Review Bathmate Hercules: Results Work Water Pump

A real innovation in the penis pump market, the Bathmate Hercules is specially designed to be used with water, which means that instead of filling the cylinder with air, water is used, which, if you believe the manufacturer, has an incredible effect, but can you believe it?

Is the Bathmate Hercules available in different sizes?

The original, the Bathmade series, scores with very gentle force, while the X series is a little more powerful, and the Extreme Series is the most powerful product line on the market.

  • HerculesMaximum penis girth is 14.5 centimetres, maximum penis size is 18 centimetres
  • X30Maximum penis girth is 14.5 centimetres, maximum penis size is 18 centimetres
  • X40 (Xtreme)Maximum penis circumference is 17.5 centimetres, maximum penis length is 21 centimetres
  • GoliathMaximal penis girth is 21 centimetres, the maximum length of the limb is 25 centimetres.

How does the Bathmate work for penis enlargement??

Penis extenders generally stimulate the tissues by pulling, but ordinary penis extenders create vacuum simply by air, but the bath friend works with water to enlarge and lengthen the penis for a short period of time or permanently, so it is possible to achieve a truly effective erection, but also, with longer, continuous training, gains, goals such as Length and thickness growth.

Useful in the case of unusual penile curvatureSuitable for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation Particularly suitable here to increase the size of the glans

It can also be useful in the case of unusual penile curvature.

Penis pumps are suitable for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of endurance, the positive effects of use are visible, which increases self-confidence and the user’s lust, the more often the little friend is trained, the more powerful the tissue is, the more elastic, the result is caused by low pressure in the butt, the more blood flows through the penis, the swelling is enormous.

Long-term growth It proved to be particularly suitable here, among other advantages, to increase the size of the glans.

This king of these models, as we have seen, is very easy to use: whether shower or bathtub, all you need to do is fill in water, put on the part, press it several times, the vacuum is produced, the tail swells up enormously, a clear advantage in terms of simplicity and hygiene, a very important point – to achieve the desired goal of enlargement, iron discipline is necessary, because many users fail, the Bathmate, which runs with Aqua, however, makes daily training much easier. delectation.

What are the advantages?

In addition to the very simple and functional operation and use of the device, its advantageous Aquate technology, the quality of the product speaks for itself: it is one of the best-selling models of its kind in the world – and this is no coincidence: in addition to being used for a momentary, impressive latte, the penis enlarger also impresses with medical qualities. self-confidence, increases the libido of the user.

  • Simple operation
  • Novel water technology
  • Most sold type worldwide
  • High quality standards
  • Medical use possible
  • Strengthens the libido
  • Strengthens self-confidence
  • Large erections possible
  • Prevents premature ejaculation in the long term
  • Helps with erectile dysfunction
  • Cures penile curvature
  • Extends and enlarges penis
  • It’s fun

If you want to do something to enlarge your penis but don’t feel like wearing a stretching belt during the day, you have made the right choice with this type, which can be used comfortably under the shower for just 10 minutes a day. long-term successes.

Not to mention the “now” experiences when inflating in the shower or bathtub, which is of course the right way to improve male self-confidence enormously.

A conventional vacuum pump, with a measuring device, perhaps with an electric pump, is very mechanical, unerotic, but this factor, despite its forced, somewhat martial appearance, is still very effective, precisely because water, in contrast to air, conveys haptics, an essential advantage of this unique aquapump.

What can I achieve with him?

Such models are basically meant to enlarge the tail, in the short and long term, as sextoy and device to realistically lengthen the penis. actually works. If you think of a penis pump as a “sexual handicap”, you are wrong, you are burdened with prejudice: such a penis pump, they say, can be an excellent weapon in the right hands.

The principle of lengthening is the same as it has been practiced on the African continent for years with lower lips and ear lobes The tissue is elastic, so it is stretched..

It is certainly appropriate not to match the manufacturer’s expectations, because according to the manufacturer’s data growth rates of up to 7.5 centimetres in length or even 2.5 centimetres in thickness are quite possible, which certainly requires years of sustained training, but it seems conceivable. thickness growth The Bathmate seems to have an amazing effect with its water application: the longer the workout, the greater, in the literal sense, the visible success.

