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Successful penis enlargement and thickening with Phallosan Forte

Almost everyone wants to achieve a certain ideal of beauty, which includes the size of their penis in many men, some of whom have problems with erection, such as too small or thin lumps that may not get really hard, which can have far-reaching consequences for the man. Shame on his little penis.

In addition, it can be said that many men suffer from depression and worries because of their small limbs, which significantly affects the quality of life, and getting to know women becomes a pain for those affected, as they find it embarrassing to talk about their problems, and often such men stay alone for a long time and do not find a suitable partner for themselves..

In order to improve the quality of life of those affected, it is a good idea to carry out a penis enlargement, which offers an effective response and can therefore be seen as a good alternative to an operation for penis augmentation The principle is well-tried and has already helped many people in 2017 and 2018 in their desire for a larger cock..

Build self-confidence and restore quality of life

If you’ve read this text, you’ve probably thought about enlarging your dick, and this decision is often due to some negative experiences in the past, such as being laughed at because of your member in the shower after exercise, but embarrassing situations with a sexual partner can quickly make you want to have a bigger dick..

It is important that you are not ashamed of your decision; maximizing your own tail is perfectly okay and a legitimate desire; it is no wonder that you want to gain more self-confidence and improve your quality of life, but when maximizing your tail you should always make sure that you do not get any unrealistic ideas when using it..

For example, you will not be able to use this method to enlarge a 7 centimetre long tail enough to eventually have a 20 centimetre penis, but you can expect a realistic improvement of 1 to 4 centimetres, but since each man is different and the exercises have a different effect on him, there may also be greater thickening and lengthening, and there are differences in the practical use of a blood penis and a flesh penis, where men with a blood penis usually achieve better results..

If you can accept these limitations, then it is time for you to get an idea of the effect to decide whether this method is for you too.

The manufacturer of Phallosan Forte

Developed and manufactured by Swiss-Tec, a company that has been active in this sector for more than 15 years, it is important to know that Swiss-Tec has dedicated itself exclusively to production, which has allowed the product to be improved and optimised over the years with the aim of achieving “maximum results with maximum wearing comfort”..

If you would like more information about the producer, you can simply visit the company’s website, where you will not only find detailed information about Phallosan, but you can also seek advice from a specialist..

The purchase or order of Phallosan Forte

phallosan forte test

There are three ways to purchase this extender: First, you can order online, through the manufacturer’s website, which offers you fast and above all high quality shipping, and the advantage of ordering online is that it is delivered in a neutral package to protect your privacy.

I can’t recommend this variant, as the used items usually cost less but don’t achieve the 100% results by using them, and it is of course unhygienic to use such an expander, even if it has been thoroughly cleaned by you. phallosan has a pharmacy license PZN 08610086, so this product can be sold in any drug edition..

Please note that although the price is slightly higher than on eBay or the manufacturer, you can have a closer look at the product beforehand, which will certainly make it easier for you to make a purchase decision and personal advice can be used here at any time..

How it works

In order to get the first results as soon as possible, it is important to know what function can be expected from the expander and, before looking at the studies and possible results, to look more closely at the underlying principle, which can basically be described as “cell formation through permanent stretching”, which means lengthening the limb to ensure that the body forms new cells in the area of the limb in order to compensate for the stretching..

It is very important to note that the stretching process does not take a few days to form new cells in the area of the limb, so that it becomes longer and longer, but it is also important that the limb is not stretched too much, which leads to overstraining and can even result in a penile fracture..

An interesting aspect is that this type of stretching has not only been discovered and used in modern medicine, but has been used since antiquity, for example in Africa where people stretch their lips with the help of a wooden plate, but also people who expand their earrings with the help of the corresponding earrings basically use the same principle, which always involves the following three functions:

  • Permanent stretching
  • Increased cell growth
  • Change in scope0

In modern medicine, too, there are prominent examples of the use of this principle: whole limbs are sometimes enlarged by the use of an expander, and a good example is the enlargement of breasts in women, with the use of other orthopaedic devices, of course, but the success is undisputed..

Structure and use of the expander

phallosan forte kaufen

Now that the principle is sufficiently well explained, it is important to take a closer look at the design of the device, especially at all the products needed for penis enlargement, including Phallosan Forte, which consists of the following components:

  • protective caps
  • cuff condom
  • plunger
  • pump unit
  • shoulder strap
  • tractive effort indicator

The protector cap is pulled over the glans to provide protection, a kind of condom that prevents the blood vessels from expanding too much due to the negative pressure to prevent permanent damage, and the cuff condom or sealing cap is used to create an airtight environment between the suction bell and the tail by pulling the cuff condom over the splendid specimen and the suction bell so that no more air is forced outwards..

