Most Valuable Pussy), Reign
Riley Reid. Pussy, anus Utopia, Euphoria
Riley Steele Pussy, mouth, anus Nipple Alley, Lotus, Mini Lotus, Swallow, Forbidden
Romi Rain pussy storm
Stoya Pussy, mouth, anus Destroya, Lotus, Mini Lotus, Swallow, Forbidden
Suzie Carina pussy Primal, Vortex, Lotus, Mini Lotus
Tanya Tate pussy Primal, Vortex, Lotus, Mini Lotus
Teagan Presley Pussy, mouth, anus Trigger, Lotus, Mini Lotus, Swallow, Bulletproof
Tera Patrick Pussy, anus Tease, Twisted
Tori Black Pussy, mouth, anus Torrid, Lotus, Mini Lotus, Swallow, Forbidden

A special sub-series of the Girls series are the Dorcel Girls, which present themselves on the Sextoy manufacturer’s website in seductive lingerie. The openings of the pocket pussies of this series are designed after the pussy prints of Dorcel porn stars Anna Polina, Claire Castel, Lola Reve, and Valentina Nappi and have a specially developed Dorcel structure in the inner channel in 2016.

Best Fleshlight Sleeve Toys

Among the Fleshlight Toys are the very popular Fleshlight variants Stamina Training Unit and Pink Lady as well as some interesting new developments like the Fleshlights Go, Flight, Ice, and Quickshot.

Stamina Training Unit (STU)

The Stamina Training Unit (abbreviated as STU) is the world’s best-selling Fleshlight sleeve. The inner channel of it is covered with a multitude of large hemispherical nubs and thus stimulates the penis incredibly intensively.

The feeling is almost more intense in combination with lubricant than during real sexual intercourse and is therefore ideal for increasing your own stamina during sex. The STU is available with two different openings (pussy and neutral) and has a gold case.


Today, the first three available Fleshlight sleeve variants are called classics. These include the Classic Pink Lady, Classic Pink Mouth and Classic Pink Anus. The classic inserts all have a smooth inner channel without nubs and therefore do not stimulate as intensively as most other inner channels.

They are therefore particularly suitable for men who enjoy a longer masturbation experience, as the orgasm is not reached quickly due to the somewhat lower stimulation as with many other models.


The Fleshlight Go is a slightly smaller and lighter version of the popular masturbation sleeve. It is therefore particularly suitable for travelling, as it takes up considerably less space in the suitcase than the original Lustmuschi.

This model has the classic vagina-like pussy opening and the strongly structured inner surge channel. The Fleshlight Go model is also available in an Ice version with inner surge channel and neutral opening.


The masturbators of the Fleshlight Flight series are also smaller and lighter than those of the Standard Edition. They have a neutral opening and a very elegant neutral design.

The flight model is available with two inner channels Flight Pilot and Flight Instructor, each with a special highly stimulating inner channel. The structure of the Flight Instructor Insert reminds a bit of the very popular Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit and like it is very well suited to improve stamina during sex.


The Fleshlight Quickshot is the smallest member of the Fleshlight sleeve products. It is less than half the size of the original Fleshlight and looks like a ring when open. This can push with the erect penis or move it up and down on the stiff limb.

The open end of the QuickShot results in completely new optical attractions. The toy is therefore also well suited for use with a partner. The Quickshot is available with transparent or opaque housing. Due to the lower material costs, the Quickshot naturally is also significantly cheaper than the original size Fleshlights.


The Fleshjack series is aimed specifically at gay men. The openings in this series are usually modelled on the male anus and are intended to convey the most realistic anal sex feeling possible.

The openings of the masturbators of the Fleshjack Boys series are designed directly after the anus prints of famous gay erotic stars.

Fleshlight vs. Budget Alternatives: Which Is Best?

The Fleshlight is the clear number one pocket pussy in terms of quality, design, durability and the softness of the material. All Fleshlights are completely odorless and the Real Feel Superskin material is, in my opinion, more pleasant and more lifelike than the materials of any other manufacturer.

Who wants to buy a masturbator should not try to save in the wrong place. Cheap rubber pussies often smell of chemicals and the feeling of penetration is anything but intoxicating. The feeling of penetrating the Fleshlight can be compared to real sex.

Best For Sexual Stamina

Regular masturbation with the Fleshlight makes it easier to get used to the unbelievably intense feeling of real sex and thus significantly increases your stamina during sex. Especially the specially developed Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU) should help men after some practice not to come too early during sex.

The excellent training effect can be further enhanced with the help of the matching VStroker video. In combination, the VStroker and the Fleshlight are probably the best simulation of real sex on the market today.

Best Fleshlight Sleeve Toys for Homosexuals

Fleshlight sleeves are also available for gay men. The best known series is Fleshjack. The openings in this series are modelled on the male buttocks or the anus opening. Analogous to the Fleshlight Girls there are the Fleshjack boys, well-known gay erotic stars whose individual anus print served as a model for each Fleshjack model named after them.