Not every man uses the device to bring his splendid specimen to a different dimension in the long term; it has the advantage of allowing the penis to swell to really unfamiliar dimensions even when in use at the moment, so that the device can also be used to create an impressive crossbar, for example before planned sexual intercourse; the increased penis size remains, even after the crossbar, a good time, namely several hours.

  • Larger link
  • Bigger acorn
  • Longer link
  • Longer stands

What distinguishes this model from stretchers and simple penis pumps??

A conventional pump or even a stretcher, when used for prolonged training, can overtax the patience of the user, and the toy is easy to use and easy to clean. well-being The warm water also has the advantageous effect of loosening and relaxing the penis tissue, which results in a much more intensive enlarging effect during use.

The Bathmate makes it easy to concentrate on the essentials, making it possible to change one’s entire consciousness and concentrate on one’s body without being too focused on the matter at hand, to spend the whole day dealing with a stretching belt, for example, and the mechanical friend makes the handling of the latte simple and pleasant.

Of course, if you are working towards a good success, you can also use a combination of this model and a stretcher such as the Phallosan or the Penismaster If you want to wear the stretch belt during the day, partly understandable, for example, an intermediate solution of Bathmate under the shower and stretch belt during sleeping times is a excellent solution. Muscle building techniques such as carnation, exercise of the pelvic floor muscles, relaxation exercises, etc. also have an effect.

Is he a medical penis pump?

However, this does not mean that, in order to use such a tail pump, there must be physical damage, and even people suffering from the psychosomatic illusion that their best piece is too small can achieve astonishing results. healing is holistic, body and mind are involved and the pleasant use with Aqua functioning penis caregivers supports this.

The Bathmate, too, will bring you a larger penis, a larger glans, a longer erection, a firmer latte only if you use it regularly and actively The old word is true: “Without diligence, no price” The thing is clear: a penis curvature, for example, that has developed over years, cannot disappear from one day to the other.

It can be medically indicated as a replacement for surgery for extreme penile curvature, and can be used to successfully treat erectile dysfunction detected by a physician. psychological effect Many men will be surprised what energy reserves are present in his cock and when used as a sextoy the amazement of the woman at the sight of the enormous limb is by no means to be despised. that the limb becomes so huge is simply due to the dilation of the vessels, the vacuum effect of the warm water causes quite astonishing.

  • Holistic Healing
  • Long-term effect
  • Short-term effect
  • Psychological effect
  • Medical effect
  • Physical Effect

How can I imagine training with the Bathmate?

You ordered your penis extender from Amazon and received it immediately, you are in the bathtub or in the shower, so it makes sense to stimulate your little friend with warm fluid and a little sensitivity, and the so-called “cone exercise”, which also controls the urine stream as you urinate, can be helpful. tepid water into the cylinder, puts it over the, for simplicity’s sake, at least half erect limb. by pressing several times the negative pressure intensifies. your penis gains more and more size.

The toy should not be used for longer than about 5 minutes at the beginning, so it is basically possible to use the Hercules for a temporary, intense erection; a penis ring can really maintain the stand for a long time; the dilation of the penis vessels to maintain the increased blood supply lasts for a long time; on the other hand, the bathmate serves for a long-term, actual improvement in size and girth, sexual drive and self-confidence, which of course requires intensive exercise over a long period of time.

It is also recommended for the long-term penis enlargement, the so-called warm-up, as described above, with a little warm water and stimulation through your hands, which you move up and down a little like during milking, a damp towel, a washcloth can also help, the pressure you then generate by pressing the Bathmate several times should not exceed 5 inHG, at least for the beginning, this is important because if you increase the pressure, especially at the beginning, too much, the tissue could be overloaded.

Body sensation tells you precisely when it’s enough, that’s why it doesn’t show a pressure reading, is even more Sextoy. 3 minutes are enough for a long term success with extension, thickening, enlargement, endurance training is necessary, for a quick use before the pleasure and for pleasure.

Many men like to use the Herucles before they present their cock to the audience in the sauna, and they know what they are doing, because the enlargement of the penis, the glans caused by the use of the toy, lasts several hours, can even be noticed the next day, there is psychology and the subconscious in play, a portion of increased self-conviction pumps.mental erection”The brain receives such clear signals that it can’t help but accept them… Answers? the scope and extent “impress” the thinking.

He’s just a sex toy?

