Masturbator Venus 2000 For Men: Review Male Penis Milking Machine

The Venus 2000 milking machine is revolutionizing the concept of hands-free masturbation for men. Manufactured by ABCO Research Associates, this high-tech sex toy offers unparalleled stimulation and orgasm. This Venus 2000 review will break down the key components, how to use it, and what you can expect from this machine for men.

What is the Venus 2000 milking machine for men?

The Venus 2000  is a Top class masturbator – made especially for masculinity.

The device works like a milking machine for the man, with the cow it is pressure and suction effects, here by the supply and the suction of air a kind of jerking movement is set in motion. A very intensive penis massage, which can lead within shortest time to orgasm, or also over hours to enjoy is.

The milking machine, the pump-based suction system, can also be found in many domina studios, where the partner is more or less at the mercy of his domina and her various tools during this type of sex, in BDSM. quite outstanding instrument The threshold of lust and torture is blurring, just as the partners want and enjoy it during role play.

Heavy cum effectImpressive performance Great doma toy

What does the milking machine look like??

The Sextoy lives up to its name: Anyone who knows the milking machines on a farm has an approximate picture: a glass cylinder with a changing negative pressure, movements as in conventional masturbation, with the so-called “Air Control Box” the pulsating pressure inside the “Reiceiver”, in which the rubber tube is located, of 8 to 300 times per minute A special table with adjustable arm is available.

Is there a video showing how to use the device??

The use of the legendary device for masturbation, for pleasureful play with the male partner, is really very simple.

The Dominastudio Dungeon presents the Venus 2000 milking equipment in a very vivid way and it can be clearly seen how the air intake and exhaust function within the cylinder works.

What Comes in the Venus Package

Core Components

  1. Control Box – The brain of the Venus 2000, responsible for stroke speed and suction control.
  2. Receiver – Custom fit receiver that accommodates the penis for milking.
  3. Air Control Box – Manages the suction and air flow.
  4. Power Cord – Essential for powering the machine.
  5. Liner Material – Dry natural rubber liner for added comfort and better fit.


  1. Attachment for Nipple Massager – For extra stimulation.
  2. Storage Bag – For keeping all components in one place.
  3. Cleaning Brush – To maintain hygiene.
  4. Remote Control – For ease of use.
  5. Large Hose – To connect the receiver to the control box.
  6. Stroke Length Adjustments – For custom stroking action.

How to Use the Venus 2000

  1. Connect the power cord to the control box.
  2. Attach the large hose from the control box to the custom fit receiver.
  3. Use lube for better suction and fit into the rubber liner.
  4. Use the receiver to place your penis or nipples into the machine.
  5. Adjust the air control box settings for custom fit and suction.
  6. Use the remote control to adjust speed from 8 to 300 strokes per minute.

Where to buy a Venus 2000 and what is the price?

Of course it is possible to buy the milking machine directly from the manufacturer in 2021, but we recommend Prime Versand with the online retailer Amazon, delivery is very fast, within 24 hours, the packaging is neutral, the milking machine for men, Venus 2000, often described as the equivalent of the Sybian for women, is delivered in a very stylish hardcase, all necessary accessories included. high quality, finest handwork, and costs about 650 Euro.

Experiences of users, experience reports from the Internet community and social networks, Instagram on Facebook and Twitter can be found again and again – posted as positive contributions about Venus 2000 The device is the original, Amazon also has copies like the Milker from Lovebotz or the F-Machine from Trembler, but the original, we find, is best to handle and regulate.

Can the device also be rented?

If you don’t necessarily want to reach so deep into your pocket for the good piece, just want to try out the possibilities and the indescribable effect of the milking instrument Venus 2000, you can also rent the Sextoy.

You can have the device delivered to your home. For example, one company offers to send the men’s stroker machine to the customer on Thursday or Friday, who can test it extensively over the weekend and return it on Monday.

With the cleanly cleaned and disinfected milking machine there is of course a new receiver, the original rubber tube, as well as a German operating manual, which is of course also available for longer periods of time, which makes the matter a few € cheaper, but a deposit of about 200 Euro will always be required when returning the equipment.

  • buying
  • hiring
  • beeches

What do you think, book a Venus 2000 Suckmachine?

Beside the above described possibility on, with which one sends naturally also a reservation before the renting process, there is still the still substantially more aparent possibility, to try out the famous Venus 200 milking machine and let yourself be really sucked out.

Special studios offer the milking of the slaves, the treatment of the patient with the equipment, by the hour.

Expectations and Performance Metrics

  • Stroking Action: Up to 300 strokes per minute, adjustable from 8 to 300 for personalized comfort.
  • Hands-Free: Designed as a hands-free masturbation machine.
  • Orgasm: Intense orgasmic experiences have been reported by users.
  • Weight: The machine and its parts weigh in a manner convenient for storage and use.

What is the milking machine suitable for??

With the Venus 2000 the most different games are possible. The orgasm that you or the machine generates is not from bad parents, as our tests have shown, and the sextoy becomes tingling when your partner cannot resist the manipulation of his penis, cannot control the intensity of the stimulation.

Especially in the history of Domina and Femdom, the Suckmachine is a welcome accessory: The partner is fixed, we enter the bondage area, when he is helplessly delivered to Domina, she will use the toy as she pleases, and Venus 2000 does a lot, from tender stroking to borderline torment, all at the discretion of the dominating partner.