The next step is to describe the suction bell itself, in which a negative pressure is created to hold the dong and then extend it later. different diameters, to be used on every limb. The different sizes are:

S = 27.86 mm
M = 33.12 mm
L = 37.72 mm

The next step is to name the small pump unit, which is not worn permanently, but is only used to create an negative pressure In this case, it is important not to pump too much to prevent injuries, and the riser is also used, as the name suggests, to connect the suction bell connected to the penguin to the haunch or the thighs ligable.

Finally, the tension indicator, which is directly connected to the strap, should be indicated by a scale showing how much the tail is stretched. green zone to achieve an optimal result. The amber and red zone are too strong or too weak a pull.

The exact instructions for putting on the stretch belt

First of all, the named protective cap must be pulled over the glandes, this should fit firmly but should not be uncomfortable. pulled or rolled Now the bell can be put over the tip of the male limb and the cuff condom can be rolled over the penis shaft. tight.

Now the vacuum pump has to be put on to create a vacuum with a small adapter which is placed on the top of the suction cup and at the same time into the vacuum pump. few seconds The next step is to attach the strap to the top of the suction cup and tighten it as far as desired. 400 grams up to 3 kilograms. The traction indicator helps to find the right traction.

After correct attachment, all that is required is to wear Phallosan Forte long enough for the strain to have an effect on cell growth. 6 to 8 hours per day However, in most cases a longer wearing time of up to 12 hours in order to achieve good final results.

Comparison of the results after the application of Phallosan Forte

The manufacturer can of course give a lot of information about how positively the size of the tail can change over time when the expander is used, and of course you should not only believe the manufacturer’s words, but also check before you buy if Phallosan Forte really is performing well, which is why there is one or a scientific analysis or test on the subject, measuring the penises of the subjects at different stages of treatment to determine how good the increase is..

previously nachher phallosan forte

First of all, the type of subjects with whom the analysis was carried out had to be named. 20 and 68 years. Also to be named is the average body weight, which is 82.9 kilograms at the beginning and 83,6 After 6 twelfth years, the lightest participant in the study weighed 65.5 kilograms and the heaviest 129 kilograms. Another important point is the average wearing time of the expander, which can be expected to be around 6,23h The longest wearing period was 10 h.

In the segment of penis thickening, it can be stated that the smallest penis circumference in the sample 9.5 centimetres The average penis girth for the entire group was about 10.6 centimetres. After daily use of 3 annual twelfths, an increase of at least 0.64 and a maximum of 2.5 centimeters This means that with a penis thickening of around 7 percent After 6 yearly twelfths an increase of minimal 0.8 and a maximum of 3.5 centimetres This corresponds to approximately 9 to 11 percent.

In addition to the thickness of the Lörres, the length increase must of course also be named. 4.8 centimetres The largest penis came to a length of 10.8 centimetres. The mean value for the whole group could be set to 7.9 cm After 3 months of practical use, an increase of 0.83 to 3.5 centimetres After 6 twelfths of the year the limbs between 1.47 and 4.9 centimeters. This corresponds to growth of 11 to 18 percent after half a year.

Finally, the length of the erect penis should be determined, but it should be noted that there were no erection measurements, mainly because some subjects had severe erectile dysfunction and the erections could vary from man to man, so the length of the limb was measured when pulled, but it is not clear how strong the pull was, but each penis was subjected to the same pull..

In this segment, after 90 days an extension of 1.05 up to 3.8 centimetres After 180 days the penises were on average 1.78 to 4.8 centimeters This improvement corresponds to a share of up to 21 percent. If required, more detailed information can also be found in this table:

process Penis not erect Penis erect Scope erect
starting position 8,8, cm 12.6 cm 11,9 cm
After 3  9.6 cm 13,8 cm 12,5 cm
After 6  10,5 cm 14,3 cm 13,1 cm
After 9  11,2 cm 14,8 cm 13,4 cm
After 14  11,2 cm 15,3 cm 13,9 cm
Increased in cm 2.4 cm 2.7 cm 2,0 cm
Growth in %. 28 % 22 % 17 %

The improvement of penisdeviation by Phallosan Forte

In the above analysis, not only the length and thickness of the penis was determined, but also the effects of its use on the penis were measured. penis deviation Some subjects in the group had to suffer from a quite strong penile curvature with a curvature of up to 60 degrees According to the experiences of those affected, such a bend is not only unpleasant for them personally during sex, but also for their partner..

In the first 6 twelfth years a decrease of 20 degrees This improvement corresponds to a value of 33 percent. After an even longer wearing time, an improvement of the curvature could be achieved, thus a reduction of the penisdeviation by half can be achieved..

The interim conclusion of the clinical study of Phallosan Forte

Depending on the man, the exercises can bring a significant improvement in the area of the penis length but also in thickness. 50 percent It should also be mentioned that the expander is easy to use and could be worn for a long time during the test, which confirms that the use is worthwhile, so that men who complain about a small, too thin or even curved penis should be able to use it for a longer period of time. tested anyway turn.

