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What is OMGYes?

This is a website or mobile app that deals completely with the female orgasm. 2,000 women between the ages of 18 and 95 The aim is to increase the desire of the ladies and to lead them to intense orgasms more quickly, thus finding techniques for which it has been possible until now. no name but in any case, make the sex more beautiful.

What does the program offer?

The OMGYes program allows users to view the latest research results on the topic, especially important of course is which techniques feel particularly good and why they do so. female lust is not 2018 but will be continued to learn more about the stimulation of women, so that in the future we can expect an even better sexual experience for women.

The whole research findings and testimonies from the polls are vividly illustrated and explained with the help of revealing videos, including the program as a whole:

12 episodes to increase female lust62 short videos as an explanation and introduction 11 touch simulations to learn the movements

After the purchase of the program, each video can be as often as desired so that you don’t miss any information.

What is explained in the OMGYes videos?

First of all, many of the participants who have been involved in the research on the subject are introduced, and these ladies talk about their most beautiful sexual experiences. animations and practices.

As already mentioned, the videos are free, but never pornographic, so all of OMGYes’ software can be seen as a learning program and can be used in a variety of ways to stimulate your partners. Not as some kind of interactive porn.

What does the app offer?

Watching a video is just the first step for men to learn the right techniques. tablet computer Users can test their experiences on a virtual vagina, taking hundreds of images of real vaginas to create a virtual variant, and then touch and interact with the vagina. “play”. Any movement or touch on the tablet’s touchpad will cause a reaction.

As an example, a voice confirms the respective movement as good or gives tips on how the technique can be improved. fun way, how to pamper your partner’s vagina; the exercises can be repeated again and again to increase the desire even more.

What does Emma Watson have to do with the program?

Emma Watson is a self-confessed user of the program OMGYes and has made sure in an interview that the awareness of the software increased. affirmative If you want to get an idea of the interview with Emma Watson, you can visit the following website.

Which techniques are taught in the program?

There are six methods in particular that must be named and are mentioned again and again in OMGYes:


According to OMGYes’ research. right or the link The ratio is around 50 to 50 percent, which is why it is so important to find out, which side the partner prefers and then to stimulate her more.


The aim here is to find the rhythm at which the partner feels the most desire. rests between the movements. It is also possible to, fast motions to experience a high quality stimulation.


Also in this case it is about the movements. 65 percent of the tested ladies that they like it when the movement changes again and again. 76 percent The surprise here is to find new movements for the stimulation as a partner again and again.


In this case, it is worth switching between different touches, e.g. intensive stimulations that bring the partner to the point of coming into contact, which can be caused by sexual but not so much orgasm.

Strongly stimulating touches discontinuous In this case it is important to know where the woman feels a lot of pleasure and which touches are less intensive.


A lot of women think they don’t have multiple orgasm With the right technique, however, women can have several orgasms in a row, which is about giving the vagina some rest after the climax, in which, for example, the approach of the palm hug As soon as the lady is ready again, the clitoris can be stimulated again.


This technique is about women learning to have an orgasm. “Accept.”.

Research has shown that the thought of climax prevents many women from reaching it, but in this case it is important to realize that it is okay to relax and concentrate fully on the pleasure and it can help to achieve this. time limit in which it is only a matter of concentrating on the pleasure and the ecstasy of happiness is not aimed specifically at.

How does OMGYe’s experience of women and men turn out?

If you have not yet been able to decide to buy the program, you should read the experience reports of users. Facebook The following points are named particularly well by the experience of OMGYes’ customers:

  • Easy to use
  • Very clear
  • High quality information
  • Reliable program
  • Fair purchase price

In addition, it is repeatedly stated that the Software suitable for every pair Of course, the most important thing is that the woman has more fun while having intercourse, but the man also has more fun when he can better satisfy his partner.

Where to buy OMGYes?

The purchase can be made directly from the manufacturer’s website with a one-time payment of 59 euros But there are also special offers on the website, so that only 39 euros This capital will be used to finance the employees, but also to carry out further research after 2018, so that even more can be done about female orgasms and lust find out.

The new research will then be published in the second season, which will again include short films and touch simulations. all seasons These must currently still be purchased individually.

Conclusion of the OMGYes program

Especially the experience of the customers but also the scope of the first season speak for the fact that the program is worthwhile. not only dry information In conclusion, it can therefore be stated that the purchase of the software does not depend on the software, but rather on visual demonstrations, and on a virtual vagina that can practice learned methods.