What is special about the Venus Suckmachine??

  • Blow-job feeling
  • You don’t have to do it yourself
  • Very intensive massage
  • Relaxed masturbation

With this masturbation giant you can be pampered and at the same time put your hands back, relax.

A little imagination, a little lubricant and the session becomes a hypergenious blowjob, no Asian bunny can keep up, and the milking equipment is the key to an infinite number of games in connection with BDSM.

Pros and Cons of Using the Venus 2000


  1. Versatility: Not just a masturbator, attachments like the nipple massager make the Venus for men more versatile.
  2. Customization: The air control box and stroke adjustments allow for a custom fit and tailored experience.
  3. Efficiency: With speeds ranging from 8 to 300 strokes per minute, the machine is designed for your ultimate satisfaction.


  1. Price: The Venus 2000 for men is on the pricier side.
  2. Complexity: Multiple components such as the air control box and liner material need some time to master for the best experience.
  3. Power Dependency: Requires a power cord, limiting mobility.

Is the suction machine easy to clean??

The unit is very easy to disassemble and liquid collects in the cap of the receiver, where a one-way air valve is located, which can be easily cleaned with a cloth or a bottle brush and a little warm water.

Liquid will never get into the pump itself. The processing of the device is very stable, the device determines an acquisition, which holds. with a Y connection further attachments can be attached to the pump.


The Venus 2000 milking machine is indeed a professional masturbation instrument, very similar to the Sybian, and with a purchase price of about 650 Euro in 2021, it is certainly not a cheap, albeit quite sustainable acquisition. too The principle of the teat is a kind of masturbation movement by sucking in and out the air, which can be increased up to the unbearable.

If you have a soft spot for sex toys, you will not miss this original. And if you ask yourself whether the high rental fee or the purchase price is worth it, here is the positive answer: Absolutely! the toy must not be missing in any love meadow that has something to do with BDSM role-playing games.


Can anyone use the Venus 2000 milking machine?

Used with care, the milking equipment, however unrelenting, will not affect your penis; on the contrary, after using the device, caused by the vacuum, your penis will be much larger, so it is also possible to use the toy before sexual intercourse and surprise your partner with a huge erection The device is a professional instrument.

Are there any accessories for the suction machine??

In fact, it is possible to connect the Venus 2000 to Nipple- or HeadMassager Toys, which are placed on the nipples in addition to the milking mechanism on the limb, giving a very special feeling of pleasure, which can easily be increased to the limit of pain.

Isn’t it better to order the device from the American manufacturer?

The only argument that would count here would be the price, which will be even higher due to customs duties and import sales tax; as you know, the American tax authorities are not very cooperative; you will not only find all spare parts and accessories from the manufacturer’s authorized German representative, ABCO Research Associates USA, but you will also have no problems with customs, do not have to disclose your credit card details, and do not have to make any declarations.

How long does a Venus Suckmachine last??

If you use your machine carefully, you can undoubtedly have years of fun with the Sextoy: you should replace the liner in the receiver every six months, which can also be ordered from ABCO and costs about $10.

Should I buy or rent such a machine?

The experience and user reports of many satisfied buyers speak for themselves. With the exception of the insert, the liner, there are actually no wearing parts on the milking instrument, so you can use the masturbator for years to come and, as can also be found as an opinion on the net: even the first times with the Toy compensate for the price.

User reviews

First of all my first device Venus 2000 is in this direction. I decided to go here because I found the saying very interesting. And I was not disappointed. Madness I can only recommend.


Venus 2000 is of high quality. The packaging of the product is very beautiful and secret. It is valid to use. However, you should use after use as is also recommended!


The constant suction Venus 2000 makes the use a special experience. The different vibrations are very well applicable. All in all a very successful machine.

Michael Herzberg

What’s In The Box?

Core Components

  • Venus Machine: The main unit encased in a clear acrylic housing.
  • New Receiver: Customizable to fit the head of the penis.
  • Port on the Venus Unit: Two ports for controls and attachments.
  • Remote Control Unit: To adjust your stroke length and speed.

Attachments and Accessories

  • Nipple Massager Set: For added stimulation.
  • Attachments and accessories purchased separately are refundable only if unopened.

How to Use the Venus 2000

  1. Attach the small rubber hose to the port on the Venus unit.
  2. Attach the air control box to the other end of the small hose.
  3. Connect the large rubber hose from the port to the new receiver.
  4. Place your penis into the receiver, which is designed to accommodate even without an erection.
  5. Use the remote control unit to adjust your stroke length and speed according to your preferences.

Experience and Performance Metrics

  • Powerful Stroking Action: The machine creates a powerful, adjustable stroking action for personalized pleasure.
  • Liner Material: Made from materials that are unlikely to cause allergic reactions in most individuals.
  • Worth the Money: Most users find the experience to be worth the investment.

Cleaning the Venus 2000

  1. Remove the black rubber cap from the receiver.
  2. Use a mild detergent or specialized cleaner to wash the inside.
  3. Allow all components to air dry before storing them.

Return Policy

  • Should you wish to return the Venus 2000 device, you will need a return authorization number from ABCO Research Associates.
  • A $186 return fee will apply, in addition to the return shipping cost.
  • ABCO Research Associates will refund your money according to their policy, less fees.