Best Penis Pumps

All of us should be grateful to a guy (or a girl – we don’t know) who has invented penis pumps.

These tools are capable of helping every man with erectile dysfunction to solve the problem.

It can as well improve the hard-on, make your penis a bit longer and fatter, and increase your sexual success. So, the main question is what you should to find out for selecting the best penis pump.

Seeking for an ideal penis pump

Let’s see what sex toys manufacture offer us. Here below, you will detect TOP-5 best penis pumps to every guy’s mind: from first-rate to budget ones.

With the penis pumps help, it is possible to improve an erection and sexual staminaOptimize penis blood filling, and increase your penis growth and girth So all you need to do is to choose the best penis pump and to use it properly

1. HydroXtreme7: top-quality product for your penis enhancement

Do you want to acquire the best and first-rate stuff? If so, this penis pump is a blue-ribbon thing for you.

Made by Bathmate, the Britain brand which is known for its modern and high-quality penis pumps, HydroXtreme7 is to the highest degree well-liked and demanded item on sale.

100% harmless penis pump

HydroXtreme7 is a hydro pump. Its principle of operation stems from the hot water effect to the penis. That is the main difference between hydro pumps and more affordable, but less secure vacuum pumps.

While using a vacuum pump, the penis becomes thicker due to the rarefied air effect to it.

Though it makes too intense pressure inside a tube, so there can be some side effects, such as penile tissue swelling, skin hyperpigmentation, and bruising.

However, while applying a hydro pump, such troubles can be avoided. Warm water gently warms up your penis tissues. It helps to prevent unpleasant and harmful by-effects while using the pump, such as swelling, penile subcutaneous hemorrhages, etc.

Health safety

The penis pump is produced from body-safe materials and contains no phthalate. The quality of penis pumps maid by Bathmate has been certified using a test developed by Aspen Clinical Research.

A guarantee of success

Imagine for a second that for some reason you won’t like this device (although this is practically unreal).

In this case, the manufacturer agrees to refund you for the purchase within 60 days. It is convenient. But don’t doubt: the first results will be perceptible from the very start, and lasting effect you will see during one month of using this penis pump.

Take note: this offer is valid only if you buy the penis pumps on the brand’s official website.

The other advantages

  • There is a handball pump in a set, so that you may use the item both automatically and manually.
  • Apply it while having a shower or a bath.
  • Utilizing this tool, you’ll get not only your penis extension but an increase in its girth as well.

  • Product’s effect is aimed at improving blood circulation in the penis; therefore, applying it, you will reach not only your organ enlargement but also improved erection.
  • Additional accessories in a set, such as a strap, a storage case, a measuring range to visualize the progress, a sponge.

  • It’s convenient to use this incredible penis pump with a strap: fix it on a neck while washing yourself and the item will do all the work, whereas your hands will be free.
  • Pay attention: practicing with this advanced penis pump can be a bit too difficult for newbies, mainly if you are not used to penis pumps at all. In this case, it would be recommended to begin with some less powerful model.

How to make the best use of it?

Stand under a warm water stream for about 5 minutes. It will help your body to relax a little and get a little hotter.

Then pour some water to a penis pump, lightly press it down to your pubic bone and press tightly to make water ejected a little.

Are there any disadvantages?

Be sure: there are none. This penis pump is 100% the best offer the modern sex gadgets market can make. The only thing about this stuff is its high price. However, it is entirely due to the excellent quality of the Bathmate penis pumps.

2. Automatic Suction Rechargeable Penis Pump

Tracey Cox is a famous author who is specializing in writing around sex.

But she is well known not only because of her writing career but also because of her brand, making penis pumps.

So let’s see why her automatic vacuum penis pump is so zingy?

Trump cards of the stuff

  • It can be exploited both as a pump and as a masturbator.
  • It contains a donut for extra-pleasure.

  • It has three modes: may select between strong, medium, and mild suction.
  • When the session is over, you can easily remove the tool from your penis without any discomfort or unpleasant feeling because of the air eliminating function.

  • Rechargeable via USB.
  • It needs no water for use, so you may be practicing not only in a bathroom but wherever it’s a comfort to you.

