Best Penis Extenders: Do Stretcher Work – Results

The use of an extender for penis enlargement

In recent years, the so-called penis extensors have been continuously improved and optimized in order to offer customers a higher level of comfort. 

Quality and more comfortable use A large selection of these products can be expected on the market, which are offered, for example, via websites such as Amazon. don’t just spend money on some product, but choose a penis extender / extensor that promises a good result.

We have therefore tested three of the most common penis extensors so that you can get a good idea of them, and it was particularly important for us to draw a comprehensive comparison of all the articles so that you can immediately see which of the possibilities for penis enlargement is best for you. relevant offers we will, of course, inform you about these.

A longer erectionA stronger libido No premature ejaculation

What effect should the penis extenders/stretchers offer?

A particularly important point is that no penis enlargement can be expected in a few days. regular workout This applies to all products and certainly causes a problem for some customers, who would like to wear the penis extender / stretcher on their penis every day for several months. Experience shows, however, that the application of the right articles is worthwhile in any case.

The manufacturers of each penis extensor basically always give the same information about the effect, first of all it is said that a correspondingly good penis enlargement can be achieved to increase the length as well as the thickness of the penis and the extensors can also be used to straighten the penis. penis shaft Other effects are:

  • A better erection
  • A longer erection
  • A stronger libido
  • No premature ejaculation

It can therefore be assumed that the use of a penis extender/stretcher can improve a man’s love life. age-related or hormonal problems with sexual potency and also as a aftercare after a penis enlargement surgery Whether all this information is correct, we find out in the following test.

Which principle is behind the penis extender / stretcher??

It can be a simple operating principle Basically, this is about connecting the stretcher to the penis. negative pressure Then it is a matter of exerting tension on the penis, in which case, for example, a girth or also a rod system In the long run, this extension ensures that increased cell growth occurs in the area of the penis shaft, which ultimately leads to the desired enlargement.

The principle is not that simple, but it is always important that the penis extenders/stretchers are comfortable for the users and do not cause them any pain. strangulations and also one nutrient deficiency This would not only prevent penis growth from being stimulated but could also lead to problems with the penis.

What characteristics should a high quality penis extender / extender offer??

The quality of the articles for penis enlargement is particularly important, because the workmanship should first be good so that the stretcher can be used for as long as possible, and if the quality is not right, wear and tear can make the application impossible.

Grade If this is not the case, the user can expect a good skin feeling and a high compatibility from the material used in each case.

Reactions or even inflammation come into use.

Furthermore, it is very important that the product has a high wearing comfort The penis extender/stretcher should not be unpleasant even after prolonged wear, and it is equally important that it can be put on and taken off as quickly as possible.

The fourth point is that the article should be invisible under the clothing so that it can be used in everyday life.

Finally, it is important that the desired effect should be achieved in the long run, so permanent use of the penis extender/stretcher without results is unacceptable.


The Androextender – Inexpensive but not very effective variant

According to the manufacturer of this product, the penis should be up to 4 centimetres and 1.5 centimetres in circumference. For this purpose, a rod system is used that ensures that the penis is pulled lengthwise, which is made of chrome-plated metal and plastic and offers quite good wearing comfort.

Tested System of the poles is to be named however for the fact that the attachment of the penis is to be called rather “questionable.

For the fixing comes a kind of sling which has to be tied around the glans. Danger of strangulation As a result, many men are not able to wear this penis extender/stretcher for a longer period of time, so the effect specified by the manufacturer cannot be achieved at all, and it should also be noted that the androextender is worn underneath the clothing. not completely invisible and can therefore only be used to a limited extent in everyday life.

The conclusion of this product is that although the price is reasonable, the effect and especially the wearing comfort are anything but good, the risk of strangulation of the penis and the fact that a discreet use is not always possible. Therefore, this product is not recommended.

The Penismaster Pro – Sensible system of penis extenders / stretchers with no weaknesses

 This article contains a combination of Rod and belt system In this case, it should be mentioned that the use of the belt is completely discreet under clothing, so that the system can also be worn at work or for everyday shopping, whereas the use of the poles (preferably discreetly at home) offers a very effective effect. state of affairs one of the two systems can be used to always achieve the best effect.

In addition, the Penismaster Pro uses a vacuum system to gently but firmly hold the glans in place at the same time, which not only makes it very comfortable to use, but also allows the penis to stretch effectively, even when the product is used. 8 to 12 hours Finally, it can still be said that this article works very well in the test and has already helped many men with penis enlargement.

In conclusion, it should be stated that the purchase of Penismaster Pro is definitely worthwhile and that in 2018 one of the best products for penis enlargement Especially the very discreet use speaks for this model to provide almost always and almost everywhere for a penis enlargement.