News and publications on the brand and product – Guide to Masturbation and Sex, 18.01.2021

If Emma Watson is a fan of the sex website, then she has to do something right: Through video explanations, women learn how they can have more fun during sex, the techniques are brought across very pictorially, as a spectator you want to try it out for yourself and have an excellent orgasm, after all many women have problems during sex, but it is easy for men to learn how to get their mistress to come, and Amber is a practical example of what the world calls orgasm.

Further information can be found in the World Article.

Techandthecity: The secret of the female orgasm is revealed, 05.01.2021

The female climax is not only a mystery for many men, but also for women, but what many men don’t know is that the world of women knows very little about their vagina, so the app is now supposed to provide information: wrong media images, Hollywood films and series convey a distorted image.

The founder has therefore devoted himself to the research of women’s sexual desires and shares his knowledge on the platform, carrying out studies with over 2000 women so that all conceivable techniques can be demonstrated.

Vice: What OMGYes teaches you about masturbation, 10.02.2021

As a member of OMGYes you can learn not only theoretically but also practically about the female pleasure sensation, for example masturbate the chosen ones in front of the camera and say what feels good and what is rather bad, through the feedback of the female sex on the website man and woman can learn.

myself: Orgasm School – Attention, here I come, 12.11.2020

Although many women talk openly about their sex life and think they know everything or a lot about it, most of them realize that it is a mistaken belief, because most of them have never heard of techniques like “high swings” or “coming more often”, but the research team has found out from several studies and interviews, for example women like Amber or Zoey who know their choreography of desire are introduced here, many women despair because they have never heard anything about it before.

Sentences like “I lead your hands” should be heard more often and self-confident women who say what they want can make for a better sex life – see myself for more information.

EF: Demystifying female lust through the platform

With adult girls now showing what they really want and how they come in the short films, other women and men can benefit from it, as it almost always leads to more equality in sex, and few women see themselves as the focus of sexual intercourse, which is why vaginal topics, such as clitoris and other things, are openly addressed and vividly demonstrated, all of which are honest and even have a scientific background, and you can read the whole article in EDITION F.

taz: Founder in an interview about female lust, 30.05.2020

In an interview with the founders of the platform (Perkins and Daniller), the taz discusses the why and why of the website, one reason being that in the US, for example, the topic is seen as a taboo topic, pharmaceutical companies prefer to investigate sexual disorders, then design drugs and enrich themselves with them, nobody devotes themselves to the topic of female lust and how to satisfy it correctly, Perkins and Daniller provide very informative answers. The orgasm website and what’s behind the video tutorials, 26.01.2021 describes the Orgasmus website as a place of tutoring for women by touch-screen vaginas, video tutorials, interviews and other content to learn everything about the female desire and satisfaction.

50 videos are available, the range is constantly expanded. 12 proven strategies are presented and a brief summary of what the website offers you can find here.


Is OMGYes suitable for women and men?

In general, women know what they want during sex and what kind of love play they like best, but in this case, it cannot be ruled out that there are techniques for satisfying them that are not yet available.

Better effect on women For this reason, OMGYes is also suitable for female users, in which case, for example, women will learn new methods to better satisfy themselves, but women in a lesbian relationship can also use the program to provide their partners with more information.

How easy is it to implement the methods?

It should be noted in any case that it takes some work to internalize all the techniques to make these at any time However, by using the virtual vagina, it is quite easy to use the gto learn movements. The only important thing is to practice as regularly as possible.

All the work gets stuck on the partner?

Many male supporters certainly fear that the OMGYes program will spoil their sex because they have a lot of work to bring the woman to the climax. has to invest a little more time. But also the woman should help here, for example to explain exactly, what she likes and doesn’t like. As a partner employment, both certainly benefit from this.

What security can be expected from the program?

First of all, it can be stated that the customers can be sure that the customer data entered tête-à-tête Accordingly, these will not be passed on to third parties and it must also be stated that a 256-bit encryption is used to prevent hackers from being able to read customer data.

User reviews

Wonderful, something is changing! Finally there is a willingness and the necessary research for a realistic look at the many nuances of women’s sexual desire. But it is also really high time! The taboo doesn’t help anyone.


The website removes taboos around female sexuality and treats the female orgasm with an unprecedented seriousness: Ran to the complexity of the chandelier life of women – openhearted and without shame!


OMGYes is great all around: no one else is concerned with the science of pleasure. And the design is state-of-the-art – with clever, easy-to-understand infographics.