Fleshjack also offers Quickshot, Go, Flight and Ice models with similar features to the Fleshlight range. The counterpart to the Statmina Training Unit (STU) is the Endurance Jack Ass. It has the same intensively stimulating nub structure in the inner canal as the STU. But the opening is decorated with a delicate ass. Alternatively, there is the Endurance Jack Ass with a neutral opening as Endurance Jack Pure.

Which One Is Best for Me?

The choice of the best Fleshlight depends primarily on your personal goals and preferences.

For realistic sex

If you are looking for a Fleshlight that gives you the incredible feeling of real sex as realistic as possible, I recommend the Fleshlight Alexis Texas Outlaw or the Fleshlight Lotus or Mini Lotus inserts, which are available with the vagina prints of many famous porn stars.

For better sexual stamina

If you want to experience a very intensive stimulation and at the same time improve your sexual stamina I recommend the Stamina Training Unit (STU). It is the most popular Fleshlight ever. Like the STU, Destroya Fleshlight stimulates the penis. In my opinion, she is also one of the best pussies there is.

For sex with your favorite porn star

If you are looking for the right Fleshlight to enjoy the movies with your favourite porn star even more intensively, I recommend you simply have a look at the Fleshlight girls page. It’s quite possible that your hot favourite is represented there.

For sex with your partner

The best Fleshlight models of the Ice series and the Quickshot Vantage are suited for playing with your partner. The completely transparent design makes exactly visible what is going on inside the pleasure dispenser. A quite exciting sight also for your female playmate.

For smart spenders

If you are looking for the best and cheapest offer I recommend you to check out the Fleshlight Deals page. For example, there is the cheap 2 krieg 1 free offer for many of the best and most popular indoor channels. (Unfortunately but without the individual pussy impressions of the Fleshlight Girls.)

Furthermore, the Fleshlight Toys with classics like the STU and the Pink Lady are a bit cheaper than the articles of the Girls series.

For gays

If you’re into guys, Fleshjack offers a wide range of masturbators for a purely male masturbation experience.

Which Fleshlight accessories are available?

There is a wide range of accessories for the Fleshlight. In my opinion, the most important options I would like to briefly present here.

Fleshlight Lubricant

A good and high-quality lubricant is absolutely essential for the use of all Fleshlight models. In my first Fleshlight I made the mistake of using only a cheap lubricant from the drugstore.

When I first saw the Orginial Fleshlight lubricant Water I could hardly believe my feelings at first. The stimulation was much more pleasant and intense. I therefore recommend using the original glide gel from the Fleshlight manufacturer.

Take care if you use other brands of lubricant to use only water-based lubricants, as silicone or oil-based lubricants can attack the material of the Fleshlight inner channel.

Fleshlight Mounts

For men who prefer an active approach instead of moving the Fleshlight up and down on the stiff penis, there are various specially developed Fleshlight holders. With the Fleshlight Shower Mount, the pocket pussy can be easily mounted on smooth surfaces such as the tiles in the shower.

The Fleshlight Launchpad is an ipad mount that attaches to the masturbator. With it you can especially enjoy POV (Point of View) porn, where you experience the action from the perspective of a participating actor.

How was my Fleshlight experience at the first test?

Here are my personal experiences with the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit :

I ordered my Fleshlight directly from the official Fleshlight Shop, because the choice and quality convinced me. When unpacking, I first had to remove the plastic packaging and the inner plastic rod from the insert.

The first impression was, admittedly, a little unusual. The Fleshlight actually feels extremely soft and skin-like. I rinsed the pussy with warm water for about a minute to preheat it and put it in its quite big plastic housing.

Since I was already in the bathroom, I decided to start there immediately. So quickly the mobile phone with an inspiring little film laid on the bathroom cabinet, tail taken out and rubbed relishfully with lubricant.

After a few seconds my best part was hard and the Fleshlight test could begin. I rubbed the opening of the lust pussy with some lubricant and distributed also some of it with the finger in the first centimeters of the inner channel. I felt how warm and wet the pussy already felt.

The feeling of penetration was incredible. Warm, tight, wet like a real pussy. The many small pimples inside tickled and stimulated my cock super intense and exciting. First I actively pushed into the pussy, but after a short time I changed the technique and moved my hand on my hard penis up and down. The feeling was like a good blowjob, only almost more intense.

After a few minutes I could no longer hold on to myself and came with a violent orgasm that was more intense for me than many I had had during real sex.

Conclusion: The Fleshlight STU is really awesome. The stimulation is much more intense than just jerking off by hand and as good (if not better) than during real sex.

Where can I buy a Fleshlight cheap?

I recommend to buy the Fleshlight directly in the manufacturer’s shop. The official Fleshlight site offers the best selection and only there you can be sure to get only 1a tested original quality.
Especially with the combi-offers on the “Deals”-site you can save money. I particularly recommend the unbeatably cheap purchase 2 inserts get 1 free offer.

What are the latest Fleshlight products and news?

The Fleshlight manufacturer launches new toys several times a year. Most of them are new Fleshlight girls models. From time to time, however, completely new Fleshlight types such as the Fleshlight Quick shot or the Fleshlight Go are also included.

Here is a brief overview of the most important new releases in 2016.

