5 Nude Calendars for Men and Women in 2021

What is a nude calendar?

Everyone certainly knows the annual companions for the Infants at Christmas time, From December 1st, a little door must be opened every day, which usually hides a piece of chocolate.

Different Advent calendars for children do not only offer chocolate but also have a small gift behind every door, making it easier for them to wait until they receive the right presents. So what  about nude calendars for the adults?

 There are nude sex toy advent calendars, which work according to the same principle as the goods for the youngsters. sex toys or accessory products for lubricants, irritant clothing, and blindfolds, to name just a few examples, but there are also variants that indicate certain sexual tasks or actions that must be performed on a particular day behind the door.

In either case, it is a matter of ensuring that the “Feast of love”Nowadays you can expect a large selection of calendars, which are specially designed for the Holidays 2021 or can be used in general for every Christmas so that something like this can be used again for every Christmas.

Calendars with sex toys or accessory products for lubricantsAdvent calendars with irritant clothing and blindfolds Variants with sexual tasks that performed on a particular day behind

Which is the best erotic calendar?

When selecting the whole erotic calendar The reason for this is that both Amorelie products are equally good to evaluate, in both cases you get high quality sex toys that make you special every day until Christmas.

The visual appearance this year’s companion, so that they are almost Christmas decoration. If this would not be an erotic variant of the child-friendly Advent calendars, the possibility of downloading an app to get detailed information about each sex toy before use is a big advantage.

Finally, it should be noted that the two products basically only differ in the respective price and the corresponding product value of the sex toys they contain, so you can decide for yourself whether you want more or less. less money. In any case, you can expect to find high-quality goods behind the doors, so every Amorelie’s nude calendar rules.

Which nude erotic advent calendar is best for me?

It depends on what kind of erotic experience you want to experience, for example if you are not interested in sex toys, you should choose the yearly companions with the tasks from the test.

The nude sex toy event calendars are for all couples who want to experience something special and are not afraid to try something new:

  • vibrators
  • blindfolds
  • lingerie
  • masturbators
  • manacles
  • massage oil
  • lube
  • butt plug

If you still can’t decide, you can read through the experiences of other users, for example, a video of the “Nude calendar unboxing”.

Amorelie Nude Calendar 2021 Contents UNBOXING

This way you can get a picture of 2021 and know what to expect from it, so you should be able to make an easier purchase decision for this year’s Christmas.

But beware, don’t spoil the surprise!

What to look out for when purchasing the Christmas calendar?

A particularly important point is the date of the erotic advent calendar, so you should always choose a current variant, in this case for now. seized, If you have never bought a sextoyadvent calendar before, it is also not bad if it will be available for 2021.

Structured because it still gives you new sex toys.

As you can see from the comparison, there are some goods that are offered quite cheap but have a high value.

Another point to note is the surprise of nude advent calendars, which means that in most cases you can’t determine beforehand which sex toys are included. Contents in the boxes unless you watch a short film about it.

Finally, it is important that you pay attention to the correct use of the sex toy in question, and each love advent of your nude calendar should include a possibility to inform yourself about the sex toys and their use in order not to make a mistake.

Where to get nude sex calendars?

Available It is easier and more convenient to order via the Internet, where you can see what it looks like and collect other information such as:

  • expense
  • lead time
  • goods value
  • vendors

After you have selected the offers you should register with the respective provider, if you don’t have an account here yet.

Generally, this can be done with a delivery time of 2 to 5 working days Most of the providers offer a discreet shipping in one neutral package so that your privacy protected is left.

It is important to note when ordering a nude calendar online that this should be completed as early as possible. summer or at the latest fall This ensures that the required data is still available.

What experiences do customers have with the nude Christmas calendar?

Testimonials from users who have already decided to buy can be found everywhere, giving a very good insight into the advantages and features that can be expected from the products.


In general, a good picture is drawn. The variety with the nude Sex toys improves your intimate life with a high quality and reasonable prices. The PROs of nude calendars are:

  • Easy to use sextoys
  • New sex toys every time
  • Attractive design

However, there are also negative aspects that must be taken into account, especially the fact that they are not available for long enough, which means that not every couple can buy the desired product.

Capitalized and heavyweight it is, but since it sometimes contains 24 sex toys, this is, of course, no wonder.

Conclusion – Is it really worth using such an Advent calendar?

Why should only children get one? Adults deserve to have the pre-Christmas time according to their wishes, too. Christmas markets and shopping sprees have a very high quality and a good content, which should bring the desired fun to every couple, that fair costs are offered and the order of the erotic calendars is more than easily possible.

As a result, it can be concluded that the purchase of nude calendars is worthwhile in any case in order to obtain an erotic Christmas. However, even those who are looking for more variety in bed should consider buying one.


Can nude advent calendars also be used by singles or only by couples?

Some of the adult toys included in these calendars can also be used without a partner, such as vibrators for women or masturbators for men.

The reason for this is that many of the goods have to be used for sex or at least for foreplay and cannot have such a good effect on their own. Singles may use some of the sextoys, but do not take full advantage of the sex advent calendar.

However, it is quite conceivable that in the future the respective suppliers could also offer products which congruous with for single men or women. This means that they too can get their money’s worth.

Can the sex toys from the erotic calendar only be used once?

A particularly important point is of course the life span of the respective calendar, where it should be mentioned that most articles can not only be used during the Christmas season, especially the sex toys can remain in use for many years with the right care and use.

Longer lifespan than a normal.

On the other hand, however, it should also be noted that there are offers that are only intended for a single use and that the variants with the sexual actions, daily before Christmas If the door has been opened, you already know what it says here, so this is no longer a surprise, but it should be noted that some contents can only be used for a certain time, especially products such as lubricants or massage oil, which will sooner or later be empty.

Is it worth buying several nude Advent calendars in the same year?

A combination of calendars is not recommended, as they often contain relatively identical sex toys, so you will quickly get the same sex toys twice. Nevertheless, a combination of the Sextoy Advent calendars and the Action Advent calendars makes sense, so you will not only get the sex toys, but you tasks that you can fulfill with the toys.

Does it make sense to buy them used?

To save money, it is possible to order the annual companions simply via a website such as eBay. However it is very unhygienic.

Ultimately, not all nude calendars are original. In such a case, a poor quality and inferior processing. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy used Sextoy Advent nude calendars. It is better to invest a little more money but to get high-quality goods.

User reviews

I already had the nude calendar last year & ordered Amorelie Advent Calendar as soon as I saw that there was a new version! It’s totally worth it if you like to use little toys to have fun, but rather focus on versatility. I’ve seen that there are many different goodies again this time! Can only recommend it.

Very nice noble design Amorelie Premium Calendar! We still have no idea what’s in the rest, but the first door was a highlight. Quite a great product! At an unbeatable price!
Richtsfeld Josef
Very nice selection. As in every Lovehoney Sextoy Calendar there are also little doors here that suit you so well but otherwise I would say there is something for everyone. High-quality, nameful brands are represented so that the acquisition is worthwhile in any case.
Stefan Maier