Girls Love Beads For Vagina: Kegel, Ben Wa Balls and More

What are love balls?

With the love balls, hundreds and thousands or love balls, are balls in of different size. These balls are offered in different materials, especially in this case:

  • silicone
  • ophthalmic lens
  • metal

According to the differentiated choice of material, not only the size of the love balls differs, but also their size.

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that often several love balls are threaded on a string, but the function of these toys is not limited to increasing the desire before or during sex. Practice must be carried out in order to pelvic floor muscles to strengthen.

Balls are offered in different materialsFunction toys is not limited to increasing the desire before or during sex Practice carried out in order to pelvic floor muscles

How do love balls help against pelvic floor weakness?

The bullets can be used both before and after pregnancy to build and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and the strengthened muscles are expected to make childbirth easier, but the training can also lead to women.

Experience orgasms more intensively. In any case, it is important to perform regular exercises in order to achieve the desired result.

For the pelvic floor exercises, the love balls must be inserted into the vagina and worn for several hours. assignment or with daily errands In the training balls, there is usually a weight that rotates in the ball when the ball is running. G-spot stimulated, but also trains the muscles from the pelvic floor.

This means that the muscles of the pelvic floor hold the ball in position and are trained in this way; after only a few hours of use, improvements in sex can already occur, which speak for a successful workout.

Optimization of the pelvic floor muscles, which may also have an effect on sex but which becomes apparent at birth at the latest.

How does the use of love balls work?

When using this product, the question naturally arises: How to use love balls?

In this case, the balls should be inserted into the vagina and in the vagina, the love balls provide stimulation as well as the aforementioned training.

Especially at the beginning it can be a little unusual to experience a love ball, but with time the body gets used to it and most women only perceive the experience as an “Beautiful.” denominated.

How can the love balls be introduced?

Basically, the same principle as for a tampon which must also be inserted into the vagina, where it may be helpful to use lubricant at the beginning to facilitate the insertion of the balls. clues, that the loveballs before warmed.

They can be held in the hand for a few minutes, which also makes insertion more comfortable.

It is important that the balls lie above the muscles of the pelvic floor to train them properly, but each woman should experiment until she has found the right position for the Love Balls so that it is easiest to determine how the love balls will work. pleasing to the touch and which position is rather not suitable.

Also to consider is the “Remove” of this sex toy. In this case, the bullets always have one line, According to the tips of women who have already used these toys, it is best to use the loveballs in the sitting or in the squat This means that the least resistance is to be expected.

What do the balls do?

As has already been mentioned, the pelvic floor in particular is trained, which has many advantages.

Sex get moist faster. In addition, there is a more intense orgasm. male partners of which regular training benefits.

The strengthened pelvic floor muscles automatically tighten the woman’s vagina, which provides stronger stimulation for the man.

For whom is this sex toy suitable?

First of all, all women who want to use this article to have more fun having sex should be named. increased desire Furthermore, it is suitable for all women who are pregnant and want to prepare their pelvic floor for childbirth.

Strengthened musculature it can be expected, among other things, that the birth itself will be easier.

Thirdly, the love balls are also suitable for women who are already pregnant, in which case it is worth training the pelvic floor to narrow the vagina again after childbirth, which in turn is beneficial for future sex.

The use of love beads as a pair

The love balls can also be used together with a partner. prelude to prepare the woman for sex, where the partner can, for example, insert the bullets or use the desired vibration In this case the vagina of the woman becomes narrower, which guarantees a special experience for her and her partner. not too tight will.

Which models are available?

As has already been named, there are the love balls in different versions, The following aspects in particular differ:

  • greatness
  • heaviness
  • stock
  • position

The advantage of choosing these products is that women can easily find the right Love-Balls for themselves that fit their wishes.

This allows the ladies to experiment and quickly find out which articles are particularly suitable for them.

The love balls made of metal, glass and silicone

The silicone articles offer above all a high-quality wearing comfort, which is due to the silky soft surface, these balls can be cleaned easily and quickly. silicone both for newcomer as well as Advanced.

