Tenga Egg: Review Best Male Masturbation Sex Toy

What is a Tenga Egg?

The Tenga Egg, the Tenga Egg, a The finest masturbation aid The egg is sensually “soft cooked” as well as “hard cooked” and in neutral strength, whereby the structures of the insert in the soft version, the Softboiled Eggs, are correspondingly soft, whereas in the Hardboiled Eggs line they are correspondingly more powerful elastomers with more pronounced structures, but they all serve their purpose in an excellent manner.

The Egg, in its many variations, has two halves, so if you remove the lid, you will find a soft, sweet pussy to fill in a little lubricant, the ideal masturbator for lonely hours.

Tenga Eggs are first class of masturbators on the erotic marketEggs has 2 halves, so if you remove the lid, you will find a soft pussy The shape fits well in the hand, the design is appealing

How does the Tenga Egg application work?

First of all, after delivery, remove the foil that wraps the egg well, then remove another plastic cover and the masturbation becomes visible.. The device requires no batteries, no power supply. Due to its inconspicuous handiness it is the ideal companion for men, fits easily into every pocket, every suitcase.

The use of one of the Tenga Eggs is indeed very intuitive and easy, such a mastubation toy can be used anywhere by simply unscrewing the upper half of the egg in a small compartment and filling the other half with lubricant, then simply half over the erect limb and off the pleasure goes.

According to the manufacturer, Tenga Eggs are intended for single use, allowing the man, a very functional solution, to dispose of the egg after use.. It is also possible to clean the sex toy under warm water., Allow the insert to dry and reuse the good piece until the skin-friendly plastic material fails, but with a little care you can use the egg many times.

What are the differences between the individual Tenga Eggs?

This question is clearly about the inner life of the Tenga Egg, the insert or even the sleeve, which is made of a silicone-like plastic, an elastomer, which is almost amazingly similar to a real pussy if the sleeve is first brought to body temperature and you use the appropriate lubricant.

Water-based lubricant other means, oils, could attack the insert, the plastic.

Now you have the possibility to try out a new pussy structure with every single one of the Tenga Eggs., one vagina is not the same as another. Basically there are the softboiled eggs, the softboiled eggs, so to speak, the 3 minutes egg, and then there are the 4 1/2 minutes eggs with the more stable, firmer structure of the sleeve, the inner life.

For whom is this mastubator suitable?

An indispensable accessory for every man. Of course it can also be fun for a woman to give pleasure to her partner with a Tenga Egg, a really funny gift to her male partner, a consolation for lonely hours, and an Egg can also be of great service during love play.

The Tenga Egg varieties presented individually

The Softboiled Family

1. Spider

The structure of the insert is like a spider’s web, lattice-like, the device provides a stimulation that can be classified as central, the material is accordingly also moderately soft, where the user finds a pleasant, gentle masturbation, which is desirable for many, even if the path to orgasm is a little longer, increase the intensity of the movement a little and the thing works.

2. Clicker

The Tenga Egg Clicker is a slightly softer masturbator, suitable for a fast orgasm, measures just 5 x 7 centimetres, so it fits perfectly in every jacket pocket, a sporty device that can be removed when travelling, during leisure time or at home.

3. Wavy

The egg masturbator Wave lives up to its name: Wave-like arranged very special stimulation grooves, rolling over, swirling, a very emotional structure, the ideal sextoy, especially for men who are circumcised, a little more irritable, perhaps a little too violent for the conventional man, but this always depends on the individual taste.

4. Silky

The egg Silky is the most tender of the masturbation eggs, with only a hint of a structure of grooves in the elastomer insert, a gradual orgasm, for example in a good video, a very special egg for those who don’t want to have a hasty orgasm, watching porn, or even their girlfriend undressing, a nice foreplay.

5. Twister

Here, in addition to the vertical and horizontal grooves, the perfect experience, particularly well stimulated by the many elevations here, the glans of the male penis, which contract a little, like an accordion, during the mataurbation movements.. This may not be a hurricane, but it is certainly the right thing to do. A guarantee for a spectacular outpouring.

6. Stepper

The Tenga Egg Stepper, with its very sweeping pimples and elevations, compensates for the softer material of the Tenga Eggs softboiled series with its potent structure that leads to a great orgasm.

Step by step, to the highest point and from there it falls beautifully.

The Tenga Egg Hard Boiled Collection

The Tenga family basically consists of the softboiled and hardboiled range, but here you will find the Eggs from the Hardboiled collection, which feature a slightly strong insert material that makes the elastomer feel good – something for the group of men who like it a little heavier, but here, too, the enjoyment always depends on the user.

1. Crater

Like the craters on the moon, scattered indiscriminately by meteorite strikes, like the humps and hills that are worked into the sleeve of the Tenga Crater Egg, a little like suction cups, at least they convey a wonderful feeling that can quickly lead to ejaculation, a great toy for the nice orgasm in lustful hours.

2. Misty

It’s really mystical when this hedgehog-like structure rubs your penis, small tips, spines rubbing against your best piece, a very intense egg, probably not for everyone and always the right one, but still a cool thing that is always fun again and again, and you can get used to the effect, which brings even more pleasure.

3. Thunder

The Thunder Egg is the most structured Egg of the Hardboiled series, comparable at most to the Clicker and its nub structure, a very intense sextoy, the elastomer quite powerful.

4. Highlight

An Egg for the quiet connoisseur: the spiral groove construction of the insert is no longer conspicuous, but the still waters are the deepest; once you have spoiled yourself with the Cloud Egg, you won’t want to miss it anymore – cloudy, the whole thing.

5. Shiny

The Shiy Egg also scores with its pronounced groove structure, but in the upper area, which stimulates the glans during use, there is an elevation, a hump, in the form of a star.

