Modern Female Chastity Belt: Bondage For Women

Female chastity belts are a very common sex toy in today’s sex relationships. Especially in the SM and BDSM scene such a belt, used during, before or after love play, underlines the relationship situation in the role-playing game. The chastity belt is a sex toy for the prelude to unification.

What is a female chastity belt?

In general, a chastity belt is a piece of equipment, mostly made of leather or also, in our days, of stainless steel, designed to prevent sexual intercourse or masturbation, which works by making the sexual organs inaccessible through the belt.

The chastity belt is a sex toy for the prelude to unificationYou will be amazed about the psychological effect Old-established relationships can be come back to life

The chastity belt has always been more of a toy than a toy.

  • Great toy
  • Role-playing tool
  • Fetish
  • Good idea
  • Therapeutic instrument

How does a chastity belt for women work?

The female chastity belt ensures that no one can reach the golden garden by placing a belt-like device around the lady’s hips, which is placed over the woman’s buttocks, the woman’s shame more or less through a buckle.

Some some of these female teasing toys have openings, recesses, which are however regularly kept so small that they are not suitable for penetration.

How does a chastity belt for men work?

The chastity belt for men is commonly called a penis cage. It is in fact a cage for the wiener. full sculpture, Special penis cages have electric stimulators, which also allow to punish a sex victim.

How to put on and wear a female chastity belt correctly?

One of the most important requirements when using female or male sex toys is without doubt, hygiene, so you should wear at least one briefs under the belt, even though many of the models are so well equipped and padded that this does not seem necessary.

For whom is this sex toy suitable?

A female chastity belt is the ideal toy for role-playing games. to delay, the chastity belt for a lady or even a penis cage for the man is a really indispensable utensil, so it can be a nice game of the lady to hide the key for the toy, not to give it away.

Many couples use the male and female chastity belts for role-playing games, where the psychological effect of submitting one’s sexuality to the partner’s.

The game can be very exciting, the erotic stimulation is enormous and there are many variations, so a chastity belt, whether the belt for the woman or the penis cage, is definitely valuable for the existing arsenal of sex toys.

Which one is the best?

At the top of the list of the most popular female chastity belts in the world is certainly the Adult Supplies stainless steel chastity belt, which can be bought from mail order company Amazon. wonderful toy.

Certainly the choice is a matter of taste, but this female chastity belt meets all requirements that a man or woman can only have.

Which chastity belt is really the best in the end is difficult to judge, but it always depends on the preferences of the partners, the purpose of the chastity belt or the penis cage, which in turn depends on the very individual ideas of the participants.

What are the female and male experiences of using chastity belts?

If you look at various pages on the Internet, the test experiences are very good.

A penis cage fan or a female wearer of a chastity belt would formulate prejudiced negativism, but the chastity belt has probably not yet come out of its medieval image.

While cheap products are often processed carelessly, cause abrasions so quickly, do not fit properly, cannot be closed advantageously, the purchase of quality like ice cream pays for itself, and cheap plastic products can also cause skin irritation.

Where to buy a female chastity belt?

A well-crafted chastity belt can of course be found in well-assorted erotic shops, but the easiest way, which then also offers the widest selection, is to use trustworthy online erotic dealer like or Amorelie, even if the latter shop is still reserved when it comes to female chastity belts, but still the largest selection of chastity belts for women and penis cages for men can be found at, also as prime product.

What are chastity belts made of?

High-quality male and female chastity belts are made of stainless chrome steel or leather; more expensive models are regularly handcrafted; of course, the belts can be adjusted to the millimeter.

What can you do with a chastity belt?

Many ladies use a unseen The chastity belt for women imitates this situation in a certain way, but in a very material and real way, as role-play and to increase the anticipation of the following sex, the following satisfaction.

A very subtle method to potentiate the desire, if wanted to the unbearable.


Chastity belt, the idea actually originates from the baroque age, is an ingenious variant for both female and male lovers of physical sex.

There are versions for women and men. The chastity belt for men is called penis cage, depending on the version the belts are more toys or serious Toy for SM and BDSM. The toy is suitable for everyone, it is only necessary to overcome certain prejudices.

If you dare to try the fun, you will be amazed about the psychological effect: your partner has the key to the pleasure, often a completely new, stimulating experience, which can make even old-established relationships come back to life.

A chastity belt can be a symbol, to wear it means to put oneself aside to find pleasure; it can be help, is advertising for one’s own sexuality; better than a video; caution is advisable with cheap products.


Can you hurt yourself with a female chastity belt?

Men should not choose a size too small for their penis, this could become painful under certain circumstances, perhaps also in the sense of the concept. hygiene is an important issue especially with chastity belts for women.

Where did the chastity belt get its reputation?

It is said that in the dark Middle Ages the crusaders equipped their ladies with it, which belongs to the realm of legend.

It was not possible to wear such a belt continuously for a very long time, especially not with the materials and craftsmanship of the time, but the chastity belt was used as a punishment, and in ancient England it was also an effective means for civil servants to be able to tax prostitutes meticulously.

How long should one wear the chastity belt?

The chastity belt should not stay on the body for too long, depending on the design and type of material, which is regularly not the case, would miss its modern sense and purpose. the chastity belt is usually worn during foreplay, it increases the desire for sex without cage, without restriction.

It serves as a tool for fun games, but can also be used quite psychologically humiliating.

Are there any legal regulations regarding the female chastity belt?

The answer: Everyone has the right to do what he wants with his body and to leave what he wants; of course it is not possible, even by law, to force someone, such as his wife, to wear a chastity belt, but if she does so voluntarily, no law in the world can interfere with it.

Are there also high-end chastity belts?

On the start page (without subscription) you will find 2018 chastity belts for men, which can even be fitted, they come in shiny chrome, you can already see the penis cages what they are worth, but for a nice game the conventional belts do it too.

User reviews

Contrary to other reviews expressed here, the XXdreamStoys Belt can be carried very well and also the “openings” are correctly placed in the right place. If probably the right size has been chosen, belt fits exactly and also fulfills its purpose. My slave is not very enthusiastic, but agrees with me in terms of carrying and fit exactly. In any case, I can only guess.


Master Series Pink: at the beginning he is a bit stiff and also yet in the best fit but that gets better from time to time. Looks also interesting only under tight pants not really invisible. A longer wearing is practice and habit but certainly possible. The sin and purpose of keeping chaste is given in front even if there is enough space to make pointed. But also a woman in heat who only begs for freedom is something great.


I am male and get along quite well with this product. The supplied locks and keys are tiny and I will not replace them. The leg straps are practical, they hold the middle bar in position quite well. All in all a good price-performance ratio, if you consider that a Shawa Chastity Belt made of metal is at least 5 times more expensive.