The test of comfort and handling of Phallosan Forte

Now that it is clear that this penis extender will have a good effect in any case, other points should be dealt with, such as comfort and handling. supplied user’s manual However, if there are any questions, those interested can also watch a video about YouTube or similar platforms With a little practice it can be assumed that it only takes a few minutes to put on Phallosan Forte and start accordingly..

The comfort of the Extender, on the other hand, can be rated as quite positive according to the findings of the test and the experience reports of customers who have already worn it. in need of getting used to It is also important to know, in the comfort sector, that everyday life is hardly affected by Phallosan Forte, only to mention here. physical jobs or physical education, where he can interfere with something.

In such a case, it is better to simply wear the device at night while sleeping, as it can be assumed that it will not disturb you at all at the moment. not perceived.

The application of Phallosan Forte

phallosan forte app

The company “Swiss-Tec” offers a free app, which can be used for android and iOS This program is designed to support the masculine creatures in their training and offer various services, first of all it is possible for every man to have his personal data collected, important data in this case being:

  • Length of penis
  • Thickness of penis
  • Age of user
  • Weight of user

This data can be updated at any time, for example when the length of the penis has improved. stat which training progress has already been achieved so far. not a training book yourself The statistics can also be used to calculate the progress to be expected in the coming weeks and months and to indicate that the application provides monitoring of your daily training, which motivates and reminds you not to miss a training session..

According to these characteristics, the software can be seen as a general companion for everyday life, which offers important information about training, success and the expander itself. general overview Especially for beginners the free application is recommended and finally the easy handling and the high overview are to be mentioned, which should not be forgotten..

Buying Phallosan Forte – Where is the best place to buy??

If you want to purchase this product, there are basically only two types of purchase options available to you. chemist’s Not every contact point has Phallosan Forte products available directly, but can order them quickly, the advantage in this case is that a personal consultation can be obtained directly from the seller. self-confidently enough to get advice from the dispensary.

On the other hand, you can also place an order via the Internet, but please note that the Expander is not simply offered at Amazon or in an online sex shop.Swiss Sana InstituteThis of course has the advantage that the purchase of the Penisextender can be handled discreetly. neutral package is used so that no one can see what you have bought here.

Furthermore you can count on a discrete payment, for example if a bank transfer is used, a neutral application Ultimately, the purchase via the Internet is still a good idea, as here you can usually count on cheaper prices than in the medication edition..

Attention to plagiarism when buying Phallosan Forte!

However, the purchase also entails a great risk, which should be taken into account in any case, as successful products are often offered on the market at much lower prices. special shops or via platforms such as eBay. The sale of plagiarisms has already been established here on several occasions.

Such offers should be based on no circumstance There are several reasons why these types of products should not be purchased, and most importantly, they should be mentioned:

  • Poor quality
  • Poor workmanship
  • Negative material selection

These properties then lead first of all to the fact that the life cycle Sometimes the first damage can be detected after only a few weeks, but what is even worse is the high risk of injury, Since these do not come directly from “Swiss-Tec”, there is no guarantee that the function will always be correct, which means that the penis may be injured during use and sometimes even cause an penis fracture endured.

It is better to spend a little more and order directly from the producer. 100 percent money-back guarantee of 14 days This time is not really enough to get the first results from the Lörres extension, but you can familiarise yourself with its use, if you don’t like it, it is easy and free to send it back, so you can complete the purchase without risk..

Find out about the experiences of other users

phallosan forte erfahrungen

As has already been mentioned, many gentlemen have tried the Phallosan Forte product and would like to share their experiences without having to read through extensive studies or something similar to give you an idea of what they have to say, and it is usually easier and faster to do so via the Internet, where you can visit various forums or specialist websites to get an idea of all the experiences. extensive comments but also read short comments from men who have been using it for a long time.

The advantage in this case is that you not only have the possibility to read the reports about Phallosan Forte, but also to ask questions or send comments yourself. necessary information which you need in order to decide sooner or later for or against the purchase of Phallosan Forte.

You can also use social networks such as Facebook or Twitter The advantage of this sector is that you can talk freely with other users, which makes it easier to get the necessary information, but it is important to keep in touch with new experiences about Phallosan Forte, so it makes sense to keep up to date at all times so as not to miss anything important..


Conclusion on Phallosan Forte and the effect of penis enlargement

All in all, Phallosan Forte is a high quality product that is sure to be a triumph for men, first of all it can be said that the user will receive a perfect product, which not only has a good grade and craftsmanship, Experience also shows that it can score with good wearing comfort. quickly invested, and almost anytime discreet can be worn.