6. Cool

A very nice wave structure in the gel insert, a bit like a wave trough when surfing, many small details are incorporated in the elastomer, the material from the hardboiled series is a bit more stable anyway, so the shot really can only go forward beautifully, and that’s what it does.

Which egg is the best?

The decision was difficult for all test persons, but finally, quite surprisingly, the stepper from the Softboiled Collection took first place among the many Tenga Eggs.

Nap structure in sleeve, But it has to be said that the points were evenly distributed over all tried and tested types of the Tenga Eggs, only one nose length behind the stepper, incidentally the Clicker.

  • Stepper – walked over steps to a loud orgasm
  • Clicker – the stimulating nubs get the best out of you

Which Tenga Egg experiences do men and couples make during the test?

Especially the men who until then had done the masturbation by hand, showed up. extremely enthusiastic. The trick of bringing the insert up to body temperature before use gave them the rest, and the women were also interested in the transparent version of the harrow, which is available in a special edition.

The ladies took the masturbator very seriously, critical eyes were taken into consideration, comparisons to one’s own physicality were discussed and everyone enjoyed pampering the partner in this way, so the Tenga Eggs can also be used in the normal love lives of couples.

Can the Tenga Egg also be medically useful?

It is known that men who (have to) satisfy themselves over a longer period of time often have to have sexual intercourse under a premature ejaculation This is simply because the nervous system of the penis is no longer or not yet accustomed to the immense intensity of contact with the female vagina.

How to clean the Tenga Egg?

Originally intended for single use, the Sextoy is nevertheless very easy to clean. The inside of the ice can be easily removed from the shell. Flip it over and rinse it with warm water, maybe a little soap, let it dry, put it back in the egg shell and the fun can start again.

Are there special editions?

While the above Tenga Eggs are included in the manufacturer’s standard range, there is also a special Limited Edition, where the eggs, which are identical in function, were designed by a well-known American artist called Keith Haring: The masturbators are transparent. Their internal structure lies in the strength between Hard Boiled and Soft Boiled.

The limited edition also includes a real family gem: the Tenga Egg Lovers, a masturbation toy with many stylized hearts that can be found on the outside of the toy as well as integrated into the insert, the idea behind the toy is to give women the opportunity to give their husbands a loving gift, and a Tenga Egg can sometimes also be very useful for making love together.

  • Tenga egg Keith Haring “Street”
  • Tenga Egg Keith Haring “Dance”
  • Tenga Egg Keith Haring “Party”
  • Tenga Egg “Lovers”

The Tenga Egg Variety 6 pack

The Tenga Egg Variety Pack. 6 Eggs from the Softboiled family or 6 eggs from the Hardboiled Group, with a slightly stronger inner life. The advantage here is in the Euros, So it quickly becomes clear which Egg of Tenga likes most, whether it is the Wave, the Spider or the hard Thunder, they all lead to an orgasm in a very pleasant way.

Where to buy the Eggs?

Meanwhile there are even drugstores and pharmacies selling the Tenga Egg, we personally liked the variety of the offer on the internet at the Tenga Egg Test, so you can order the Eggs on Eis.de, also on the erotic platform Amorelie and of course at Amazon Prime Versand.

The delivery is neutrally packed, With Amazon, this can be done in less than 24 hours with Prime Versand (only register), and the price is pleasantly low anyway.


The Tenga eggs are without question the first class of masturbators on the erotic market. The shape fits well in the hand, the design is appealing, at the same time neutral and unobtrusive. The size of the eggs makes them easy to transport, they fit into almost any pocket, the price of the eggs is indeed very attractive, the possibility to use them several times increases this feeling.

What stands out, of course, is the amount of different eggs, but as the Tenga Egg Test proves, there is actually a serious difference between the individual devices. Way of orgasm The way the Tenga Egg leads to orgasm, the wonderful environment for the little friend appealed to all test persons.


Can the Tenga Egg also be used with a half erect penis?

If you have brought the penis inside, even if it is not quite stiff, a little lubricant is very helpful, the unfamiliar environment will quickly lead to the desired result and during the treatment the penis will solidify.

The tenga egg is only good for masturbation?

Which woman doesn’t like to bring her partner to an orgasm? and what’s the point of using a nice toy like the Tenga Egg in one of its many shapes, perhaps only at the beginning?.

Are there also Tenga Egg imitations?

Especially on the internet, masturbators in egg form, which are similar in name, appear again and again: The quality of the plastic used for the outer shell and insert is of inferior quality, possibly even contaminated with toxic substances and harmful to health.

If you have a warranty claim on a Tenga Egg?

As you can read in the terms and conditions and the shipping conditions of the manufacturer, damaged delivered goods can of course be replaced, but once you take the egg out of the plastic packaging, so to speak broken the seal, this article, for hygienic reasons alone, is no longer exchangeable.

Where can I find other opinions about the Tenga Eggs?

Whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, on all social networks you will find contributions, also help to the product Tenga Egg if you are looking for it.

User reviews

Tenga Egg Spider – nice idea, looks pretty and is fun. Can be used several times, I don’t understand how you can break this egg at first use as described in some reviews – with normal use and no extremely wild “bumps” it is stable and usable several times even by well equipped men. It should also feel nice for “him”.

Gerhard Kusterer

I think the Tenga Egg Clicker is very good, if you wash it clean after each use you can use it very often. It is recommended in any case.


I have now bought Tenga Egg Wavy for the second time as well. Of course it can be used several times! You can turn it over and simply wash it out. I already own it for several months now. Of course the “rubber” starts to stretch with time and eventually you have to change it of course. But for this price, I find it absolutely worthwhile!