October 18, 2016: Fleshlight Girl Romi Rain – new pussy with “Storm” Insert

Porn star Romi Rain becomes a Fleshlight Girl. Romi Rain has been working in the erotic industry since 2014. She has been photographed for Playboy and Hustler among others and has already appeared in over 100 video productions. Especially fans of “Big Boobs” porn should know her.

August 30, 2016: The Fleshlight website for Europe is now available on

The official European website of the fleshlight manufacturer ILF has been merged with the American website and is now available under the domain (no longer as before under However, there are still regional differences in the offer.

August 29, 2016: Fleshlight Girl Nicole Aniston – new with pussy “Fit” Insert

Nicole has been making a name for herself in the porn business since 2010 and has already made over 100 appearances for numerous well-known names in the industry. She won many different awards for her performance (e.g. “New Starlet of the year 2012”).

June 14, 2016: Fleshlight Dorcel Girls with new insert released

The traditional company Marc Dorcel from Paris has been a real heavyweight in the erotic business since 1979, especially in France. The Fleshlight manufacturer ILF and Marc Dorcel are launching a new Fleshlight series under the name Fleshlight Dorcel girls.

What are possible Fleshlight alternatives?

There are now many different pussy on the market and many of them are significantly cheaper than the original Fleshlights. I wouldn’t try to look for money here, because the feeling of the real Fleshlights is still much better than that of the competition.

If your wallet should not give away the budget for an original pocket pussy, the masturbator Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy and other cheap pussies on are a reasonable alternative.


The Fleshlight is in my opinion the best pocket pussy currently on the market. The feeling of masturbation with the various Fleshlight models is incredibly beautiful and intense and many times more exciting and satisfying than masturbation by hand.

With the many different Fleshlight models such as the Stoya Destroya you can make masturbation a varied and intense experience and with the Stamina Training Unit model you can even improve your sexual stamina.

Frequently asked questions about Fleshlight (FAQ)

In the following I have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about Fleshlight for you.

How is the Fleshlight cleaned?

After use, the Fleshlight Insert and the lid at the end of the case should be washed thoroughly with cold water and dried externally with a towel. The inner channel of the insert can be dried well by pushing a stuffed pocket from one end to the other. Afterwards, the insert should be left to dry for a few more hours in the front and rear opened housing.

No normal soap or washing gels should be used for cleaning, as they contain oils that can attack the structure of the Fleshlight material.

If you like it particularly hygienic, you can also disinfect the Fleshlight after repeated use. A good remedy for this purpose is Cutasept from Bode Chemie, which contains isopropyl alcohol (propan-2-oil). The Fleshlight manufacturer also offers its own product called Fleshwash.

Isn’t a masturbator like that embarrassing?

Of course it is a bit unusual to own and penetrate a Fleshlight at the beginning. But you shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. The use of sex toys is all about personal enjoyment and that’s nobody’s business but yours.

Especially women should not point snidely at boys who have bought a Fleshlight. Several studies prove that in Germany about every fifth woman over 18 has one or more vibrators or dildos.

Is this sex toy also suitable for couples?

A Fleshlight is not only for singles and lonely sessions at home. It can also be used well during foreplay with a partner or during actual sex. Even the very popular fantasy of a”fleet of three” can be tried with the help of such a rubber pussy.

Many women also find it very exciting to watch their partner masturbating or to actively get him going with the Fleshlight. The Quickshot Vantage and the Fleshlights of the Ice series are particularly well suited for it because of their perfect transparency an unhindered view on the hard tail make possible

Also as a “temp” on business trips or if your lady is unavailable for some other reason, a Fleshlight can also serve well in a relationship.

In addition, with some models such as the Stamina Training Unit, male endurance can be trained extremely intensively during sex, which of course benefits both partners.

How to care for the Fleshlight correctly?

Besides the cleaning described above and the use of the original Fleshlight glide gel, the service life of the Fleshlight can be further increased by rubbing it with 100% talcum powder from time to time.

This preserves the original velvety soft feeling of the material. The Fleshlight manufacturer also offers its own Fleshlight Renewing Powder for this purpose, which is also offered in a pack with the brand’s own disinfectant.

User reviews

Fleshlight Flight for business trips worried, even suitable for home if you are alone and bored. Cuddles up to the skin. Simple cleaning for afterwards and for the care of the specially produced Fleshlight powder does not let the fun pale for the future. Clear recommendation to buy.

I only ordered Fleshlight Stoya Destroya out of curiosity because I wanted to see if something like this really worked! I have to say, I was very, very positively surprised. The material is really super soft and almost feels like real. With some lubricant everything becomes nice and slippery and you have a really great feeling when gliding in. The opening is exactly in the right size but still everything is nice and tight.
Marcel Graf
Fleshlight still remains, I met all my expectations. Compared to Fleshlight Tori Black inner channel more “rough”, which gives a strong feeling of friend during use. For fans thrill, this is what you need. I personally prefer the gentle feel, but this game is also very impressive. I am very happy and happy to use this toy over and over again ๐Ÿ™‚ Feel free to recommend it! Enjoy your experiences!