In addition to its function of generating a magnificent stiff penis within seconds, which remains in parts even after an orgasm – the penis is certainly much larger for several hours – the Hercules is also able to help with various problems that are more medically observable, and in this context it is important to consider erectile dysfunction, whether physical or psychological, as a curable disease for both causes of the disease. therapeutic tool. Let us now take a brief look at the best-known clinical pictures and the advantageous effect of the penis pump.

Erectile Dysfunction and Bathmate Hercules

The vacuum principle allows blood to shoot into the erectile tissue, together with all other signals that the body receives, be it stimulation through the hands, erotic readiness of the partner, lustful fantasy images or sounds, create the perfect, sweeping crossbar, animating not only the partner into amazement, but also the brain of the user, thus making them aware that “something else is possible”, increasing their psyche, increasing their self-confidence and their libido!

The connective tissue that makes up our clapper is flexible, traversed by stretchy vessels. circulation The Hydromax supports the existing training possibilities and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, but the increased blood circulation in the “dusty”, narrowed blood vessels in the limb, so to speak, can dramatically improve the situation by using the Bathmate, as we were able to experience live in our test.

The too small link

The Hercules uses this flexibility mercilessly and intrepidly for their purposes, meaning that by pulling on the layers of connective tissue, they are transformed into a new form which, although still hesitant and temporary at the beginning, they take sustainably with continued activity, is complete, the limb is longer and thicker and will no longer return to its small form. awesome, that people who think their penis is too small are drastically convinced of the opposite.

The curvature of the penis

A curvature of the penis can have many causes and does not always have to be so bad as to require treatment; rather, a slight curvature is natural and a pronounced upward curvature is the source. of unimagined pleasure.

The vacuum pulls the penis evenly in all directions, so that unevenness is compensated, and in the long run, the change in connective tissue results in such a markedly decreasing curvature that whether the penis becomes completely straight again depends on the strength of the curvature, and the use of the bathmate in conjunction with a stretching belt is certainly a possibility that should be taken into consideration.

The retractive link

If a retractive penis is diagnosed, it shows a penis that is getting smaller and smaller and disappears into the abdominal tissue, the subcutaneous tissue, which can be caused by aging or obesity. exquisite The Bathmate counteracts this sinking and increases the size of the louse in the long term The problem is solved, together with a sensible diet and some sports..


Contrary to popular belief and the prejudiced views of many conservative thinkers, the Bathmate is indeed amazing to achieve.

Unbelieving, expectant amazement With this device, a great erection, which lasts a long time, can be produced within a very short time, it can heal erectile dysfunction, it is suitable for penis curvature, for a retractive limb as well as for too small a limb, the way it works makes the use of the instrument wonderfully gentle and pleasant, lubricant is of course not necessary.


Can I get the result with the Bathmate?

There are two ways to maintain the stand that is achieved with the device over a long period of time: the effect lasts for several hours, even as far as the calibre of the penis is concerned, and regular use of the penis pump apparatus will do just that, and the wonderful third way is to achieve astonishingly long lasting erection results with an applied penis ring.

How to clean it?

The plastic material is resistant to conventional shampoos and bath additives, even hot water can’t harm the machine, the sensitive area is the suction unit, which can be protected against any brittleness of the material over time with a little greasy cream, otherwise it can be easily cleaned with a little washing-up liquid and a washcloth.

Women are afraid of it?

A little tip: Since the device does not look very romantic, it may be a good idea to use it before using it in the shower under the motto “Darling, I had to think of you”, which guarantees success and sometimes small secrets can have big consequences.

Where can I buy the Bathmate?

The device is available in various sex shops, sometimes in drugstores, but the easiest way to get this model is to order it discreetly on the internet The online platform Amazon (also with Prime) offers all models.

User reviews

Good results with Bathmate Hercules, light hand sharpening, you have to be freshly shaved and take a long shower. Or take a bath 😀 But it also works if you sit in front of the TV with it ;D


I’ve been using this part for about 4 months now and I’m already thrilled. At least as far as the results are concerned. However, it is quite cumbersome to use it in the shower. You have to hold on to it at the beginning so that it doesn’t slip away. The feeling and the “suction power” are the hammer, though! Processing absolutely top! I would recommend Bathmate Hercules in any case.


Bathmate Hercules is the best thing that has happened to me, there is no better one. There is no need to advertise this pump. Thanks for that! All in all I am satisfied with the service!