Anal Plug with Jeweled Glass: What is a Butt Toy

What is an anal plug, dildo?

These are synonyms for the same sex toy, which will be published at the latest after the first part of “Shades of grey”. The product can be seen as a kind of dildo, which, however, is not vaginal, but rather anal introduced. The special shape of the anal plug prevents it from slipping out or in after insertion.

An important difference between a plug and a dildo is that the tip of the plug is conical to make it easier to insert, while at the bottom (base) the plug becomes very narrow at first, but then widens again to make it look like a plug. of different shapes for example with stars printed on them or a “artificial animal tail”Also the appearance of the anal plugs themselves can differ again and again.

Particularly to be mentioned here are the different materials that can be used, to mention in this case:

  • silicone
  • high-grade steel
  • synthetic
  • granite
  • timbe
  • made of metal

Furthermore, it should not be neglected that the plugs are equipped with additional features how to have a built-in vibrator.

Plug is a good way to get more stimulationAnal plugs brings variety into the bedroom More often the plugs are used, the easier be to insertion

Are Butt-Plugs suitable for men and women?

Both genders In this case, there are no real differences in form or function, but in some cases men’s toys may be combined with a penis ring. more intensive stimulation during sex Which plugs the men and women use in the end, however, is up to them.

What does the anal plug application do?

Usually this toy is first used for anal stimulation, in which case the article can also be worn during sex in order to get more stimulation. alternation It is also possible to use the anal plug alone to satisfy anal needs. Preparing for anal intercourse In this case it is a matter of making the anus to those in order to make the penetration of the penis painless.

If the butt plug is worn for a longer period of time, the sphincter is stretched in such a way that the following Anal intercourse completely painless Finally, it must be stated that the article is also suitable for men for the prostate stimulation In this case it is also important to wear the plug in the anus for a longer period of time.

How to use the toy best?

It is basically easy to use and involves carefully inserting the anal plug into the anus.

Sitting, standing or kneeling position In any case, it is advisable to allow sufficient time for this procedure to avoid risk of injury, and it should be noted that lubricant should be used to facilitate penetration.

In addition to the independent insertion of the anal plug, it is of course also possible to have this task performed by your partner. on an hourly basis.

This ensures that the plug can rotate freely, which is particularly important during movement in order to avoid pain.

Which models are available?

As has already been mentioned, there are many different models of anal plugs that can be found in the greatness, to whom appearance and the position First of all, all products that are equipped with a vibrator must be named in order to provide an even better stimulation of the anus. remote be spread.

In addition, there are articles with a corresponding decoration in the base, such as a glass block or stars, where those interested can freely choose the design that suits them best.

Anal plug for prostate stimulation.

This has a slightly different shape to make it easier to reach the prostate from the man, but it can also be used for women. “more special.” shaped butt-plug for more fun during sex.

Furthermore there are very special luxury models like the LELO EARL Gold Analplug, which costs 1469€ at Media Markt and is 24 carat gold, but if it is worth it, you have to decide for yourself: Other rare models are the Transparent glass stopper, which is stable so that no injuries can occur.

Which one is the best?

It can no general information Rather, each user has to decide for himself/herself which plug he/she currently likes most, so the articles should be compared in order to get a good picture of the goods and to select them correctly, but what can be stated are the characteristics that each good plug should have:

  • Good workmanship
  • Fair purchase price in EUR
  • Attractive design

Butt-Plugs with crystals (Rosebud)

There are also many Rosebud butt plugs, which are plugs with a coloured end, for example the number 1 in the top 10 table is also one such butt plug with a special end, and there are many other sets with different colours, a well known supplier is Plugsmith, which comes in pink, aqua blue and red.

How do most men and women experience the test?

It depends above all on the respective offers whether the men and women enjoy the use of the anal plug. conceptions In addition, in the case of such a “special” Sex toys always mean that users have to get used to them, but if you are willing to accept this acclimatisation phase, you can have a lot of fun with the Butt plug.

