Penis Chastity Cage: Male BDSM Device

The little bird in the cage. A very interesting way to put its best piece in the foreground.

This toy offers endless variations of very subtle, provocative, delaying love play, that, just a little bit bizarre, Toy wins, not only in the BDSM scene, more and more friends and girlfriends.

What is a penis cage?

The penis cage is the chastity belt for men, a covering, usually a cradle around the penis, like a cage that makes almost any access to the penis impossible. subservience.

A psychological thrill that can bring sensual pleasures once experienced.

Increasing the anticipation of love playGreat idea in role-playing Increasing the desire for the unbearable

How does a penis cage work?

Basically, a penis cage works like a woman’s chastity belt. The pain the penis owner feels simply does not allow the penis to become stiff; a penis cage can also be equipped with electrical stimulation and possibly spines; it is used for role-playing and is often used in SM, BDSM scenes.

Which models are available?

1. The silicone penis cage

Silicone, or latex, is regularly a relative soft plastic materialAs a plastic material, it can be made in any colour and with many material properties, so the material of the penis cage is light, comfortable to wear, hygienic, easy to clean with simple means.

2. The stainless steel penis cage

The penis cage in metal or chrome outfit is a chic part of course, the complete cage hides the penis completely behind a shiny metal castle, the form is only hinted at, behind the gate hides the big secret that now still into a narrow shell.

No woman who is not curious about what is hidden in the little treasure chest, who wants to free the little rascal quickly.

Equipment of the penis cage

The chastity belt for men is manufactured in a wide variety of versions, and the workmanship, the design and the material can be understood as equipment. urethral stimulator, the most diverse accessories and gimmicks are available – just as the connoisseurs of love play want and desire.

Dilator and plug

The anal plug, on the other hand, is a helpful means before anal intercourse, for dilation, stretching of the muscle tissue in the anus area. it is always advisable to use a water-based lubricant even with conventional penis cages. sanitation be paramount.


Spikes made of metal or plastic, integrated into the penis cage are clearly a very effective thing. erection It means to control yourself, to be controlled, to suffer when your partner slowly exposes herself, or to show other things more, the purpose of a penis cage becomes more than clear here and is easy to understand.

How to put on and carry a penis cage correctly?

Of course it depends on the right size first, but most penis cages are optimally designed.

The man stows his unerect limb in the cage and, depending on the variant, also the scrotum; a gel can be applied as a precaution; now it is closed, it can no longer be used for sexual intercourse; if one wants to wear the penis cage longer, it is advisable to wear a tight panty to avoid unpleasant wounds by chafing:

  1. Increasing the anticipation of love play
  2. Great idea in role-playing
  3. Subordination effect
  4. Control effect
  5. Tingling Voltage
  6. Increasing the desire for the unbearable

Is an erection possible despite cage?

The purpose of a penis cage is to effectively prevent this very erection. sexual desire, an erection is not possible because the construction of the cage, sometimes equipped with spines or an electric stimulator, does not offer any room for it, so the lust accumulates, a more psychological effect, but amazingly potent.

For whom is this sex toy suitable?

The penis cage is used with preference by BDSM sex fans, but it is increasingly finding friends with completely normal, conventional couples in their sex life. chastity beltsl. An idea that has already put many long-established relationships back on track.

What are men’s experiences with the test?

The experience of men, German, in the extensive testing of penis cages is first and foremost astonishment, astonishment and V boundless amazement that with the use of such a penis cage, no matter what design, activates an area of their desire sensation, which until now only came to bear when he experienced brusque leaning, now this is coupled with joyful expectation. special kick some of the test persons describe on Twitter. The chastity goes down the drain.

Which one is the best?

This is, and this should be noted quite naturally, the bondage men’s penis cage, chastity cage’Extreme’ of the luxury class with anal plug (BDSM) from the Silver Master Series, anal plug, urethral stimulator, testicle chamber. grade With its truly excellent workmanship, the luxury penis cage meets all the requirements for undisputedly being number one.

Where to buy a penis cage?

Today, 2018, every portfolio of a well-stocked erotic retailer contains penis cages, which used to be sold only under the counter, but today they reach the mainstream. Online erotic shipping platform like Also on Amazon you can find a lot of offers from various manufacturers.


A penis cage, strange as it may seem, some comments and some may seem, has something for itself: Many don’t consider, don’t expect the violent effect on the psychological level, stimulating stimuli that are otherwise rarely activated, and certainly not in such a context, so it is only a question of overcoming it, to try it once with such a toy.

Penis cages are available in a variety of designs, most of them made of plastic, the more solid ones of metal, you can completely enclose the penis, transparent in plastic, in metal ring form, like a simple wire cage, made of silicone or latex, for easy fitting with a safety ring or as briefs, thus a real chastity belt for men.


It makes sense to combine the penis cage with other accessories?

A penis cage can lead into the area of corporal punishment, the limits here are quite fluid and answers to what he wants to allow are left to each of the sex partners themselves, so the gradual level of corporal punishment can be increased by handcuffs, gagging, ankle cuffs, nipple clamps or torture for the testicles.

Which penis cage is the right one for me?

It’s not just a question of your taste, it’s a question of your partner’s. Maybe he’ll put it on you, you don’t know what’s happening to you and you’ll still be satisfied with the result, it’s a basic decision to try, of course a high quality item is the best, cheap plastic from Asia or an inferior metal ring are to be neglected for hygienic reasons alone.

How to care for my penis cage?

The cage is easy to clean with ordinary mild detergents, such as warm water, but it is not recommended to use strong detergents or disinfectants.

A lubricant that is always recommended when using should always be water-soluble when using silicone or latex penis cages, otherwise the surface of the toy may be damaged.

What if my wife refuses such fun?

Sometimes old habitual conventions are a hindrance to a relaxed sex game, explain the background of the application, make your lady taste the psychological kick she is expected to receive, which is felt on her side similar to how you feel as a man.

User reviews

Rimba CB-300 is really good. You can easily get it in there without lubricant. However, the ring is a bit fiddly to get up. A chance to become stiff, or to get an orgasm. I have still a spacer between the cage and lock tinkered with it. The cage and the lock sit tighter and don’t clatter.


Bon4M is fits very well. No sharp edges. WC courses problem-free and subsequent hygienic cleaning easily possible. Initially a little heavy (in terms of weight), but you quickly get used to it. Purchase recommendation also for beginners.


Pubic Enemy delivered in a high quality box and generally feels very valuable. All parts are completely made of stainless steel and the fit is also very good. Otherwise you can choose between 3 different sizes and it is not to be recognized with normal trousers.