Phallosan Forte – The winner of the test

Similar to the Penismaster Pro, Phallosan Forte uses a system with vacuum and a belt, where the Phallosan Forte could only decide the test for itself because the feeling when wearing the penis extender/stretcher is very pleasant.

Several hours The Phallosan Forte is also very easy to use, so with a little practice you can put it on in a few minutes.

Furthermore, this model must not under any circumstances neglect the fact that significant successes were recorded in the long-term test. penis enhancement but also the penis thickening Most users have had very positive experiences. Sexual drive and a improved erection Accordingly, it makes sense to use this article.

In conclusion, it is possible to say that Phallosan Forte is currently one of the best, if not the best penis extender / extensor on the market.. Thus the purchase of this product is worthwhile in any case.

What experiences do men have with the use of penis extenders/stretchers?

It is important to note that success in using the penis extenders/stretchers can be different for every man.

The reason for this is that many different factors play a significant role in its use, including above all:

  • What is the starting point?
  • Is the penis abnormal by nature or due to illness?
  • How much time does the user spend stretching
  • How long has the penis extender / extender been in use?

On the basis of these data it is then possible to investigate how well or badly penis enlargement works, but just as important is the selection of the right models as described in the test.

Most men who have been enlarging their penis with a penis extender/stretcher for a long time usually report positively on the respective effect.

Long syllable from the penis in any case stepped up but also the gauge In addition, men will definitely have a more active love life again after the application, not only because of the improved libido through the extender, but also because the men with an enlarged penis no longer have the same sex life as men with an enlarged penis.

Be ashamed, This makes it easier to have more sex with his girlfriend again. sweethearts or to find a new girlfriend.

The purchase of different penis extenders/stretchers

The easiest way is to order the desired articles over the Internet, where you can either visit the websites of the respective manufacturers or also visit online shops such as Amazon. The advantage in this case is that you can get a picture of all the products on the market before they are ordered:

  • quotations
  • testimonials
  • product pictures
  • item descriptions

On the basis of this information and of course the test here on this page, you can then decide which product you like best, so it makes sense to take enough time to really make a suitable purchase decision. conveniently from at home This is especially true for Amazon, as most customers certainly already have an account here and do not have to register first.

This can be followed by a prompt delivery This guarantees that the goods arrive without any problems, but it should also be mentioned that most of the deliveries are made in an neutral package For example, the neighbour cannot see that a product has been ordered for penis enlargement.

Conclusion – The success of penis enlargement with penis extender / extender

In any case, it can be assumed that the use of an extender wiser The pumps usually only ensure short-term success, whereas products such as Phallosan Surgery to increase the length of the penis is also best not considered until the Penis extender / stretcher tried out This can save you a lot of trouble and the risk of an operation.

Furthermore, it should be noted in the conclusion that many of the articles on the market very practicable and therefore flexible for a effective Of particular interest here is of course that the application can be carried out very discreetly, but it should also be mentioned that most products are worn with a pleasurable According to these characteristics and the successes that many men have already recorded with the extenders., the application is worthwhile of these products for penis enlargement.


Does penis enlargement make sense at all?

The question can be answered in two ways with “Yes” On the other hand, studies from the University of Ottawa have scientifically proven that women are men with large penises. more attractive As a result, penis enlargement makes it much easier to find a permanent partner.

Which penis enlargement can realistically be expected?

The permanent use of the extenders allows users to extend 2 to 3 centimetres In addition, the penis circumference can be reduced by up to 30 percent As a result, the result depends strongly on the anatomical conditions of the respective man, which may result in the treatment of some men. strikes better than others.

What penis length is normal in 2021?

Many men think that they may need penis enlargement, although the length of their penis is completely normal, according to a study at Kings College in London, the penis in flaccidity has an average length of 9.16 centimetres In the erect state is associated with a Average length of 13.2 and a circumference of 11.6 centimetres.

These are the average dimensions of more than 15,500 men out 20 countries. Although most men have a normal-sized penis, at least in 2021 45 percent the gentlemen that they are dissatisfied with their penis size.

How long can the penis extender / stretcher be used??

In order to achieve a good success as quickly as possible, it should be expected that the extender, every day at least 8 hours It is therefore best to use it while you sleep, and it should also be noted that depending on the person, the application may vary between 8 and 12 months.

This means that it is sometimes necessary to completely remove the penis extender/stretcher up to 125 days straight until the desired result is achieved.

If the penis enlargement is not carried out once or several times, the time of the necessary application may be prolonged accordingly.

User reviews

The Penimaster Pro is made with very good quality. I can recommend everyone! The difference you notice already becomes thick and long. Only wear with patience :)) 3-4 weeks = 1 cm always rises!
After only a few applications Androextender already shows success. But you should always use it well dosed and not overdo it.
Flor Nielk
VitallusPlus is very easy to use and shows extremely strong effect. Permanent penis largement can really be achieved, however, can probably only be confirmed after prolonged use.