  • Transparent cylinder 7.5 long, through which you will see all the process. It also has an increment gauge that helps you to observe your penis growth.
  • Comfort and flexible silicone sleeve (diameter 1.5).

  • The item is produced from health-friendly materials with no phthalates or other harmful ingredients in a composition.
  • Download unique App from Tracey Cox EDGE to your smartphone. It will aid you to refine the effect even more.

The minuses

There is only one weak spot, and it’s a lack of extras in a set, like a male lubricant, toy cleaner, etc. But you may buy it by yourself without any difficulties.

Also, it is a vacuum pump, so that it may cause some side effects to your penis, like bruises or penile swelling. If you don’t want them, buy a hydro pump instead.

3. Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump

And here is another one gadget from Tracey Cox.

Unlike the previous model, which was analyzed above, this pump isn’t automatic, but mechanical.

Hence its advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits

  • The duration of an exercise is about ten minutes. In this case, you may count at up to 30% erection betterment.
  • If the pressure is overly hard, press the button to relieve the vacuum.
  • A transparent cylinder has a smooth texture and 8.5 in length.

  • The diameter is 1.25.
  • Made from silicone and with no phthalates or latex in a composition.
  • The penis pump is waterproof and submersible.

The shortcomings

  • The producer suggests to use the pump with a penis ring, but it doesn’t go in a set. The same can be said about the grease.
  • This device works mechanically only, so you can’t free your hands.

  • The air pressure inside the tube may be too powerful for you and cause side effects.
  • Some customers think it would be better if the entrance of the sleeve was tighter a bit because it sucks pubic hair and sometimes even testicles (but it’s a rare complaint).

4.Max Results Pump: low-cost and straightforward but effective item

If you are searching for some affordable penis pump, this one will be an excellent choice.

Produced by Cal Exotics brand, it’s simple to use and gives you remarkable results. Let’s get acquainted with it together!

Why people choose this penis pump?

  • It has a low price.
  • It’s easy to apply the item.
  • It’s transparent; therefore, you will see the process.

Flaws of the product

  • Comparing to more expensive models, this one provides not such powerful pressure.
  • There are users’ feedbacks about sucking testicles into the tube, which can hurt you.

  • The pump is produced from plastic, not silicone. It’s fragile and can be broken fast.
  • Some men complain that the rubber sleeve tore too soon.
  • There may be difficulties with using it if your penis is curved.

5.Apollo Automatic Power Pump: one of the best for the beginners

According to The American Pumpers Association, the tool is the most high-tech pump on the market, which gives massive results.

Let’s see, why did it get such high marks?

Pluses of the item

  • It’s easy to operate with the item: the device has only two buttons, so it’s elementary to use it.
  • Contains quick air release valve to make it easier the pump removing from the private area.
  • It has a LED display that shows the pressure inside the tube.
  • The product is Phthalate free and is made from plastic and TPR/TPE.
  • It works via 4 AAA batteries.

Two words around drawbacks

  • There are complaints around this item’s suction function. Some users think it’s too weak.
  • You have to shave the hair in your private area because while working the vacuum pump can suck them, which is painful and uncomfortable.
  • The pump is made from plastic, so that it can be breaking fast.
  • It would be better if the sleeve would be made from silicone, not TPR/TPE.

Why may men need penis pumps?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a huge problem that causes severe discomfort for men.

The same can be said about those guys who are not satisfied with the size of their penises.

There may be difficulties with sexual activity, which adversely affect the intimate life of a person. In both cases, the problem can be solved by using penis pumps. Therefore, for many men, this stuff utilization is not a whim, but a necessity.

A piece of advice about penis pumps using

Penis pumps are not just sex toys: they are medical devices.

Thus, it is highly commended to assess your health before starting the practice with them.

It will help you avoid the undesirable effects of using penis pumps.

Some tips will help to avoid side effects from penis pumps exploiting:

  • Never use the pump if you have STDs or inflammatory process on your penis.
  • The penis pumps using is strictly prohibited if a person has a tendency to form blood clots.
  • Don’t apply the pump to your penis longer than the manufacturer recommends.

  • If you feel numbness in your intimate zone, stop using penis pumps immediately.
  • When applying a vacuum penis pump, use a lubricant.
  • Before starting using penis pumps, it is preferable to consult with your doctor.