More importantly, Phallosan Forte has already been proven in various tests and studies, but the experience of users from 2017 and 2018 also shows that it will definitely succeed. 6 to 10h per 24 hours and this over several months, can in any case be expected with an extension of the tail and thickening of the Lörres..

Finally, the acquisition of Phallosan Forte has to be mentioned, in which case the customers have a very good chance of success. simple-minded, to be able to decide for the right work of art via the Internet as well as in the pharmacy. fair rates. Interested parties should only stay away from plagiarism.

All these advantages speak in any case for the fact that the purchase of Phallosan Forte offers itself and should be considered by every man, who has in his opinion a too small or thin penis.


How to keep the Phallosan Forte penis extender clean?

When used correctly, the penis is in the expander for several hours a day, so it is important to ensure proper hygiene to avoid exposing the best piece to unnecessary bacteria and contamination. rashes and inflammations carry on a limb.

First of all, Phallosan Forte should ideally be cleaned daily after use, especially if all parts are to be cleaned first. rinsed under warm water In this process you can also use a soap to achieve an even better cleaning result, a soap with a neutral pH value, which can be purchased in any supermarket or on the Internet. neutral pH value is that this is more skin-friendly.

Basically this type of cleaning would be sufficient if the rinsing is carried out properly, but on the other hand it may be worthwhile to pay more attention to the cleanliness. antiseptics which is also suitable for sex toys, so that any part of Phallosan Forte can be cleaned properly, ensuring that no residue is left behind that could cause inflammation of the penis..

What is the risk of injury when using the expander??

In any case, the risk of injury in Phallosan Forte can be expected to be very low if you adhere to the directions for use If the protective cap and all other products are applied correctly, the penis is well protected even during pulling..

However, if you do not follow the instructions for use, you run the risk of different damage to your limb, in particular damage to the blood vessels in the glans, which can be caused by the negative pressure. Overexertion of the penis tissue possible, leading to some kind of strong aching muscles In the worst case scenario, even a penis fracture However, Phallosan Forte’s test has shown that the application is so easy to understand and is immediately described in “flesh and blood“The experience of the users also speaks for a high level of safety..

When can the first successes become visible??

While it should be clear to everyone that penis maximization is not possible overnight but can take a lot of time, it is important to know when the first penis will be visible, especially because the first ones can be seen. incentive, In the segment of the gain, a distinction must also be made between two types: firstly, the visible and the not visible.

In the control it can be stated, for example, that the invisible results can be felt immediately after the first application, such as the feeling in the penis that it has been stressed, which, as already mentioned, is a kind of muscle ache and, as after the sport, reveals that something is happening to your penis; the visible or measurable revelations take a little longer to happen; depending on the man, it can take a whole month before the first clear results can be measured.

A good tip here is to ideally not regular It is better to check the measurements every day to see if anything has changed. week This also makes it easier to recognize the small gains, which maintains motivation..


If Phallosan Forte is worn during the day or at night?

However, the examination has shown that wearing at night is usually preferred, one of the main reasons being that you lie more quiet at night and do not move around so much. slipped Most people don’t have to go to the toilet as often at night as they do during the day, so the regular use of the harness is not a problem. “Rebuild” of Phallosan Forte not necessary.

In any case, it can be said that the penis enlargement works perfectly in both cases and according to the experiences of other users from 2017 and 2018 always offers a good finitum..

Will Phallosan Forte be further improved in the future??

“Swiss-Tec” is of course always working to improve and optimise it even further. 15 years of development have already gone into the penis extender, which speaks for the good quality and the quite high-quality after-effect.There is always room for improvement“Accordingly, it can be expected that he has not yet stopped driving development forward..

In order to keep up to date, you can, for example, regularly visit the company’s website to get an idea of the latest offers. social networking sites or corresponding Shelf pages If you are always up to date, you can purchase the latest products from Phallosan Forte just as quickly in order to achieve an even better result..

What are the alternatives to the Phallosan Forte penis extender??

Customers who do not have the make of “Swiss-Tec“can also be used for the so-called”PeniMaster Per“This is basically the same type of expander as Phallosan Forte, with some small structural and visual differences that of course have to be taken into account..

User reviews

I am absolutely enthusiastic about the quality and the handling Phallosan Forte. The negative pressure is excellent. Thus, the desired results can be achieved without effort. Top

Georg Faust

Personally I have owned a penis pump before, I bought Phallosan Forte and I have to say it is great. Absolutely no air leakage and the handling is great. Fast delivery, super packaging. The corresponding attachments are also highly recommended.

Christian Bartz

Phallosan Forte easy to use, easy to clean. With it I train my best piece. When pumping, it erects to full size, but the blood partly flows back again after the pressure is released. I help him with it on the jumps, if it should go to the thing and he is adamant.

Steck Albin