In the test it is mentioned above all that the quality of most products is very high, which facilitates the use accordingly. Possibility to exchange the base Finally, it should also be mentioned that the prices of the plugs are more than well received, even for high-quality products often only a comparatively small amount of EUR has to be paid in order to save money.

How does sex work?

Many women like the feeling of being completely filled, but the butt plug can be the ideal remedy and worn during sex, you can also introduce it before sex to give you a little more variety during foreplay, after all, you can easily wear a toy for several hours, but experts recommend that you take it out once an hour and smear it with a new lubricant.

There is also the variant that you wear the plug when masturbating, just make sure you lubricate it with enough lubricant, otherwise the insertion could be painful.

Where to buy a butt plug?

Nowadays you don’t have to visit sex shops to buy the products of your choice, but you can order them over the internet to get a wide range of anal plugs. Sexshops personally if you would like advice here or would like to have a direct look at the products.

If, on the other hand, you decide to place an order on the Internet, you should inform your purchasing department via Amazon, Amorelie or These three online shops offer many advantages such as:

  • Large assortment
  • Fair purchase prices
  • Easy order
  • Fast delivery
  • Simple exchange

As a general example, the order of Toys via Amazon can be given, in which case the first step is for customers to register on the site, which only takes a few minutes, after which all the anal plugs can be compared on the site, allowing customers to, Product photos, article descriptions and customer reviews This allows interested parties to get a very good idea of the goods online.

Afterwards, all you have to do is select the type of shipment you want and complete the order, which is delivered in high-quality packaging so that the ordered plug is not damaged. neutral dispatch This means that nobody can tell from the packaging that a sex toy has been ordered, and finally that the delivery usually costs only a few EUR, so that customers can save money.

Conclusion – How useful is the anal plug as a toy in the bedroom?

Such products are suitable for all those who need more Variety in bed It is important to choose an article that both partners are happy to accept, but due to the large selection of plugs this should not be a problem.

In addition to the wide variety is that nowadays these sex toys can be bought easily, which is an enormous step forward, so that customers get a quicker response to their sex toys. high-value product, Due to these positive aspects the purchase of an anal plug is possible. recommended for everyone who wants to live out his sex fantasies in this way.


If there is a risk of injury during use?

From a medical point of view, the anal opening is not designed to be inserted, so customers should be careful, especially at the beginning of using the anal plug, in which case it is more than important to have a Dimension of the sex toy If you have never used this toy before, you should choose a small product, and the Increase size over time.

Furthermore, it is very important, when introducing circumspect For example, if pain should occur, it is essential to remove it immediately to avoid damage to the intestine or anus.

What accessories are available for the use of the plug?

It is particularly useful to use a lubricant, which makes it easier and more enjoyable to insert the arsenic plug barrel, leaving it up to the women and men to decide which lubricant to use. cooling gel, Sometimes it can be useful to try out one or the other lubricant first, in order to be able to make a decision more easily.

Correct cleaning of the anal plug

After each use of this toy a cleaning of the product should be carried out, the reason for this is that here many sprouts and bacteria by means of a missing cleaning the bacteria can then multiply, which can lead to inflammation of the anus or intestines when reused.

It is not sufficient to simply rinse the plug under running water, but the product should also be cleaned with an neutral soap After drying, it is recommended to use a disinfectant in order to kill all germs reliably. antiseptics for sex toys that have been designed precisely for this task.

How long should the anal plug be worn?

Basically, there is no time information from the manufacturers regarding the duration of use, but it must always be taken into account that the plug represents a load on the anal sphincter.

Anal muscle soreness”or a dilatation the anal plug should not be used in one piece for more than 60 to 90 minutes.

In addition, it makes sense to give the anus a relaxation break, of several hours or better days, thus preventing overloading of the sphincter.

Anal plug disappeared – what to do now?

There was a similar case in the UK, a girl named Emily Gerogia tried out a sex toy for the first time and ended up in hospital, but at that moment she didn’t understand how dangerous it was.

However, it is not as embarrassing as it seems, the lady at the reception said that this happens more often, a case like this has to be treated surgically quite often, the probability of no complications is very high, and the whole story is told in the 20-minute article.

User reviews

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