The products made of metal, stainless steel or glass are also easy to clean, but when it comes to wearing comfort, it should be noted that the balls are quite heavy and should therefore only be used by advanced users. long life be expected.

The love balls with built-in vibrator

This is a so-called”Vibro Egg”made of metal or silicone, which has a vibrator inside, so that the products provide even better stimulation when worn.

It should be noted that in most cases the vibrator is powered by a rechargeable battery or batteries and has several stages, so that the woman can set the vibration that she likes best. Articles can also be worn during sex, so that not only the woman has fun, but also the man.

The love balls with a remote control

In this case, too, a vibro-egg is used, which has a electric motor and different vibration levels In this case, however, the stages do not have to be switched on or adjusted directly on the device, but can be controlled by a remote control, which makes it easier to use the vibrating love balls.

What are the experiences of most women with the toy during the test?

If you also want to choose this sex toy in 2018, you should read the tips and experiences of other women who have already tested the love balls. very popular with most women.

The reason for this is the easy application and the great effect which can be achieved quickly at the beginning.

Furthermore, the fact that most love balls are of high quality and can therefore be used for many years is repeatedly mentioned positively.

Not always new balls It is also mentioned again and again that the products are not only suitable for young women, but can also be used by older women.

Where to buy love balls?

The selection and purchase of the appropriate love balls is very important in order to obtain a product that meets your wishes and needs, and the assortment of goods is comparatively extensive, so it is important to know at which points of contact it is easiest to buy, in which case the following shops on the Internet should be named:

  • cupid
  • Amazon

Here, customers can count on the fact that all the goods will be delivered via a high-grade workmanship and fair rates Furthermore, a comparatively simple selection of goods can be expected, as there are extensive descriptions and product photos for each product, and customers can also read through the experiences and evaluations of other users on the pages in order to get an even better picture of the goods.

After the selection of the love balls via the named online shops it should still be listed that the users with a spring and above all neutral deliveryuTherefore the ball can be used for training or more fun in the bedroom and it has to be declared that in case of problems or exchanges at the three listed providers, a good support can be expected in any case.

Conclusion – What is the general experience of the love balls for 2021?

The use of these balls is suitable for many women, which makes the purchase of the articles quite meaningful.

But not only the good ranges of application of the love balls are to be named here, but also their Functions with vibration and different Weights, as well as the effect that this product can have. gestation or just want to have more fun in bed, should definitely think about the purchase.


How should the love balls be cleaned?

The articles are in most cases completely waterproof, so that they can easily be rinsed under running water, using warm water to achieve a good cleaning.

Neutral soap to use a still better cleaning result After the cleaning process, an additional antiseptics can be used for sex toys to really remove all bacteria from the love balls and should be cleaned after each use.

How long should the love balls be used?

Of course, it always depends on the result the women expect and how quickly they want to reach their goal, so it is important to determine how “intensive” the training with the Love-Balls should be. 2 days for several hours (2 to 4 hoursIf you are not in such a hurry to train, you can only use the balls twice a week for a few hours.

In any case, the products should only be used for as long as they are comfortable to wear. If the use is unpleasant, it is advisable to remove the ball and take a break first, but it is also important to know that the women have to adjust to the feeling at first, especially at the beginning, which requires a certain acclimatization.

How safe are the love balls?

If you choose a high quality product, you can count on a good workmanship and an equally advantageous application, for example, that there are no edges that could damage the inside of the vagina, so it is important to pay attention to the size of the balls. too big In this case, each woman must decide for herself which ball size is best suited for her.

The only thing to bear in mind when using it is the material, so customers should not be allergic to silicone or any particular metal. easily and safely Finally, women do not have to worry about the electrical variants either, as no electrical components come into direct contact with the vagina.

Are the love balls also recommended by doctors?

Especially during pregnancy, doctors may recommend pelvic floor training, in which case the love beads are just the thing to have a quick success, with some women’s testimonials that they have been given the idea by their doctor to use the Love Balls, but in this case it is important to remember that this is always just an doctor’s advice and does not replace an equivalent therapy.

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