Nipple Vacuum Suckers: Women Cups For Sex Breasts

What is a nipple, breastfeeding teat?

A nipple sucker sucks the nipples with negative pressure and pulls them a little into the inside of a small hollow body, usually a kind of cylinder, creating a feeling for the woman, by the way also for the man, as it is similar when a partner tries very intensively and with effort around the areolas, the thoracic buds.

Nipple teats are available in a wide variety of models and designs, and a huge selection awaits the curious on the Internet. Erotic platforms such as or the online retailer Amazon, which scores with prime delivery and instant shipping, offer the Toys. Cool prizes included.

Nipple teats are available in a wide variety of models and designs Toy does not cost too many, it is very easy to use and cleaning A nipple sucker pulls nipples a little into the inside of a small hollow body

Which one of the buds Sucker looks best?

As far as appearance is concerned, the ladies and gentlemen from the nipple teat test clearly chose Pump for you and Fetish Fantasy Spinning Nipple Stimulator. The large transparent bowls, the black remote control and the many possibilities were particularly appealing to the ladies.

The toy is available at as well as in the fast Amazon dispatch. not only that the Sextoy looks very sexy anyway, the lady or the gentleman has put on the nipple searchers, the third plus point is of course the effect.

How does the nipple suction application work?

The Nipple Sucker is a very easy to use sex toy, a container, like a narrow bowl, which is placed on the area around the nipples, the nipple yards, now a manual, small pump or even an electric pump in the bowl creates a vacuum that strongly stimulates the nipples and the area around them.

This stimulation causes the corresponding area to be supplied with blood to a much greater extent, the fine nerves, The woman feels the vacuum in the cylinder, the bowl, the suction attachment as quite pleasant, eroticizing.

Are nipple teats also for men?

Basically, the thoracic bud is an organ from which nerves originate that are directly connected to the nervous system.Effects of Libido This means that the excitement at the nipples regularly makes both sexes, men and women, extremely hot.

Are there different breast nipple cups?

You can roughly divide the nipple searchers into two categories. Nipple sucker with one hand pump.

The second variant are suckers with a screw thread, the inside of a transparent plastic sleeve contains a kind of punch, which is moved over a screw.

  • Nipplesucker with screw thread
  • Nipplesucker with hand pump

In the nipple suction cup test it turned out that the model with screw thread has a much stronger suction effect It is interesting to note that the nipples that have undergone such a treatment are very sensitive and each caress is felt very strongly.

The nipple sucker can usually be used for other parts of the body, other erogenous areas without any problems, but the device with screw thread is not suitable for the labia or the clitoris, for example, because the pull is almost too strong and there are, especially for the vagina, the labia, special suction attachments, such as the Vagina Kiss with stand at Amazon, here also the Vagina Sucker, which works according to the same principle and promises fuller, fuller, fuller labia in the long term.

  • Increased blood flow to the nipples
  • Sensitization of the nerves
  • Stimulation of cell growth

The nipple suction cups are easy to install?

Here are the two categories mentioned above, but also the various models.

The Toys with screw thread are regularly a little more complicated to attach, because you need both hands to hold the device in its place, on the other hand to turn the screw.

With the hand pump and a slightly larger cylinder it’s a bit easier, also the version with the hand pump produces very good traction, you can see the nipples reacting, because the plastic is transparent.

The vacuum pull circulates the skin very strongly, the general trait that is exercised makes clear the border between pain and pleasure, which is different for man and woman, for each individual.

For whom is this sex toy suitable?

Anyone who has fun using their body to feel pleasure, everyone who wants to pamper their partner, pamper themselves, stimulate them, can use a nipple teat – just for fun, as an additional pleasure effect. Lust can be pain and joke can be pleasure. The nipple-sucker, suitable for both men and women, is, when used in the right way, a quite pleasurable toy in the Sado Maso area and the negative pressure in the attachments can easily be increased to the painful level.

Is there also a medical variant of the Nippletoys?

The way the toy works remains the same, of course, prolonged use will have a positive effect on the trained tissue, i.e. the sensitivity of the nipples, their size and the extent of the nipple and the blood circulation.

Color of the areola are sustainably influenced.

  • nipple enlargement
  • increased sensitivity
  • mammary darkening

Does the nipple teat also have a lasting effect?

The nipple-sucker cannot enlarge the breasts, but the chest buds, the courtyard around the nipples, are stimulated to increased activity as far as the cells are concerned, which means that after prolonged use the nipples are larger, the breasts are browner and also wider.

Shortly after use, the nipples are very sensitive. Women who tried devices such as the Genmine 1 or the Philips Avent SCF152/02 reported astonishingly intense sensations.

Which one is the best?

The best, the unrivalled, the one that men and women only dream of with a sigh when they haven’t ordered it from Amazon or is undoubtedly the summit striker, and this nipple sucker lives up to its name like a little devil sucking, very intense.

How to use a nipple vacuum cleaner?

The toy usually consists of two hollow bodies that can look like a cylinder. very stylish designs These are placed on the skin around the buds of the breast, pressed gently, perhaps using a little cream, then the pump, electric or manual, and the vibrator if necessary.

Is the nipple toy only good for the nipples?

Depending on the design of the device, a nipple pump can also be used for a different purpose, the underlying suction function can also be applied to the clitoris and labia, and it can enrich the play of love by playing with the sucker on the male penis. can be easily integrated into any kind of fun.

  • Also for the penis
  • Also for the labia
  • Same for the pussy

How are the nipple teats tested by women and men?

Of course, they know the sensitivity of their breast buds, but vacuum stimulation and vibrating massage at the same time, that is new to many women and men and a welcome experience.

Men, even in 2018, usually know little about these erotic zones of their bodies. just as sensitive as the female breast. With devices such as the Genmine 1 vibration massager or the Deluxe silicone nipple sucker pair suction dwarf or other toys for nipple vacuum, it is also possible for men to get additional moments of pleasure.

The first place on our list is taken by the Gipfelstürmer nipple teat, a breast pump with remote control and 7 vibration levels, which according to the manufacturer is the tool for the ultimate breast stimulation, and this has proved to be 100 percent true, and the application also seemed very simple and effective.

Where to buy a nipple vacuum cleaner?

As with all sextoys that come into direct contact with intimate zones, the quality of the toys is also of crucial importance for nipple teats, so we recommend ordering the sextoys from trustworthy online retailers such as or Amorelie, Amazon also offers high-quality toys, Prime Versand guarantees neutral delivery and 24-hour shipping.

  • Erotic mail order Amorelie
  • Erotic Platform
  • Mail order Amazon/Prime


The nipple pumps for vacuum around the nipple are an amazing toy, The nice toy does not cost too many Euros, it is very easy to use, also the cleaning should not cause problems. in the long run a nipple sucker can enlarge the breast bud and the breast yard of the woman, emphasize.


Can I do something wrong with a nipple twister too?

The function of a nipple pump is to create a vacuum that sucks in the thoracic bud, opening the pores, activating the nerves, increasing the blood circulation, and when a very strong vacuum is applied, the sensation increases to the point of pain.

Are the nipple aspirators also available with vibration?

Various models are equipped with tingling vibrator functions, the suction power and also the strength of the vibration massage can be adjusted via remote control, simply place the suction cups on the breasts and the fun begins.

Is there actually a nipple orgasm?

There are women who have a hypersensitive nervous system and are astonishingly sensitive to the manipulation of the nipples, and in favourable circumstances, where the complete physicality and emotional situation plays a role, it is actually possible for a lady to reach an orgasm by stimulating the buds alone.

If the suction effect with the mouth is not the same?

If you have been involved in oral sex for a long time, you know that it takes a lot of muscle to pamper a woman orally for a longer period of time.

What do nipple suction cups cost?

The item is available in various variations, from about 5 Euro up to 80 Eur. depending on the design and the quality, the vibrator set – nipple searchers are a little more cost-intensive. you could reduce the costs with a voucher, which you can often find when searching for such offers on the internet.

User reviews

Very horny product is Fetish Fantasy Spinning Nipple Stimulators. I was at the beginning it skeptical or it does his work well. But already after first use I was enthusiastic. I now use it every time at my private intimate would stand.


Fetish Fantasy Pipedream are of very high quality. We first had to try out how they work, there are still beginners. It felt very good. Nothing pressed and pulled. We could enjoy it 🙂


Do exactly what they are supposed to do, the nipples become very, very sensitive and extremely irritable with Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing But Sensation. The lightest touch increases the pleasure many times over.